Friday, September 23, 2011

Heart Journaling: Week 10

Attention Class!

I know there was some confusion with all the hoopala with the Galleria last week and we'd just like to let everyone know that those who got their assignments in were accounted for. Our records are up to date. If you have done all of your assignments up to date (9 pages so far), please just double check with us by sending us an email to to verify if you are on track on our records. Thanks!

WEEK 10 - Torn Between...
(use some sort of 'tearing')

Assignment: Create a spread or a page using tearing a technique some how. Use any stamps you want, colors, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

Tip: create interesting backgrounds but doing an assort collage of magazine imagery, food market ads, etc.

Due: Thursday Sept 29th no later than 12:00 pm noon cst. We start marking off assignments by 12:30 pm cst. Late uploads will not be accounted for. If you cannot make the deadline, please upload your assignments early. Please upload your photo into your folder

Inspiration found on the web:

Hello friends! Moving onto week 10 now!!! Almost halfway through!!!! Woohoo!!! Super thrilled if you are still following along! I know it's hard! I'm behind again... but Ray just returned from his Euro Tour so maybe I'll get a chance to go back to crafting. But I am so happy if you are still playing along! 

Here are some lovely samples from the 'Cut & Paste' assignment!

 by Jess (very strong piece)

by 1LuvnMama (true that!!!)

by Sandra F (love the wind-up watch lady)

by Candice S. (Beautiful detailing)

by Sara M (what a happy mermaid!!!)

by Amy (love! Just love!)

by Sue M (grown up Anya!!!)

Have a safe and crafty weekend! We've great stuff to show you this coming week so stay tuned!!!
~marie :)

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Shazza said...

gorgeous pages ladies, am loving every minute of this so thank you