Sunday, September 25, 2011

heART Journaling Re-CAP and ANNOUNCEMENTS...

Hey everyone!

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN for this week's heART Journaling theme and samples- thank you!

JUST a few reminders- and we need everyone on board with this asap- thanks :)


IF you are participating in the heART JOURNALING program-and WHETHER OR NOT you started at the beginning...we need ALL PHOTOS RELOADED to the gallery by MONDAY (tomorrow) at 8am CST.

When our gallery crashed a few weeks ago, as many of you know, there were 'casualties'.  We are really sorry for this inconvenience, but most uploads 5-7 weeks out were deleted in the crash accidentally.

Because of this, there are MANY of you who have 1-2 photos only representing the 9 week period.  Marie and I are working off spreadsheets to 'check off" work as it is loaded to the gallery and there are many of you with incomplete albums.   We need to get up to speed, and the only way we can do that is if you reload those photos.  Sorry again about the inconvenience!

ANY photo loaded AFTER TOMORROW that is for an assignment PRIOR to Week 10 will NOT be counted for the full 24 weeks of credit.  Again, we apologize that we have to do this , but we feel that plenty of time has been allotted to reload photos since the crash.


IF you are participating and are on target for completing the 24 week program ON TIME, please send an email to CONFIRM this.

IF your first name begins with A-J:  please send it to

IF your first name begins with K-Z: please send it to

3.)Few additional REMINDERS:

Just a reminder to PRETTY PLEASE load your photos under your gallery NAME and not your USER ID.  We have a few floaters left that I'd like to move to their appropriate 'home'  :)   Thank you so much!!!!

Last but not least, we realize that some of you have decided not to participate or have had things come up.  No worries- if you could just email Jess at yeahshestamps at gmail dot com to let me know so I can remove your gallery category all together, that would be great.

Thanks again to EVERYONE participating! We know this isn't easy- I myself really struggled with last weeks assignment but it's really awesome when you complete that page and feel like you really thought out of the box!  I am SO PROUD of our group of journalers who are putting themselves out there each week- what an impressive collection so far!

Jess :)


HotPinkScrapper said...

Thank you will do!

Shazza said...

Hi guys
I uploaded mine again last week and will sent appropriate e-mail. Have to say thank you for last week's, I was horrified at the thought of it but soooo pleased with the final page. Am loving every challenge x

Jenny V. said...

I just reloaded the rest of my photos that was missing.Only had two photos that was under my name. I should be update now and will e-mail the confirmation. Thanks for everything. Having fun doing this journal.