Sunday, September 4, 2011

Please Say NO to Image Swaps

Hi Friends,

I have deleted a link that I received regarding image swapping. Please understand that I am not singling out anyone, it was for a general example of what appears to be happening a lot via blogs, forum, etc. I understand that for some, this is a touchy subject and I sincerely do not want to cause any more ruckus than there is already. I guess the bottom line is, please remember to read and respect each company's angel policies and terms of usage. This includes rubber stamp images as well as digis.

I encourage everyone to say no to image swapping as it violates many stamp companies' angel policies including mine. If you come across image swaps, please let them know that they are infringing on the copyrights of the companies whose images they are using.

Please help us protect our designs. It really does get depressing to see artwork passed around like this. The Greeting Farm appreciates all of your support and because of that we try our hardest to bring you awesome images and quality stamps. Please help support your favorite stamp companies by saying NO to image swaps.


Starla B. said...

I watched the video, and I feel so bad for all of you. I noticed that a large majority of the images were TGF, and a few other companies I love. **Dislike**

Donna C. said...

It is not against the law to stamp with rubber stamps and then GIVE the results away.

Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

oh gosh! I really don't know what to think =0(

Shaela said...

Wow, that's crazy - TGF is the first company I've heard of that doesn't allow swapping. Be sure to let Splitcoast know asap, because swaps happen on there ALL the time (between regular members and also in the Wish RAK forum).

Thanks for the heads up-

Noel said...

come far does this go...why by stamps at all if you can share with others....most of us aren't rich enough to buy all the stamps in the world so why not share with fellow crafters.....their not being sold.
I my self am not greedy and will share with others who can not afford to purchase stamps or dies to be used in their projects and I don't feel bad about it either.
I will promise you this...I will not purchase one of your stamps so you don't have to worry about me sharing your products!

Anonymous said...
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Paula Irvine said...

WOW I can't believe what a controversy this is! Swapping depends on the company, in this case it violates The Greeting Farm's Angel policy. I can't believe it is so hard for people to understand. Plain and simple it is a rule wether you agree with it or not! I bet if it was you who did ALL the hard work to come up with the product you would want people to respect your policies.
There are plenty of products I wish I had but if I don't have the $ for them then I won't get them.
I did swap images on splitcoast myself but once I was made aware that it was a violation I stopped.

Kuro1971 said...

These stamps are for personal use and they are TGFs income if we buy the stamps and share with all our friends there income goes dry so i totally get it to that they don't want swap groups sharing there images but to mass share any stamp companies designs is just wrong.

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I understand the controversy, however I think that when you take into consideration the number of people that have gotten an image in a swap and then purchased it or received a card with your image and then purchased from your site, you should realize that it's not the little crafters who you are supposed to be talking to.
I have bought hundreds of dollars worth of your products on your site and other reputable dealers, and that was after I'd received stamped images. I would be happy to return all of those stamps to you and never use your designs again if you really have a problem with it.

Donna C. said...

I also have to say that image swaps are often what inspires me to buy a stamp.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I really think this is crossing a line. I mean, I understand not email a digi stamp to a friend because they didn't buy it. But if I'm cropping and someone wants an image that I'm printing out, I'll give them one. Or if I'm at a crop and someone says "Oh I like that stamp, can I use it?" I don't feel the need to say "No, go buy your own."

When I first started stamping, I didn't know what I liked and I got a bunch of things from WishRAK. Just a couple stamped images so I could decide if the style worked for me. I couldn't paper piece with them. I couldn't even color them if they weren't done with the right ink/paper but I could see them and figure out if I would use them. I have since stopped image swapping since I just buy what I like.

In regards to other stampers, I understand that not everyone can spend the money to buy every stamp they want. Sometimes I have to wait months and months just to afford ONE stamp. I don't see why I can't gift a couple images to someone less fortunate. I don't have the money to send them a whole stamp but I thought it was just a nice gesture to give someone an image that they could make a card with. I also have some online friends with cerebral palsy and arthritis, if stamping them a couple images helps them with their creativity, I want to be able to do it. They already have enough to deal with.

