Monday, October 3, 2011

Designer Spotlight With Farmer Kim

Hello TGF fans! Today’s Designer Spotlight is on me, Farmer Kim! If you have been following my blog for some time, you probably know that I am not a very talkative person. My blog posts are usually pretty dry, straight to the point and not much about my personal life. LOL
Well, today I thought I’d share a little more about myself. This is one of the many nice things about Monday’s Designer Spotlights at The Greeting Farm! It is a time to get to know TGF designers a little better!

I have always been into arts and crafts, since I was a little girl. I love all kinds. If I have the time, I would try my hands on all the different kinds of crafts out there! Seriously! With a full time job and two little ones at home, I do try to keep up with my “current” hobbies…card making (of course), crocheting, and jewelry making. Oh yes, I make hair bows!

I quited drawing after High School because I had to work and couldn't find time to practice….because of college too. I used to enjoy fashion designing and life drawing. I want to get back to it but find it difficult when I have so many other things going on. Yes, I know, I am making excuses for myself! LOL

My other passion was baking. I love baking cookies (oatmeal and peanut butter), bread (banana bread) and sponge cake. I haven’t baked in a long while now. This is mainly because my family doesn’t eat a lot of sweet stuff. Nowadays when and if I do bake, I would make Japanese Cheesecakes. It’s very light and easy to make. I may start baking more often now since my kids love cookies and cake!

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you guys with too much non craft related stuff so on to my creation today! Today I want to share this Boho Anya card. I love fancy fold cards and although this card is not that fancy (lol), it is more than one fold! Hehe I had wanted to make a Joy fold card but changed my mind the last minute.

That's all for me today! Hope everyone has a great start of the week!


eva said...

what a sweet card of boho anya! and an updated picture of lily! she's so cute!!

Denice said...

What a great card, Boho Anya never looked better, and I have to agree...fancy fold cards are always fun to make!

Look at Lily...the little bean has sprouted!

~*Joni said...

Kim your work is always so a-ma-zing and jaw droppingly awesome! (Is that a word? lol!) I love hearing more about you, blogging is fun but little snippets as to who we are besides crafters is fun to read!

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

Beautiful work Kim! Love all the colors to this!

Annette said...

wow this is a great card...great colors...great it..