Friday, October 28, 2011

Heart Journaling: Week 15

WEEK 15 - Stickin' to it

ETA: Before we begin, congrats to SHAELA!  You won Matilda from yesterday's preview!

Assignment: Create a spread or a page using a little or a lot of sticky!!! Stickers, washi tape, thickers...pile it on! Use any stamps you want, colors, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

Tip: tired of using markers and crayons to color? Try food coloring, eye shadows, makeup, there's more than one way to apply color to your layout!

Due: Thursday Oct 27th no later than 12:00 pm noon cst. We start marking off assignments by 12:30 pm cst. Late uploads will not be accounted for. If you cannot make the deadline, please upload your assignments early. Please upload your photo into your folder

Inspiration found on the web:

Halloween is right around the corner!!! As promised to my sister, I did really take 'Halloweenish' photos of Lily. haha. We took these in the small grassy corner of our non-existent front yard. Lily was a good sport, although couldn't get a smile out of her. Ray said we were tormenting her by dressing her in a ridiculous pumpkin costume. Hey man, I'm her mother, I pushed her out during labor, I DESERVE pumpkin pictures!!! Lily will be 10 months on Halloween.

Here are some lovely samples from the 'Two-Toned' assignment! I think using two colors is actually very visually powerful. :) Great job everyone!

Jessica (classic blk & wht)

by Tracy L (beautifully done)

by Sammi B (visually striking!)

by Rachel P (LOOOVE the playing card bg!!! Yea!)

by Lola (another great blk & wht piece)

by Lani (Fall is here!!!!)

by Justina (Pink rocks!)

Stay Creative!
~marie :)


Lola Azul said...

Thanks a lot for publish my page!!. I love the idea of 'heart artjournaling' and I'm learning a lot.

Shazza said...

what adorable piccies, she is so cute!! Great pages too but have NO idea what I am gonna do for this week's!!!!

Rachel Parys said...

I have to say, Lily makes my day! Some of my fav pics of my 6 year old were taken with her sitting on top of a huge pile of pumpkins. (I don't think I scarred her too much!);) Thanks for the shout-out on my journal page! I will really finally get the hang of this about the time we're finished...

gobeagirl said...

I jist love seeing picutures of your Lilly bean. She is just adorable and she makes me miss when my babies(14 & 13) were that little. I can see you enjoy every minute. I know I have with mine and I wouldn't change it for the world. lol... I am loving everyone's pages. Great job all! Have a super weekend everyone. Hugs, Lisa G

~*Joni said...

Okay, I dropped out a loooong time ago from Art Journaling when we had a power outage, but I am loving what I see every week with all the entries! BEAUTIFUL two tone work ladies! And omword, with a cutie like that, you deserve to dress her in anything your new mommy heart desires. So there. ;)

JustMeJustina said...

Thanks for posting my page! I feel special! And Lily is just too adorable! Enjoy these holidays....mine is 12 so this may be her last year I get to take her trick or treating. :(