I'm sorry that you all have had bad experiences with people stealing your work. I don't feel that stealing is right. However, when I PURCHASE something legally and want to gift a card kit to a friend with images in it, I don't think it's fair to say I can't. I certainly don't expect you to allow us to SELL them, but giving them away or bartering with a friend for stamped images just seems like it's really crossing the line in telling someone what they can and cannot do with your product.

Beth aka BR-T said...
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elizabeth4u107 said...

Please say YES TO alll Image swaps!!!! No to DIGI Images!!!! If this happens with TGF I will stop buying them!

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Wow, I'm really disappointed by some of the responses here. Perhaps, a refresher on the copyright laws and the angel policies is in order.

If TGF were to sponsor a SWAP it might be one thing...however, this is not a TGF issue only. This has been happening EVERYWHERE! Mo Manning has had problems, worldwide problems. Several other digital artists have had the same problem too.

Try to remember ladies, this is a lively-hood for these artists. They are trying to make a living doing something they are passionate about. Yes, we all wish we could have all the images but that just isn't practical. Still, we shouldn't allow ourselves to think its okay to SWAP images or share images that are purchased under the very clear outlines in the Angel Policy.

Would we all want someone to get into our bank accounts and make withdrawls multiple times every day in the amount of $8.00 a transaction? Would we want to see this hit each day may 50 to 100 times a day? That is what is happening here. The sharing and SWAPPING may seem innocent but it is a form of theft according to the copyright laws that protect these images. Please, seriously consider the right and wrong here. This is not a single party issue this is an international issue. I've seen it from the UK, Russia, Ebay is a HUGE problem, this is not a single instance of one person sharing images. Its a BIG problem to these artists and we should all show them a little creative respect and honor the policies and copyrights.

Marie has been kind enough to encourage us to mix up our images and piece together new images based on those we already have. Many in the Gallery have tried this and had great success. Give it a try if you want something new and exciting but just don't have the extra cash to get a new rubber image. Use what you've got. GET CREATIVE!

Wow! We are all adults here, lets not attack the person who is being robbed (literally) of her time, investments and profits. She has the right to ask us politely to honor these policies and we all should curteously abide by those requests and LAWS.

Marie, Jessica thank you for being so tackful and polite in this notice. Because I have read others that were not written with such thought. We know how grateful you are to your TGF family and I personally thank you for this reminder and your amazing artwork.

Most sincerely,

Gwen A. Hesson

P.J.R said...

JC Penneys and Target do not tell me that once I purchase a dress or skirt then trade with a friend then sell at a garage sale and finally a nice person at Goodwill gets it...they do not say nope our design wear it but if you do the above we consider you in violation of the trademark law.I have thousands of stamps but when I buy that sometimes overpriced stamp then I am not using it I offer to lend it to anyone who wants it>I also give images to friends that have no crafting funds..if this makes me evil then fine I know what companies NEVER to buy fronm.Donna C you are so correct on your points.You go girl.

Beth aka BR-T said...

So,let me get this straight.
We get to:
buy your stamps for dollars on the dime

We have to:
do advertising for you free of charge
when we make your stamps look really fabulous so people want to buy them

We can not:
share with a friend who has to chose food for her family...

Please tell me these are at least made in the USA because that would almost make this ok! If these aren't made in the states then of course we have to share because people don't have jobs to buy them.

With that being said I love your stamps and I am proud of you for taking a stand in what you believe in. Beth aka BR-T

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Wow I'm really surprised, yet not, at some of the comments about this.

Do any of you copy music or movies, then give it to friends? No I'm sure you don't because you're aware of copyright laws.

Hellooooooo. Why is it different with stamps? I'm sure if you are sharing a stamp with a friend that's one thing, but to stamp multiple images then swap with others in mass fashion like we've all seen on these websites, that is definitely a no-brainer copyright infringement.

The artist who created the stamp is entitled to their revenue. I'm sure you would all feel the same way if something you created was copied and "swapped" with dozens, or hundreds of people and you never saw another penny for your work.

