Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Fixing Erros for Cheaters

Hi everyone! Samantha here! I am in charge of Tutorial Tuesday this week so I thought I would give you one of my best tips on how to fix coloring mistakes. I call this the cheater method because it is such an easy fix!

Let's get started. For my project, I used the super adorable Riley stamp. I colored the image in with my Copics and then decided that I didn't like the hat. Since I spent all that time coloring in the image, I didn't want to just start over from the beginning.  So I decided to cover it up :)

Here is the before shot. I didn't like the green part of the hat. I wanted to add in a different color from the polka dot paper I was using so I decided to make the hat brown.

What I did was I just stamped the same Riley image onto a piece of scrap coloring paper. I just needed the hat part so I just stamped it on a tiny scrap.  Then I colored it in with the brown to match my paper. I knew I was cutting the image out so it didn't matter if I went all outside the lines.
Next I cut out the hat. In this step, you've got to cut out the part of the image exactly on the lines.

Then I just put the new part over the old part with some liquid adhesive and VOILA! The image was just how I wanted it. Here is the after photo:

If you look closely, you can see that there are two layers of paper, but it is very subtle unless you are looking for it.

And here is my finished card:

This little trick is absolutely WONDERFUL to use if you get finished coloring an entire image and then make a coloring mistake. I've had times where I am on my last section of an image, and just coloring ferociously while sitting on the couch and then BAM the dog tries to jump in my lap and I make a stray mark. Don't ya just hate when that happens?!  Well with this technique you can fix that mistake in a jiffy :)

I hope that you can add this idea to your bag of tricks and it will help you in the future! Thanks for reading, and the wonderful Tracy will be back tomorrow to show you something new. Have a happy day!!



♥Rach♥ said...

Great idea Samantha, I've actually done this on a whole head before when I messed up a face really badly ;0)

Craftyleo said...
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Chio said...

Great tip, I started doing it when i realized i didn't want to start all over :-)

Sammi said...

Love it!! :)