TGF Stamps by Release

August 2008 
Fancy Cakes-R
Dream Quotes-R

September 2008

Lucky Bunnies-R
Friends Forever-R
Christmas Birds-R

October 2008

McSplendid Farm-R
Cup of Stuff-R
Best Mates-R
Fancy Fleurs-R

Sometime between September and October 2008

Angel Anya
Nurse Anya
Rockstar Anya-R
Mermaid Anya
Princess Anya
Teacher Anya
Elf Anya-R
Sherriff Ian-R
Quartrback Ian-R
Hello Ian
space Ian-R

Vintage Birds-R
Home Sweet Home-R

November 2008

Wishing Tree-R

December 2008 (presaled after Christmas)

Pretty Hat-R
Wonderland (rubber)-R
Happy Chef-R
Dress Up-R
Light Up-R
Sweet Deal-R

February 2009

50's sweethearts-DIGI
Cheer Anya-R
Rock the Farm-R
Miss Anya (original set)
Skater Ian

March 2009

Fairies- Tink, Eva, Chloe-R
Forest Friends-RS
hepherd Boy-R
Easter Anya
Geisha Anya
Wild Things-R

April 2009

Susie Surprise-R
Never Ever-R
Rescue Ian-R
Wild West Anya
Flutter Anya

May 2009

Wild Sprouts-Dahlia, Reeta, Annika-R
Hope and Grace-R
Rain Snow Shine
Hula Anya
Surfer Ian

June 2009

HG Snuggle-R
HG Sing-R
Oh, Baby-R
Wardrobe 2-R
Superstar Anya-R
Batter Ian-R

July 2009

Butterfly Wishes-R
Fly Away-R
WS Edward
HG Peace-R
Laddie Ian-R
Navajo Anya-R
Hippie Anya-R (LE)

August 2009

WS Bree-R
WS Megan-R
Birthday Anya
Birthday Boy Ian
 Miss Anya Dressy

September 2009

WS Hugh-R
My Guy Ian
80s Anya-R (LE)
Cute Troop-R

October 2009

3 Marina Neira rubber singles (Marlene, Maggie, Laurie)-R
Keep Cozy-R
WS Vivi-R
Merry Tags-R
Mom and Dad-R
Signature-R (LE)
Xmas Sweeties

November 2009

Twinkle Tots (Madelynn, Ava, Max, Lottie, Izzy)-R
My House-R
Flapper Anya-R (LE)
Lolli Anya-R
Me Time-R
Seasonal Fairy Digis (Spring, Summer, etc.)
Chibi Water Flower (digi)

December 2009

Chibi Digis-Shibuya, School, cookies, drink, Grocery, Lunchbox, Lolli, Cake, PunkSweet Message-R
Vintage Reader-R
Reading Fairy-R
Library Mouse-R
Miss Anya Love
Travel Anya-R
Yoga Anya-R
Toby New Year (digi)Frog prince (digi)Bertie Dancing in the rain (digi)


HG Rain (digi)
Princess Maggie (digi)

February 2010

Sweet Tooth-R
Bertie Valentine (digi)
Chibi digis-boys
Cheeky Rockabilly, shooter, Glamour

March 2010

Darling Sisters-R
O/A Happy Day
Creepy Cakes (Royal Pain, Freaky Flutter, Twisted Tea DIGIS)
Wonderland (digi)
sleepy fox girl (digi giveaway)
CC Drummer (digi)
Laurie Cookies (digi)

April 2010

Get Well-R
O/A Buddie
sI {heart} stamps Anya-R
Sassenach Anya (digi)
Spotlight-SB kit, first 8x11
HG Classy (digi)Handy Ian (digi)Country Anya (digi)

May 2010

Fleur Anya
Cuddle Anya_R
CC Thursday
Chibi Flute (digi)
TT Violette (digi)
ROLL CALL (WS Jumbo Kit)

June 2010

Sunshine (SB kit)
Cheeky Nurse
Cheeky Beauty
Cheeky Mate

July 2010

Chibi India, Spain, Alaska, Japan, Africa
Marina digis:
(Toby Painter, Robbie Cupcakes, Timmy-Penny Carousel)
CC Jack (digi)CC Monday
CC Wednesday
O/A Journey

August 2010

CC Tuesday
CC Friday
L8R Sk8R

September 2010

Sweet & Toxic
Sweet Anya-R (LE)
Oh, Boy Ian
Hallo Digis (witch, pumpkin, skeleton, shedevil, frankenbride)Spooktacular (digi set)
Kissy Kissy (digi)

October 2010

Marina Digis-Toby pumpkin, Ivy witch, Timmy Candycorn
Cafe Ian
Special Autumn
O/A Just for You
Miss Anya Lounge

November 2010

Beanie Anya-R
Marina Digis (Timmy Rockinghorse, Chipmunk Candycane, Toby Snowboard)
Cheeky Christmas set (Sparkly Cheers)
I heart sweaters

December 2010

WS Tank
Because of You-R
Cheeky Cherry Pie
O/A Fuzzy Wuzzy
Anya New Year (digi)

January 2011

Fancy Anya
I Do
O/A Little Dreamer

February 2011

Cheeky Howdy
Miss Anya Hats Off
Cheeky Chat

March 2011

Twirl Anya
Cheeky Beach

April 2011

Surfer Anya
CREEPIN' Jumbo Kit
WS Daisy
CC Syren-R

May 2011

Hoo Loves You-R
Splotchy BG set-R
WS Elena
CC Abbey

June 2011

WS Ryan-R
Princess 2
Princess 3

July 2011

Blush Babette
Blush Bonnie
Heart BG-R
Hello BG 
O/A Make a Splash
Creeper Piper

August 2011

Birthday Anya 2
Birthday Ian
O/A Surprise
My Fairy Princess

September 2011

Miss Anya Bags
Boho Anya
WS Logan
CC Lula

October 2011

Clearly Christmas
Build a Onesie Girl
Build a Onesie Boy


Holiday Anya
WS Matilda
CC Saturday
CC Sunday


Miss Anya Garland
Simply Anya
CC Madden
Made By
Lucky Bunnies (Re-release, clear)
Flutter Heart

MARCH 2012

Glimmer Bean
Shimmer Bean
Sitting Cute
Sitting Lovely
Sitting Casual

MAY 2012

Cheeky Geeky
CC Riley
Princess Anya 4
Prince Ian

JULY 2012

Oliver/Amelia "Lovey Dovey"
Glisten Bean-R
Shiny Bean-R
Blush Bettie (Blush Society)
Thank You Background (Blush Society)


Latte Anya
Bright Bean
Miss Anya Scarves
Holiday Blessings
Sparkling Season

Holiday Anya 2
Twinkle Bean
Anya Styles
CC James
CC Sadie

Lovey Bean
Sitting Wonderful
WS Gracie
CC Friday Night
Awareness Anya


Mini Butterflies w/ Die
Mini Cupcakes w/ Die
Mini Fleurs w/ Die
Mini Clouds w/ Die

MARCH 2013

Anya Blooms
CC Monday Morning
Blush Beatrice
Crown Stamp

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