Mariska said...

Boy, this is getting one heated discussion. I have to say I feel bad for the lady in the video because like Emu said this is something that happens A LOT and and she is sort of singled out. I have to say that some of your points don't make sense though. I have had friends over to craft as well and of course we have used each others stamps from time to time but I think that's something so different from what's happening here. I think this lady has twenty images by TGF in this envelope she received... now can you really not imagine that TGF would find this difficult to swallow? TGF made these stamps to sell them and there are people depending on this to get by. To see that their stamps are being used to distribute the stamped images like this, not just used by a friend on a stamping occasion but stamped in big amounts and then send out to a whole group of people... if you can't see why that would hurt a company you really don't have any understanding of how the world works. People from stamping companies need to eat to people! And you really don't need to own every stamp or stamped image in the world.. where would you even find the time!


Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...
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Donna C. said...

I loan my DVD's, books, etc. all the time so my friends don't have to buy them. Sometimes they do decide they want to own them and then they buy them. The purpose of a rubber stamp is to stamp and stamp it repeatedly. Certainly I don't have to buy a new stamp every time I stamp with it. When I buy brownies at the bakery they are mine to give out even if it keeps people from buying their own. They are consumables, just as the stamped images are consumables. Actually, if I go to a nice bakery, by handing out free brownies, it is likely I will bring the bakery new customers. The profit margin on stamps is outrageous, but to limit the owner of giving images away after one has paid for the stamp does not sit well at all.

Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...

No, I don't copy my DVDs or CDs for friends, but I LEND them to my friends so they can watch/listen to them, enjoy them, and probably buy them (or similar) at a later date. What's the diff? I also let friends/family borrow my books, and the publishers/authors don't publicly whine at me that I'm taking money away from them.

Receive the stamped image, use the stamped image ONCE because that is all you have -even if you screw the images up while colouring or want to use on several projects or want to paper piece but cannot because there is still only ONE-, and then buy it at a later date when you can afford it, or have the opportunity. Sorry, I just don't see what is so heinous about that.

I also agree with every single post made by Donna C. who is much more succinct than I am.

Katsatplay said...

I support the artist, no image swaps. It's posted right on ur front page.
If u want to do swaps then do the fun kind. Exchange ATC,CF,SB pages.

Let's say u own an art gallery. I come in and buy a painting. I own my own copy machine. I host a part and my best friend falls in love with my painting. If I make her a copy, and as long as no one knows, it's no really stealing is it? Yes it is. We took money away from u the Gallery owner and the artist.
If u keep doing this they will be forced to close b/c instead of selling 10 they r selling 1. That is a lot of money lost over time. Let's say no to swapping images and keep the businesses we love alive. Sorry long winded, wanted to get my point across.

P.J.R said...

I just sent your front page of your blog to a friend and her daughter and her comment was..she had no idea about the swap thing just thought I was sending her a cool link....she said Oh my gosh that lady ripped off the brats dolls..she drew the brats dolls..So it seems we all copy something ins someones eyes.Out of the mouths of babes in this instance.

Michelle said...

The difference between what is happening here and lending something to a friend or neighbor is so glaringly apparent to me. If you give a DVD to a neighbor that is one person and it is NOT copying the DVD and giving it the neighbor, you are letting her use it once and she returns it. Quite honestly you could lend her your stamp and I am sure this would not bother most stamp companies. The problem here is the HUGE number of stamped images that are being sent around the world via the web in order to bypass having to buy them. Watch some of these videos, the envelopes come heaping full of them.
For those of you who think that these artists/manufacturers are making dollars on a dime, you are so wrong. You have no idea of the money that goes into having stamps pressed, cut, backing applied, packaging, advertising, web site developement, royalties and so much more. (Not to mention the time and energy) If the stamp companies start making a decent living, it is well deserved. Please read up on copyrights and licensing. Nobody is trying to take anything from you. You are getting what you paid for.

And I for one have to say TGF's prices are more than reasonable.

Purple Card Lady said...

