Friday, November 18, 2011

Heart Journaling: Week 18

WEEK 18 - Mother and/or Father

Assignment: Create a spread or a page based your parents, life as a parent, or a tribute to all parents! Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

Tip: try adding a conversational piece with your parents!

Due: Thursday Nov 17th no later than 12:00 pm noon cst. We start marking off assignments by 12:30 pm cst. Late uploads will not be accounted for. If you cannot make the deadline, please upload your assignments early. Please upload your photo into your folder

Inspiration found on the web:

Omigosh, is it almost Thanksgiving already??? It's all coming so fast! But it's sooo delicious! haha! We will be having it at Mom-in-Law's this year. Yayy Lily's first Thanksgiving. She is going to love mashed potatoes and yam. Luckily Ray's mom is a great cook. I, on the otherhand, need serious training. But I did make meatloaf and enchiladas for the first time last week. :) Lily, momma's learning for you! haha. All this talk about food is making my stomach grumble. Let's look at some delicious pieces of work now shall we?

Here are some lovely samples from the 'SOUL food' assignment!

Jess (ok... like yummmmm!)

by Eva U (now THIS is soul food)

by Tracy L (great dimensions!)

by Sheila D (moral of the story is...) 

byJamie L (great texture)

by Nina W (mmm cupcakes and dr pepper!)

by Sandra F (YEA!!!! My fave food!)

by Mari H (don't underestimate carrot cake!!! Mmmmm)

Have a fun weekend!
~marie :)


Renee G said...

Sheila D yours is my fav. love the color combo and the layout, so darn cute!!!

and marie....i think the due date is wrong for this challenge!

Shazza said...

yum, yum, make me verrrrrryyy hungry x

Tracy said...

All the pages this week were awesome!
I may have problems with this weeks challenge...I better not dig to deep, lol.