Thursday, August 16, 2012

Showcase Day with Jess: How to Store Your Images

Hey all, Showcase Farmer Jess here to show you how I store my digis and stamped images. When I started stamping, my crafting space was very tiny so everything needed to be put away or else my area would look like a tornado hit it.  Due to that, when I would get my new stamps I would stamp a couple of images at the same time. I would do the same for my digis, I would print out a whole sheet at a time whether I needed them or not. Well that kind of got out of control and it took me a while to finally find a system that I was happy with.

And here is my system :) I bought a small binder (9.25x7.75) from Staples along with the accompanying dividers and clear sleeves. On the insides of the binder (front and back) it has pockets for you to add little floaters. Be warned that this bulks up but it has helped me keep everything organized.

At the beginning of my binder is my Greeting Farm section. I divided them all up in groups (Anya, Miss Anya, OA, Creepers, ets) To make my envelopes look pretty and to make a dent into the images that I have already stamped and/or colored, I added the image from the group to the accompanying envelope. So as you can see my first envelope holds all my Anyas and Ians and I added one of my faves, Stamping Anya as the cover to the envelope. Before adding some cover images, I had labeled all the envelopes with post-it notes (seen there)  **Note that I'm not finished decorating it all**

My Greeting Farm section (it's a lot thicker than it looks here)

My Creepers section (not yet decorated)

Here is a shot of some of my other envelopes with images from other companies. Also I added the clear sleeves at the back of the binder. In the sleeves I added bigger images that I had printed out as well as some strays.

Now, I'm finally more organized with more space and so I no longer need to print or stamp out excessive images. I now have my image binder on my desk and ready for me to scrap away. Trust me, I def need to make a dent into that thing. I even threw out some images. Gasp! I know. Lol! *Pardon my mess* lol

And here is my card created from my madness using the uber new adorable Anya Do Si Do.

Thanks for stopping by! And I'll see you here tomorrow for a brand new FFF.


Suvenkorento said...

Oh Jess, I have the same problems! I have stamped with stamps of my friends, and have so many images ready to color. I store mine in envelopes, but use them too rarely.

Jenn Borjeson said...

What an absolutely FABULOUS idea! Certainly better than my Ziploc gallon sized bags.... ROFL Love this, thanks for sharing! :)

franzesjoi said...

thank you for sharing fab idea! :) i love your front cover.. :) hope you can donate also some stamped images.. LOL

Iin Aryanti said...

This is a great idea. I save a picture stamp out in a plastic container and take a little longer to choose the appropriate needs. Thanks for sharing. :))

KanataNewf said...

What a fabulous idea. Organizing tips are always great to read and see!