I agree that no "one" person should be singled out. It appears that TGF realized this and removed the video. If I was TGF, I would go after the Major forums and tell them swapping of their images is a HUGE "no no."

As far as using the stamped images as gifts, why not purchase gift certificates? It seems like every company has g/c. I purchase several of them to give-a-way and trust me I don't have a lot of money. Most of the time companies have freebies so that you can try out their images. There really isn't any excuse for swapping except you just want to.

How do you track how many digis are sold because someone recieved a swapped image? It is pretty impossible to keep track of and can't the same goal be accomplished if you (the purchaser) used the image and a friend saw how you used it and then purchased one for themselves? The bottom line is this...if you choose to purchase images from TGF or any other company with an angel policy that says no swapping...then don't do it. If you don't agree with this policy, then find another stamp company that thinks like you do.

Danielle said...

I read through about 4 responses and got to one that was pretty rude... Being an artist/illustrator myself, I can tell you how out of control swapping can become. While somebody may think it's perfectly harmless to swap an image, or two that it won't hurt anyone... when you purchase an image, you are agreeing to the terms that are provided with that image. If you knowingly give away the images and violate the angel policies, that is considered theft. It doesn't matter if who you are sharing with cannot afford something, or if what was being produced was being used for non-commercial purposes. Imagine how you would feel if you worked hard on drawing something, and had people ripping it off and distributing it to other people. I personally have had it happen countless times. What happens when images are swapped,is that over time they lose their identity. Especially when they are distributed online in share groups, etc. Images then wind up on the WWW (and they are NOT public domain). The abuse of images snowballs. Just last week, I flipped through Pinterest and I found 14 sites within a 10 minute period of time that was violating one company's copyrights for their images. Not only were the images ripped off, they were not even credited, and most of the sites blatently infringing were using those share files to attract people to their blogs and storefronts. If you ask a person outright if they would walk into a store and walk out with something without paying for it. Most will quickly say NO, that's stealing... well what do you think it is when you're copying and swapping images? If someone cannot afford to buy a stamp or image, then they need to wait until they can afford to purchase it just like the rest of us. Stealing is wrong, no matter what label you put on it. Getting angry with a company that stands up for their rights is not going solve anything. I personally would rather not sell to customers that knowingly violate copyrights, and think there's nothing wrong with giving images away that violate a policy. Artists are entitled to make a living too!

Donna C. said...

We are forgetting something important. The inherent nature of a stamp is to use it to reproduce the art repeatedly.

Mo Manning said...

Donna C. -- Art stamps are licensed for your PERSONAL use only, and they are a base for a finished handmade, hand-colored crafts. Read the policy for the specific stamp company and if you have questions -- ask the company. They might even give you permission for a limited swap.

So yes, you are free to stamp away -- for yourself. Your finished papercrafts are what you're allowed to swap, give away or sell.

However, if you want to give away the image, you can legally give away the actual physical stamp -- but not the stacks of uncolored stamped images.

Beth aka BR-T said...

Ok so I cannot give away a stamped image but I can loan my stamp right?

Caleb Petroski said...

Just a little FYI to the owners

Dare2Bme said...

Apples and Oranges..
Digital Stamps and Rubber Stamps are two different fruits.
I would not send a person an electronic copy of a digital stamp I purchased, but If I chose to send them a printed image of that stamp and tell them where they could buy it I don't think that's wrong. Now for the rubber,clear or cling mount stamps that I've purchased.. Stamping an Image and swapping for other images in a theme swap or whatever, I don't think is wrong at all what so ever.. I'm not reproducing the actual stamp into an whole new stamp and giving it to someone, selling it or what ever I'm stamping a few images on my paper with my ink and my stamp I've bought and paid for and trading them for others. Now Like some other people said.. seeing the actual stamped image in a swap, helps me decide if I want to purchase the stamp to add to my collection or not. So IMO, sending an electronic copy of a digi stamp to someone else or offering someone else's Digital Stamp Images as Freebies, in electronic format is wrong but sending a stamped/printed image to someone from a stamp I've purchased in a swap is a whole other story. I've seen a lot of Stamp Image Swaps and Ladies most of them have a No Digi Rule.. Oh and By the Way I am a digital artiest I create Stamps and Digital Scrap booking kits for sale and I still think this whole thing is a bit much, if I buy a rubber Stamp and pay 20 odd bucks for the dang thing I'm going to do what I like with it and If I thought someone was going to tell me I couldn't after paying that much for it I wouldn't buy it at all.. Enough Said.

