Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Trimming Unmounted Rubber Stamps and More with Showcase Farmer Naomi

Hello Everyone!
Naomi here with my very first tutorial!

It is not only my first tutorial ever, but, also my first video tutorial....so please bear with me!

It is one of those rare occasions that I don't actually have a project for you...I had planned on including one but, I had a few technical difficulties....Yikes!  I just bought Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and let me tell you, I have NO idea how to use it yet...even after hours and hours of trying so, I apologize in advance that the video isn't at all fancy (I would've loved to have added captions) but, I think it turned out pretty well regardless.

When I first started buying rubber stamps from The Greeting Farm last year, I didn't know how to properly trim them and I admittedly cut some of them out incorrectly.  So, although most of you probably know how to trim rubber stamps, I thought it would be a good idea to make a video tutorial explaining how to do this.  I also included some tips and suggestions on how to use, clean, and store your TGF unmounted rubber stamps.

Well, without further ado, here's the video:

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to visit my personal blog as I have a list of products and links on my blog post.  Also, there is a contact button on my blog under my profile photo so, please, feel free to contact me!

Thank you SO much for stopping by and taking the time to watch my video.
I hope you enjoyed it!



Maria Therese said...

Love the tutorial ♥

Tammy Ortiz said...

Thanks for the tutorial I picked up some great Tips for sure.

Alice said...

just a quick question: where do you get your dvd cases? regular dvd cases tend to have the disc holder in them and I noticed that yours didn't =) Thanks!

Judy McMullen said...

Terrific tutorial! Thanks!!!

Jas said...

Awesome tutorial, Naomi! I'm happy to know that I'm doing the right thing on cutting my rubber stamps :) TFS! Hugs,Jas

Tanya R. said...

Thanks for the information. I love knowing how people store their stamps,cause I have run out of room as well. I also have to admit that I have some curved stamps, so I will have make sure to make straight cuts from now on.

Naomi said...

Thanks everyone, for the kind words...I'm glad you are enjoying my tutorial!

@ Alice:
Hi Alice, I couldn't reply to you any other way because I couldn't find a blog or email address. The stamp cases are from SU! but, I'm anxiously awaiting the new DVD cases from Papertrey Ink to see what they're like and Flourishes also carries storage cases that are similar in size. I have included a list of supplies and links on my blog so please feel free to visit it and if you'd like to throw me an email, I have a contact button under my profile pic on my blog!


Grace said...

HAHAHAH I also do the twist twist tap tap method when I ink my stamps =) It works so WELL!~! =) heehee

Wifey Cookie said...
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Wifey Cookie said...

I just recently bought my first pieces of TGF stamps. And this is a fab tutorial for cutting them and storing them. Thank you so much for the great information!

Jenny (Wifey Cookie)