Saturday, June 30, 2012

...a FOND Farmer Farewell!

Hey, guys!

The time has come, now that our new Premiere Team has been revealed (and again, a HUGE thanks to our first team!) , to say Farewell to our first round of "Showcase" Farmers as well.

Today is our Saturday Sketch Challenge on SCS but I am posting here, too because our awesome Showcase team has created cards for this sketch.

These girls have been wonderful- with the changeover from our "Challenge Team" to just the Premiere/showcase teams these 8 ladies took on the challenge to participate in our challenges let alone daily posts, and also our Saturday Sketch challenges on SCS.  They also made sure to make time for our Customer Challenge and chit-chat nights...and were ALWAYS chatting it up in our forum and I'm really going to miss the daily interaction with these 8 talented ladies.

Here is our SSC this week, in case you want to play along!  For more information on the Saturday Sketch Challenges on SCS, click HERE.

I hope you enjoy the sketch I created...and here are your Farmer "Farewells".

Not only is this special lady one of the sweetest people I know, she's also become a good friend of mine.  I don't know what I would do w/out our weekly chit chats and boy am I glad I have a good calling plan to Canada LOL!  Her amazing use of putting patterned papers together with seriously CUTE layouts caught my eye from the beginning and that hasn't changed!   Thanks for EVERYTHING, my friend!

Gosh, I remember how excited I was to receive Larisa's application for the DT.  Her beautiful use of FUN, bright colors and happy personality really shined through from day one.  She helped out a ton in the beginning with all of us getting to know each other and I'm super grateful for that!  I wish you well with ALL the special things coming up for you, girl!  Thanks for every bit of "happy" you brought to the team!

Thanh is a person that I REALLY hope I get to meet at the next CHA convention.  Not only is she amazing with markers and paper, but she is super sweet, too, and extremely helpful!  She was always willing to pitch in if I was shorthanded and is the one responsible for making us our awesome watermarks from this term.  Thanks for everything, Thanh!  You rock!

As if she isn't adorable just from her bio picture alone, getting to know her this term has made me positive that she is 100% adorable in personality, too! Veronica is a wonderful and dedicated team member and fit right in on the Farm!  I am really happy we got the chance to work together and I sure do hope we get to again some time in the future!  Thanks, Veronica!

I am hoping that this isn't goodbye, but "until we get to hang out one day!"  Living in the same state, I sure hope that DOES happen.  This girl has been an amazing DT member.  Her ability to stay on task, work ahead, and be UBER organized sure does have big shoes to fill!  Not to mention her awesome use of paper and ink, and sweet coloring!   She's done some fab tutorials and we will definitely appreciate them for years to come!  Thanks so much, Samantha!

The minute I saw this girl's mad coloring skills I HAD to have her on the team!  I am SUPER excited about possibly meeting her this coming March and hope that some of that wicked talent rubs off on me ;)  I'm happy to say this isn't goodbye all together since we share another team in common, because I love emailing back and forth with this girl when we have time.  She's super fun, funny, and I thank you, Tracy for everything!


Last but not least... this is the toughest goodbye since this girl was on our first challenge team, then returned as a Showcase DT member...and when I say DT member, I should say DREAM DT member.  She is super sweet, mega-talented, has a style all her own, and is organized and upbeat every time I email her.  Thank you so much, Miss Emily!  You're a rockstar!

Again, a huge thank you to these lovely ladies and we will see you back here tomorrow for our JULY RELEASE and BLOG HOP!
Thanks for spending your weekend with TGF!


Annie Rose said...

Aww, goodbye Farmies! Thanks for sharing your awesome talents with the rest of us and inspiring us all day after day. I follow each of your blogs already, so I'll still be stalking you... don't you worry about that. heh. :)

Annie Rose

Blankina said...

All the best to all of you, you have showed us so many beautiful cards and ideas...Thank you so much...


Denice said...

What a wonderful group of Showcase Farmers...I'm going to miss all of your individual styles and creativity! TFS your talents with all of us!