Donna C. said...

When a person sells a stamp on ebay are they also breaking the policy?

Mo Manning said...

Right, Beth.

Caleb, I'm familiar with that website -- it is not written by lawyers and this particular page is moot anyway. Copyright Law has nothing to do with an angel policy being a legal term. Angel Policy is just an informal term giving additional rights (usually allowing a crafter to SELL their finished craft even though this is just a personal use license.)

Copyright owners have the right to set any terms of use they desire when they license their intellectual property. You can look at a company's terms of use as a contract that you are agreeing to abide by when you purchase a stamp of a copyrighted image.

It's extremely expensive to hire a laywer, and no stamp companies I know would ever want to sue an individual ANYWAY -- we're just hoping people will abide because they care that artists are able to continue working to bring them beautiful art to stamp with, and because it's the right thing to do.



Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

Thank you to all who left constructive comments, questions, even complaints that could be clarified.

Thank you to Mo and everyone who supports the "Stamp Out" website as well.

We have updated a post with some additional information and clarification in the hopes to resolve any hard feelings that have erupted over this post and look forward to the beginning of a new week tomorrow!

Thanks to all of our loyal customers, we appreciate you very much!

Mo Manning said...

Beth - you can sell your old rubber stamps on Ebay, but you can't sell stamped images. :)

I don't know if you guys saw the woman on ebay earlier this year who was selling CDs full of card images she had grabbed off of YOUR blogs. She had just searched Google, found masses of beautiful handmade cards and made "inspiration CDs" full of photos you crafters had taken of your finished work. (A bunch of the women whose work who had been stolen got her taken down.)

P.J.R said...

I don't even buy "Digi Stamps" I have tons of old clip art CDs that I had before I learned to stamp and that's what it reminds me of.I think some of the artist are talented but with a computer and the right program anyone can draw.True stamp artists draw their own designs and have them pressed to rubber.I have seen a digi designer at work and she just moved eyes onto faces and had her pick of lips and added as she went all on a computer tablet....and this "artist" can not draw a straight line to save her soul.I actually was given a CD of digi stamps at a convention when I bought a bunch of card-stock and found 3 images that I was sure had been on an old CD from Provo Craft Hugware.When I compared the two I was correct. I E mailed the convention lady who sold it to me she said no I changed the color of the dress and that makes it MY IMAGE.So same could be said for the trading and selling and borrowing and whatever of stamps.Oh and when you loan a movie to someone or the library loans 1 book 100 times isn't that the same thing- 100 people just decided to not buy the book or purchase the movie..Its a debate that will go on for a long time I am sure and no one wins.

Mo Manning said...

Teehee, PJR - your post reminds me when I worked at an educational software company -- we had an art department full of the most AMAZING young artists (one is now "head of story" at Disney) -- we're sitting there drawing away and the Lt. Gov of a state which shall remain anonymous is standing behind me watching me sketch using the drawing software and says "I didn't know computers could draw!"

Renee G said...

Like i tell my kids, put yourself in the other persons shoes, if you were marie, and you did all the work to create the stamp and market and sell it, this would be upsetting to you too. This is her business....of course she is going to want to make money and the policy is the policy.I dont get what all the hoopla is? Maybe singling out the lady wasnt a good idea, but marie already fixed that. I think it was great that Mo Manning came here to help stick up for marie! awesome!

Mette said...

