Thursday, November 15, 2012

Paying it FORWARD in Thanksgiving: A Special TGF Challenge

Hi everyone,

As I was packing up a box for my daughter's "Operation Christmas Child" project, my heart was heavy and full at the same time.  Is that even possible, you ask?  Well, yes.  Part of me felt such overwhelming sadness to think that these small items... toothbrushes, soap, coloring books, candy, warm socks, chapstick, etc. were all a child could hope for for Christmas.   The other part felt bursting with happiness to be able to provide such a small gesture that would mean the world to someone and most of all, that my children are learning compassion and also learning how fortunate they are.

As I was putting the items in the box, I decided I wanted to do something similar, but with craft supplies!  And WHY wait until Christmas?  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I figured now is the perfect time to show gratitude for all I am blessed with, so Marie and I are PAYING it FORWARD in Thanksgiving with this special challenge!

HOW to enter:

Create a card or project using TGF Stamps and post it to InLinkz below.


Once you enter your card, please send Jessica a private email at yeahshesnaps at icloud. com (also on the sidebar) and NOMINATE a person you know that might be struggling or going through something hard this year.  This can be a person who's been a little down on their luck, struggling financially, going through something tough, lost job, etc.   TGF will NOT share the recipient you choose- this will be done in private.

However, based on the responses, one recipient will be drawn and the person who nominates them will also win a prize.  The player will be announced, but their nomination won't, if that makes sense :)


The lucky winner whose nomination is chosen will receive a 4x6 set of choice from TGF as a thank you for participating in the challenge.

The "Paying it Forward" recipient will win:

 2 4x6 stamp sets from TGF
1 single stamp from TGF  (these have already been put aside :)
Acrylic Block
Asstd. cardstock and 6x6 papers
Asstd. Embellishments 
...and a few more surprises ;)

PLEASE spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, by email, etc. when you can.  We want to make this BIG and really want to spread an attitude of gratitude around everyone this holiday season.


You have until Wed. Nov. 21, at 10pm CST to enter your card and email Jessica.  The winner will be announced sometime on Thanksgiving Day as we enjoy the day with family looking back on all we have to be grateful for.  How awesome it will feel knowing that someone will be kicking off their holidays with a little pick me up from TGF?!   

We are so excited about this and hope you all are too.  Here's some inspiration from the Showcase DT and myself:



Jess M:





Thanks, everyone!


Stephanie R/S said...

I think this is such a lovely idea XOXO steph

Lena said...

what an awesome company to do this!