Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday with Showcase Farmer Veronica

Hello Friends! Veronica here! It's Tutorial Tuesday and I wanna show you one of my most used coloring "tools".
We all know the feeling when you come up with a great color combination for the perfect blonde hair or a lovely pink dress. You're pleased with your card and how it turned out and then you give it away and never sees it again ;-) Next time you wanna do a pink dress it's hard to remember which markers you used.

When I started coloring with my Copics I practised only coloring, I made several hair combinations just for fun and to learn my markers. Sometimes you find inspiration in other peoples projects and some girls write which markers they've used.  It's a great way to start!

When I finally got the hang of it I made a "Coloring book", mostly to help me remember the hair colors. I've used a chipboard mini album with rings, that makes it easy to add some new pages.

  (sorry for the bad, blue lightning. Editing photos isn't one of my skills, unfortenately....)

A little swedish lession: hud = skin, ögon= eyes, hår = hair and klänning = dress


Do you have your own "book" or another way to show your favorite color combinations? Please share it with us, post it on your blog and share the link.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!!
HUGS Veronica


Tammy Ortiz said...

This is such a lovely idea.
I never thought about doing a coloring book. I love this idea thanks for sharing and your work is divine

Emma said...

I have started a Smash Book with my copic colors in them. It is such a gret reference to have. Here is a link to my page.


Thanks so much forsharing yours!

Arabella said...

Hi Veronica,
I think it's a fab idea and I made one a while ago. I use it to refer to for hair colour ALL the time. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

Here's my link where I posted about it:


Jas said...

Awesome idea, I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us. This is just what I need some kind of a referrence for coloring chart.


Emily Martina said...

what a great idea Veronica!

Grace said...

FABULOUS tutorial Veronica!!!
and I learned a few Swedish words too!! =)

Naomi said...

Wow! This is really AWESOME, Veronica! What a BRILLIANT idea!