I must admit that the first time I was introduced to TGF was in a image swap a few years ago. I haven't done a swap since realising it was illegal and breaking company policies (2 years ago).
When purchasing either a rubber or a digi stamp you agree to uphold that policy (I buy a lot of digis and there is always a little box to tick agreeing to this) and it would be dis-respectful of me to do so.
There are plenty of artists offering free images for those of lesser means (which btw include me - I am single with 3 kids) - I believe TGF have given some in the past. Some of these are given away on a weekly or monthly basis.
If you purchase a skirt and then after a while give it away - that's perfectly legal (as is giving a stamp away), you may not, however, dismantle the skirt and produce duplicates to give away or sell.
I think the artist is asking you to acknowledge their time and talent by respecting their policies and without them we wouldn't be able to do our craft.
Sorry for this long post.

Hugs, Mette

♥...Mo...♥ said...
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♥...Mo...♥ said...

I have not spent reading them.
but I want to express my full support to the farm
I respect Angel Policies,
and if I can do it I live in a country where I limit the $ I can spend via Internet
I think in the U.S. who can buy freely stamps should be more respectful even,
I can only buy stamps 1 time each year,
I work with that I have, do not use copies
I know people who sell copies
and never buy them because I do not have the same value
I prefer to acknowledge the work and effort of the true creators
greetings from Venezuela

cgashley said...

There is a reason we have the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Steal." And sharing what isn't yours is theft. How to explain that a consumable is something that wears out or gets used up? These images are not in that category, which is why we love them so much. If I mess up with my coloring, I can re-print to my heart's content. That is an advantage to me, but it also leaves the artist at a disadvantage. If we don't want the fountain to run dry, it would behoove us to remember these artists make their living doing this. If they can no longer support their LIVING, they will stop producing. Why on earth can't we all remember what we learned in kindergarten: don't take what is not yours. The personal use of the image is what you purchase, not the image itself.

~*Joni said...

After reading all of the controversy and very loud opinions, I just wanted to send hugs to the Farm. That's all. :)

Jenn Borjeson said...

Holy. Crap. I sat here with my jaw literally dropped open reading these comments. My daughter kept saying "Mom - what is wrong?"
I am so sorry that you have received such harsh criticism and so many negative comments. Although I would love to received images of EVERY stamp you make, I completely understand the reasoning behind these policies and that is why I made a rule for myself. When a new stamp comes out and I want it sooooo bad, I make myself wait a week. If I still feel like I have to have it, I either buy it or save up for it. I have become a huge fan of digital stamps because of the instant gratification, cheaper price, and no shipping cost. To me, this seems like a good compromise - perhaps TGF could work on making some of the more popular stamps into digital images? But then I suppose you have the problem of people file-sharing. *sigh* If we'd all just obey the rules, this might work. Sending you all a giant hug. xoxoxoxoxo

mousekemom said...

Stampin Up and several other companies have similar policies, particularly the angel policy. They basically state that you may use their image on a COMPLETED project that you may sell so long as it has their copyright somewhere on the project. The individual images are NOT allowed to be sold. You can find SU's policy right in their catalog and online.

Alexis said...

I am disgusted. All of the people who replied that they are in agreement that mass swaps are okay - need to get their head examined!!! MASS SWAPS ARE NOT OKAY!!!

If you were an artist and making a living off of you hard work - you definitly would not be making such horendous comments!!

Almost all art based companies have this policy in effect and if you are not aware of it then get informed.

This is not a new thing!!

Mass swapping is theft and people who are arranging these swaps need to stop or great artists like those at TGF will not be able to make a living and keep producing amazing images.

These stamp companies are not discouraging us from sharing with our friends when crafting in person - it's about the mass group swapping.

Please stop!!!

Marilou said...

I just read all the posts and wanted to say that I support the artists on this one and feel that everyone should quit trying to justify themselves and the breaking of copyright laws. Just do the right thing for goodness sake! IF we don't, these artists might quit offering us their beautiful artwork!

helen scott said...

Well done for challenging a culture gone wrong. There is a difference between newbies who haven't figured out the rules and those who are deliberately disregarding the policies. Your art, your rules . . . have only done swaps on sites/blogs of those who design the images involved and check if doing anything unusual like charity posters, invites etc - never been turned down yet but would respect artists decision come what may. Your work is fab - we support you.

