Friday, December 21, 2012

Fresh Birthday!

 This week is MINE! Well, actually it's my Mom's. Her birthday is Sunday, but it's Friday for The Greeting Farm postings, so she gets her surprise early. I challenged everyone to make a birthday card that was a little offbeat. My mom, well, she's a little offbeat! That's what makes her so awesome, and uniquely MY mom. She's a big Rammstein fan, always listening to her MP3 player with ONLY them on it, so I thought that'd be a nice embellishment for my card. The "dude" thing is a joke between us, as I call her that and her co-workers were appalled I spoke to my mother that way when I was 13. It's still "dude" now I'm 29, ha!
 Here's what my fellow Showcase Farmers came up with for Mom.
Shaela's card
Jas' card
Melissa's card
 Well, I hope Mom likes my card and the others my fellow Showcase farmers made for her. Please join in this week to celebrate my mom's birthday and maybe win yourself a prize! You've got a full week to enter.


Marla said...

Lovely cards and I hate to miss out on a challenge but I am off to visit family out of town. TFS such wonderful cards and inspiring me to create with my wonderful GF stamps!!!

Melissa said...

Fab cards ladies! :)

Mei said...

Mr linky wasn't there when I originally created my post, I just saw him so I've linked up...not sure if its a little too late tho!