Monday, January 28, 2013

CHA Wrap-Up and Guest Designer reminder :)

Hey, all!

I wanted to stop by, say hello, and thank you ALL for the overwhelming support TGF has received in the past few weeks!  Seriously- you guys are the BEST!
We had SUCH a great response to our new Showcase Team, our Jan. release, my January newsletter, our Guest Designer (Premiere Team) search, and most recently, our CHA posts on Facebook and just the vibe from some awesome emails I received from people at the show or people who were simply writing in to say "I loved what I saw!"

For those of you not on Facebook or who are but were simply overwhelmed during CHA week from posts from all your favorite crafty places, we have a little "wrap up" today!

Here are some of my favorite photos, moments, and memories from the 2013 Winter Trade Show in sunny (but chilly!) Anaheim, CA:

Here is our little corner of the world for CHA week.    New this year was a larger 10x20 booth, a make and take table, and our adorable new banner- don't you love it?!

Our make and take table, complete with egg cartons, strawberry cartons, and milk bottles.  (had to keep within our "Farm" theme, right, guys?)

...and here is our make and take- a glassine bag made into a tag with some NEW TGF goodies coming 2/15!!!  (wink, wink ;)

...and here are some absolutely AWESOME views of projects sent in during our "CHA SHOWCASE" contest- you guys blew us away!

Spy anything new?  ;)

Simply GORGEOUS, thanks to so many of YOU! are some of my favorite memories and my favorite TGF peeps!

Was SO excited to see my friend and our former  DT member Sparkle and our challenge coordinator (who just happens to have become a dear, dear friend, too!) Peggy!

How cute is our former Showcase DT member, Thanh?  Here she is pointing out one of her cards on our board :)
 This girl is so, so dear to my heart.    Another former DT member and a good friend of mine- love you, Carisa!

Peggy found one of her cards- YAY!

...and another former DT alum, Shaela did, too!  YAY!

Sad this one came out blurry- couldn't think more of these girls- they took such good care of me making sure I had snacks, drinks, etc., and our time hanging out after show going for dinner, coffee, etc. was so precious to me!  Love them all!
(L to R- Shaela, Leanne Poe, Jess, Renate Winter, Sparkle, Thanh)

Last but not least, this might be my favorite of Peg and I.  There is something to be said about getting to meet someone in person after talking to them at least once a week on the phone for years- whether about TGF, life in general, etc...then finally getting to meet them and knowing they are exactly the same person as the one you've come to know over the last few years.  She is a HUGE help w/ the challenges, a great sounding board for work, and an even better friend.  One of my favorite memories, for sure!

Well, that concludes my little CHA wrap- up!
I hope you enjoyed it, and as you can see, TGF has some exciting things on the near horizon so don't change that channel!

Finally, just a reminder about our PREMIERE GUEST call- you have until 11:59pm CST TONIGHT to get those submitted so be sure not to miss the deadline. We've had some awesome applications come our way and are really looking forward to making some announcements early next month!
Have a GREAT day, guys!



. said...

What an amazing post today and even sweeter message! The Farm is full of friends and happiness, which is why I love it so much! You ladies are all gorgeous, I love the CHA pictures of the booth - one day I'll make it out there!!

Rosie said...

Amazing recap and I have to agree, the Farm is a special place!! It's a fuzzy and warm place, where everyone is truly genuine. I love the amazing support that comes from each member! Makes me so proud to be a part of it...definitely a blessing! You ladies rock!! I'm so glad too that you got to see Leanne and Renate...special ladies for sure!

Denice said...

The booth looks wonderful with all of the fab projects and cards! How fun to see everyone together, smiling and gorgeous!!

Blankina said...

Jessica what a great post!! We love hanging around on the farm!!

Thanks for creating all those beautiful tgf stamps...

LOvely to see all photo's,and hope you will come to Europe someday..
so we can meet !

Hugs Blankina

Sara I. said...

What a fabulous post and loved seeing all the pictures of you having a wonderful time together at CHA! How exciting! xx

Thanh Vo said...

One big farm family, we are! xo

Melissa said...

Love the pictures. Looks like you girls had a blast at CHA! The booth looked super impressive, tons of inspiration. I hope you had record number of orders!

Leanne said...

I definitely was super happy to have been able to go into the show to see you. Next time we'll make sure to bring more Porto's bakery goods. :) Loved my make and take but the best part was getting to meet non-Flat Thanh & Peggy, Shaela, in person and reconnecting with you, Sparkle and Suzanne. We are one big happy family on the Farm. Until next time... <3