JJ Sobey said...

I'm shocked at the comments posted here. 'Justifying' these mass swaps does not make them right. It's theft.

Cricket's Daughter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

Thanks to everyone who has followed up on this post in the past few hours. We appreciate your support MORE than you know!

In terms of the post by "Cricket", Actually, not only have we removed the link because Marie never meant to single anyone out, we also have clarified this issue further explaining that a few stamped images aren't really a big deal if you're with friends at at crop. However, on a larger scale, it does affect business and I think we're all in agreement with that. We are very happy with the outpouring of support from our customers who understand the need to make a living and grateful for those who stand in support of the protection of artists' designs.

While you are absolutely correct that we cannot single all these swaps out, that is EXACTLY why Marie chose to ask of her customers to respect her livelihood and artwork. Furthermore, there is also a law that protects a companies' terms and conditions no matter what they might be, which is why many companies have Angel Policies. I noticed a badge on your blog pertaining to artist support... you may want to consult that again before you go 'all caps' on the Farm.

Furthermore, in terms of angering the masses, you are speaking from a standpoint of someone who has openly admitted you never wished to purchase our images really, why do you care? Our loyal customers are singing a different tune and more than anything, have RESPECT for Marie and the maintaining of the integrity of her designs. Even the ones who were upset until they received clarification spoke their grievances in professional manner and were very pleased with the answers they were given, if not, were at least able to understand our policy and respect it.

Thanks for your time. We realize it took a great deal of negative energy to seek out a public forum to simply state that you 'eeeeuuuuu' do not like our images, call us 'fools', and get on the bandwagon with everyone else who has attacked a simple request for respect over the last 24 hours.

Lastly, while there most certainly are copyright laws in place for artists, this was more of a request to raise awareness. We are not trying to "win" anything, just FYI. We are simply asking support for those that DO have intent to purchase our images or have purchased them in the past.

We have the BEST customers, thanks to ALL for your support, understanding, and your ability to handle a situation with grace and dignity, even those who may disagree! <3

Tracy said...

This post was just brought to my attention. I am guessing it was my video that brought on all this excitement.
I will be removing the swap video's in the morning.
As for the swaps. I had just started stamping and colouring, when that video was recorded. So I didn't have very many stamps. I was unaware of angel policy as (like I said I didn't have any of these types of stamps only wooden blocks). I have purchased probably over 50 stamps since that video. Why because I didn't even know what was out there until I received these images.
I am not trying to justify (as I don't feel I need to) my video, I am just telling my side of this. Since no one asked my permission to post it ;). I say that with a smirk.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and was able to colour some of these adorable images :)

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new for Crickets Daughter can I say, she has spammed and emailed me on my blog and youtube before, attacking me and the most sincerest parts of it, because I wouldn't get involved in a confrontation with her:

Its about time blogworld truely sees what a trouble soul she is and lets her know this is not on.

Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...
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Erica said...

Thanks for all that you do. I hope that your business continues to not only grow, but to thrive. As an artist I completely understand where you are coming from with this policy.

Cathy P in AZ said...

Wowzers about this controversy! I am sad that so many feel because it is 'sharing' an image that it is OK. If you read the Angel Policy for ANY company or artist and choose not to abide by that, you are STEALING from that company or artist. STEALING IS WRONG. If you choose not to abide by the policies, don't buy the images and that's that. Artists deserve the credit and profit from their images - it's not greed or ridiculousness - it's common sense. Appreciation for the beautiful stamps, images, etc. that artists give us should move us NOT to violate their Angel Policies and to support them 100%. Nuff said.

Cricket's Daughter said...

