Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coloring on kraft and making crinkle ribbon!

Hi, everyone!  It's Kelli here today with a Tutorial Tuesday!  First, I want to talk about coloring on kraft card stock with Copics.  I feel like I don't do this often enough and I'm not sure why because I absolutely love the look of it!  It's not exactly like coloring on white card stock that is specifically meant for Copics though.  I used Stampin' Up!'s version of kraft which is called Crumb Cake and it holds the ink well enough to color on.  You have to use somewhat of a light touch and choose colors that are slightly darker than you may normally choose.  I made a little chart to show you the colors I chose and specifically how the skin colors really wouldn't work for the look I was going for on white card stock.  Also, if you choose colors that are too light the color won't show and it will give the kraft card stock almost a wet look.

Here's little Do Si Do Anya all colored just under my regular craft desk lamp.  The light is reflecting off  some of the fibers in the paper which is showing up in the picture, but I love how she looks almost printed on the paper.  It's just fun how it's so different from the traditional white.

Next, I want to share a quick tutorial on how I made the crinkle ribbon for this card.  You'll want to start with a little plastic bag and a piece of seam binding ribbon.  Mine is a vanilla color but white would work just as well.

I messily put the ribbon in the bag and then sprayed it liberally with some pink Fireworks spray.

I balled the ribbon up into one corner and really made sure it was well saturated.

After that I dumped it out into an old box that I use for all my messy sprays and then dried it using my heat tool.  I love how it stays crinkly and has the sparkle from the spray!

Also, be sure NOT to wear gloves if you're going to touch the ribbon when it's wet.  I wouldn't want to be the only one with pink dyed fingers!  ;)

Here are a few pictures of the completed card.  I wanted to keep this super simple just to show the coloring on the kraft and the crinkle ribbon.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a great day!  :)


Lucy Patrick said...

I love that idea of colouring with copics on Kraft paper, I haven't tried it before, thanks for sharing your tutorial. XOX Lucy

ollie said...
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ollie said...

this is so cute,i wish i had copics they look a lot better than promarkers,but oh well money is money ,keep crafting and im looking forward to the next tutorial.

Blankina said...

Fun tutorial thanks for sharing,
Ciao Blankina

Mojca said...

Oh she os a cutie and thank you for the tutorial. Hugs! Mojca

FroggieStamps said...

Ollie, I don't have many Copics. I have been getting a few here and there. I'll grab a group of 3 when I can. I have been very slowly growing my collection over the past few years. I would love to have all of them...maybe one day. :)

Sandra said...

Never really thought to Copic Color on Kraft paper. I'm gonna have to try that and the crinkle ribbon. TFs

Ps. Would love to see a tut on how you get stitching on ur card so straight. :-D

eva said...

so cute! she looks great on kraft!

Lori Craig said...

Awesome, Kellie! Love the tutorials! Kraft is one of my favorites!

Susan Martin said...

LOL I read the Do not wear gloves when dying the ribbon.. and I was like... what?? LOL So I went back and reread that line and then kept going.. I laughed out loud!!! LOL

Fantastic card!! THANK YOU for all the how to.. really awesome!

Anita said...

Fabulous tutorial. Thanks for sharing!