Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Very Merry (and teary) Farmer Farewell...

Good afternoon, all.

Well, I titled this "A very MERRY Farewell", but as we know, that has more to do with it falling the day after Christmas than it does retiring this amazing team of designers who have been a staple on the Farm now for some time.

As we often do, we will say "see you later", but not goodbye to these amazing girls.
All of them have a few things in common.   One, they're incredibly talented.  Two, they truly know how to work as a team, and even over their talent, is going to leave some big shoes to fill for 2014.  There was a never a time in illness, change of plans (mostly by me and Marie!), or anything that came up where one of them wasn't instantly chiming in to help the other.   You know in ANY position nowadays how truly priceless that is and how it becomes harder and harder to find in the world.

The last thing, other than their love of TGF, is one thing they all have in common… they all thank Marie and I in their goodbye posts… but it is Marie and I that must thank THEM.

2013 brought some new changes to the Farm.  Lots of new ideas in the making…dies, cutting files, new stamp lines, new digis,  new ideas of how we were going to run things, new ideas that needed to be executed behind the scenes that left me with much less time to be on the 'front side' of TGF…not to mention personal things for me and Marie…all good!….but all things that didn't allow us to be as present in the blog world.

These ladies not only picked up the slack, they pushed their creativity, technique (the coloring!  OH MY!), and talents to a whole new level and made the TGF blog a masterpiece and work of heART, every day.  Every. single. time.   

Those of you who know me, know I am terrible at goodbyes.  I don't like them.  Ask my husband.  Even on Sundays at church he will say to me "I'm gonna go pull the car up.  See you in a half hour?"  jokingly.   I just don't like them.  Once again, if it were up to me, I would have a design team of probably 40 people and everyone would stay.   Actually, if it were up to Marie, too.  haha.   We know that time, budget, and circumstance don't allow for this, and are really excited about introducing you to the new and much smaller Design Team tomorrow when Jan. previews begin!    Still, I will miss this team immensely.   They know why, and I hope after reading this, although my words may not be as eloquent as some, you do, too.  

Our designers have prepared a little post for you along with their favorite card.   Please join us in thanking these beautiful ladies, inside and out. We say farewell, but NOT goodbye forever, to:

Thanh's creations really show where art imitates life.  Her always cheerful, happy creations are just that- a reflection of herself.  Thanks, Thanh!

For as far back as my TGF memory serves me, Jodi has been a loyal challenge player, participant, and customer.  It was really neat having her talent as she came full circle as a DT member.   Thank you, Jodi, for sharing with us!

"I would like to thank Marie and Jessica for the opportunity to be a part of the TGF design team. TGF stamps were my first love when I started stamping and continue to hold a special place in my stamp room. I have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out on the Farm with all the other DT members. You couldn't ask for a better group of ladies to spend time with! My favorite card… "

"I'm really going to miss being teammates with this gang!  You are all so amazingly talented and such a sweet group of people too.  I want to thank Marie and Jessica for allowing me to be a part of the Greeting Farm family for the last 18 months - I have loved every minute of it! Thanks!"  

"I've had such an awesome one year run with The Greeting Farm! To be included with an amazing group of talented ladies is mind blowing. Thank you Marie for this fabulous opportunity to showcase your creations. It's been so fun to see your company evolve from stamps to the addition of cutting dies. Thank you Jessica for being the rockstar that you are as our DT Coordinator! It's time to say goodbye (more like see ya later) and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings!"

"WOW! It's hard to believe that my time at TGF is coming to an end. I am extremely thankful to Marie and Jess for letting me be a part of the fun on the Farm this year! It was super tough to pick a favorite card to share with you, since there were so many that I loved! I chose this card featuring CC "Friday Night" from the January 22nd Double Take Tuesday sketch challenge. Maybe it's the color combo, but this card makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile, too! And I'd also like to send a special thank you to my fellow DT friends, and all the TGF friends and fans for making this term a blast! You all ROCK!"