This discussion can go on and on and on until dooms day. NO ONE buys a stamp...thinking that they will ONLY USE IT ONE TIME. And, quite frankly, ALL the companies out there should be THRILLED that their images are being shared, because in MANY CASES....when someone receives an image in a swap, they will go ahead and PURCHASE the stamp, so it is FREE ADVERTISING FOR THE COMPANY. I dare say that NONE of the companies that manufacture stamps can afford to ANGER THE MASSES...and they certainly should be THRILLED that those who own their stamps....want to share their excitement and introduce to their friends on FB and YT. With the age of the internet, NO COMPANY can "POLICE" EVERY yt VID, every FB POST and every private swap that is NOT broadcast online. I guess if companies don't want to generate revenue, perhaps they should seek out another way to pay the bills.

Now, slam away folks....but this is pointless. Swaps WILL CONTINUE, YT Vids, WILL CONTINUE and FB posts WILL CONTINUE....until the end of time. I, for one, don't have time to police what others do. And after all.....the general crafting community is made of of kind, generous SHARING and caring individuals. I am pleased to be in that category and thank God for all the others who are, also.

love2kreate said...

I was not going to even bother posting on this as it does make me question if I will ever buy from TGF again.. but I do want to say the I have participated in image swaps over the last couple years...In the first image swap that I ever participated in, I recieved some TGF this is how I was introduced to your company..and for the record, it was not HUNDREDS of images either.. it was a FEW.. the # of images that you are claiming that are received in swaps is being blown WAY out of proportion. anyhow,had I not participated in those swaps, I would have NEVER discovered TGF..over the past 2 years I have purchased HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of dollars worth of TGF stamps..honestly I pretty much have them ALL..I buy the new releases on the 1st of every month.. WHY??? Because I recieved a FEW images in a image swap and fell in love with your stamps... I do not think that you realize the FREE advertising you get in these swaps..and how many customers you have due to them recieving a FEW images of your stamps in a swap.. I know for a FACT that it gets you business.. as I am a perfect example of got and have had my business for the last 2 years because of me participating in that image swap and recieving a few images of your stamps.. just wanted to share my experience/view on this matter.. especially since I am proof you do get loyal customers from image swaps...

Cricket's Daughter said...

love2kreate....thanks for posting. You are a perfect example of one of the points I made in my most recent post. And, you are NOT ALONE in your way of thinking.

And, if ANY of you have a question about anything I have posted on someone elses blog, fb or yt....all you have to do is ask:) I will be happy to share the "REST OF THE STORY..."as Paul Harvey used to say.

Now, everyone have a nice day, share your crafts, you talent and your images....if you so desire:) I know I CERTAINLY WILL........

love2kreate said...

Criket's Daughter..
this is why I chose to share my story so some of the others can see that this company HAS gained customers through swaps... I know that many of my crafting friends have become TGF customers by recieving a few images in swaps as well..Heck, I was even telling the owner of the local scrap shop here that she needed to stock TGF stamps in the store since she already carries stampavie, lalaland..etc... We are talking a minimal amount here.. not mass reproduction..It just really saddens me that this is being blown WAY out of proportion..cause I really do like the stamps..however, I do not support those that are greedy..I mean heck.. If I had a business, I would LOVE for others to share my products.. which in return would bring me more business and customers...I would certainly not complain about it..No worries TGF.. I will no longer share images of your stamps with my friends to help get your name out there..I will also no longer use your stamps on my cards, blog,at crops, etc... you can actually PAY for your own advertising..

Elizabeth said...

WoW, Plain and simple here folks, if you don't buy stamps from the artist who creates them and keep STEALING the images soon she won't have a store to sell more images for you to STEAL. Get the idea? I can't believe people do not have respect for copyright law.

Cricket's Daughter said...

More of the same....blah, blah and blah. The images swaps are CONTINUING ON AS USUAL........since sharing images with friends is NOT STEALING.......

SWH said...

I want to say TGF has my support in this to a great extent. It always irritates me when I hear crafters passing around pdf files of patterns and images around openly like they were theirs to offer to begin with. I mean, if you do it secretly among close friends, and no one knows about it, I would say...well, it's not good, and that's about it. But if you broadcast it on Youtube and encourage others to follow suit, then the creators have every right to put a stop to it. Who would want to buy the stamps if they can get it for free??