Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hey, everyone!

Jess here with a special announcement regarding our awesome CHA display we're planning and where YOU come to play in that!   ;)

Every year at CHA,  our wholesale customers roam our little booth and are always impressed by the amazing designs of our DT on what we now refer to as the "wall of cards."  

What's more?  There's nothing like a fun, interesting 3D item that really steals the show on our display table and while we are loving what we already have to use, we've released so many stamps since then, we are looking for new "SHOWCASE" items... designed by YOU!


CHA SHOWCASE items are wanted to grace the tables of our little booth at our Winter 2013 show in Anaheim, CA!

We are looking for:  3D items of all kinds, clothing, small food or treat displays, ANYTHING 3D made from cardstock or small wooden items, jewelry, calendars, etc.


Please submit 1-2 photos of your projects to Jess (email on the right sidebar) by December 15th, 2012.

Once your design is approved, you will receive instructions to mail your project to Jessica for CHA display.   Your projects will be featured on Facebook and maybe even in a video if we have time during the show ;)   Also on the TGF BLOG during CHA week!

(*** if you are submitting an item and live overseas, we must approve it by December 5th, to be shipped by Dec. 10th to ensure delivery by CHA time!***) 

U.S. Items MUST be postmarked by December 31st  to ensure delivery by CHA.


You will have your choice of single stamp or 4x6 stamp awarded to you in return for your project.  Stamps will be mailed once project is received.

Please include your mailing address in your package when mailing to Jessica.   Email Jess for any questions or details... thanks!

Alright... who's IN?!

Are YOU the next to be featured during our CHA SHOWCASE???
Thanks and can't wait to see your work!

You guys rock the FARM!


~*Joni said...

Eeeeek! Full of eeek news today! I love this idea, I can't even imagine the beautiful 3D projects the Farm will be showcasing. :)

Annie Rose said...

WOOO! Oh yeah! :)

Marie LeJeune said...

How fun. what a fun challenge to get our creative juices flowing..

Melyssa said...

If you accepted more than one item from a single individual will they get more than one stamp? So if you picked 2 projects would you send 2 stamps?