Sunday, October 2, 2011

...and the WINNER is....

Congrats to LILLIE!

You are the BLOG HOP winner of the ENTIRE October release!  Please email Jess to claim your prize!

I am off to spend the day with my precious family after a WHOLE DAY of chatting with some absolutely amazing peeps...

I just want to say before I go that our announcement and FIRST release party on SPLITCOAST went even BETTER than I could have imagined.

The outpouring of support from you guys felt as if it were at an all-time high and we are just thrilled beyond words.

Thank you SO much for being so supportive and REMEMBER TO CHECK SCS often.  Why?

For one, it's sooo easy to chat w/ us and other TGF friends. TOO fun.  Also?  There was a TON of brainstorming yesterday about special "Theme Nights" that will offer YOU the chance to 'hostess" a nighttime virtual stamping event for a prize!

Our first one is going to be a MOVIE night- be on the lookout for some EXCITING stuff :)


A few words about our GALLERY.

For those of you who either:
a.)play challenges
b.) like to upload your TGF Cards in the gallery

We will NOT be closing the Gallery now that we are a Member Co on SCS. 
We WANT you to continue uploading under Member Galleries and STAMP SET categories-fill'em up! We LOVE that :)

THAT being said- 
Challenges will no longer have their own 'category' WITH THE EXCEPTION of heART Journaling which will continue in there for the remainder of session.

WHY is this?

We would love to ask that you upload to both places, SCS and TGF Gallery.  While many of us do that,  we realize it's not possible for all of you to take the time to do so.  While we LOVE our TGF Gallery, SCS can provide us with servers the size of the Empire State building (ok, maybe a wee-bit smaller ;) and peace of MIND. :)

The NEW Challenge format will use IN LINKZ for ALL challenges from now on.  This gives you the option to CHOOSE where you post your cards, as most challenge blogs have now offered.  We are really excited to have this new option so that you can post anywhere and everywhere!
SCS, TGF Gallery, even your own blogs :)

Just remember to use the keyword: thegreetingfarm (no spaces :) when you upload to SCS in addition to any specific challenge keyword that we'll let you know of each week.

We hope this clarifies a few questions about our Gallery :)


Again, we CANNOT THANK each and EVERY ONE OF YOU enough for the support and success of yesterday.

See you on the forums- can't wait to chat with you all!


Naomi said...

YAY, Lillie! Congrats you LUCKY girl!

Annette said...

woo hoo congrats to Lillie... how exciting..