Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lil' Sprout Winners!

Hey, everybody!

WOW!  Did we have some FABULOUS entries in our Lil' Sprout contest or WHAT?!

Please give huge congrats to EVERY little sprout who entered this contest because they were all very creative and special in their own ways!  

Our grand prize winners are:

Lily, age 6

and Sean, age 11

Please email Jess to claim your RUBBER SINGLE of choice and CONGRATS- woo hoo!

A Few honorable mentions:

Please email Jess to claim a FREE DIGI of YOUR choice!

....and, just because our Lil' Sprouts gave it their all...EVERYONE not mentioned gets the "Chibi Farmhand" digi, so just email me and I'll get those right to you!

CONGRATS, lil' Sprouts!

We shall do this again, very soon!


Niki M said...

Awesome job little sprouts!

Laura M said...

Such a great contest!! :)

Jas said...

Congrats, lil' sprouts winners!

eva said...

congrats to the winners!!

Blankina said...

Great entries, congratulations!! Unfortunately my kids did not make it on time this first challenge...hope they can join some other challenge in the future.
Suggestion could the challenge time be a bit longer?? Perhaps two weeks??

Hugs Blankina

Gina Casey said...

I'm Sean's Mom and we were so excited to hear his card has won! Thank you to everyone and congrats to all the winners as well!!!

~Kelly~ said...

Congrats to all the winners my daughter Molly had a fun time making her card for the challenge, great job to all! ~Kelly