"I have really enjoyed my time on The Greeting Farm design team - working with such an amazing team and fabulously cute images. I will miss both so much. It's hard to say goodbye but I am excited to see what TGF will bring us in 2014. 

I have chosen Queen Bean Pizza Box as my favourite project from my term, however, there were many more that I could have just as easily chosen. It's not easy to decide when all of the characters are so lovable.

I want to thank Jessica for giving me the opportunity to be on the team and I also want to wish the new Design Team, and The Greeting Farm, all the best for the coming years."

"I have felt extremely lucky to be on The Greeting Farm design team this year!  Not only did I get to be creative with the cutest stamps in all the world, but I also felt so privileged to work alongside such amazingly talented and sweet ladies.  We are all a little bit kooky and crazy and I couldn't have asked for more fun this year.  I hope we were able to inspire some creativity in you and we hope you'll visit The Greeting Farm often!  Luvs, Annie Rose"

"Parting is such sweet sorrow.
As we come to the end of our term here with TGF,
I know that is not good bye, but see you soon!!
(can’t get rid of me if you tried!!)
TGF holds a very special place in my heart, 
they were the very first stamps I ever purchased!!
The whimsy and genius that Marie puts into each
image she creates, brings a smile to so many everyday!
Also, I couldn’t have asked for a better leader- 
Thanks Jess!!  
This entire design team has been one of the best I have
ever worked with, and we have created great 
memories/friendships that I will always treasure!
And as for all of you TGF fans,
your enthusiasm and creativity warms my heart,
You are the best!!!"

Being on this team has been one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of my life! I have loved every minute creating with these awesome images designed by the exceptionally talented Marie. My fellow DT sisters have also been a true blessing! Although it's hard to say goodbye, I am walking away with some new and amazing friends! I will miss working alongside you ladies every week, but I'll always have your back if you ever need me! Love you all!!

  • What is it like on the Farm? It's amazing. And warm. And full of fuzzies. It's those wonderful designers who inspire and create, the giddy feeling knowing that you are surrounded by such greatness, and the excitement knowing how happy TGF makes everyone feel. On days when everything feels complicated and fussy, the Farm reminds me how simply sweet life is. I chose this June release card because it reminds me that TGF inspires all ages, like my (then) six year old daughter who casually said, "Awww, the giraffe would be cute on that onesie." (She was right, by the way.) Being here on The Greeting Farm Design Team has been blissful. I remember finding this company in its second month of business and imagining what it would be like to, one day, create cards for the Splendid Stamping blog. Thank you to Marie and Jessica for letting me strap on my overalls and harvest my dream. May 2014 bring happiness, health, and simply sweet moments to everyone here at the Farm.

    In closingTHANK YOU.
    You made 2013 one of the best years yet...


Krystal Edmond said...

Omg I think I'm gonna cry!!! You guys this is so sad :'(

carsondcat said...

Just to add my thanks to the design team, I have found some more blogs to follow and have been impressed and inspired by their creativity.

Thanks and Happy New Year to all, can't wait to see what 2014 brings.

Nicky x

gobeagirl said...

I too have always love TGF as Mermaid Anya was the very first I ever purchased to color with my Copic. I love all these ladies on the DT and I read all of your fairwell posts. You are all Rock Stars and I can't wait to see what you all are going to be doing next. I truly will miss seeing all of your telents in one spot, but I am so going to try to catch you on your own blogs. I do know I can't wait to see the new DT members as I know that they will all be talented because Jess and Marie know it when they see it. Here's to 2014 and all that it holds. Hugs Lisa

RiNNE said...

sniff...this post made me teary too. such a sweet post. and all the comments and goodbye notes are a testament to the quality of your DT and company!!!

Melissa said...

Your 2013 is awesome! Always the best projects!

Blankina said...

Thanks to the whole TGF DT team..You were such a great team, you could feel the love you have for the TGf stamps.
Hope to see you around in blogland, wish you all the best...
Big Hugs