Wednesday, September 14, 2011

...a few IMPORTANT notes about our Gallery

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Hi everyone,

Jess and Marie here with a few important updates about our Galleria.  We are posting this both on the FFC blog and TGF blog in the hopes that we reach all of our important readers:

As many of you know, our Galleria crashed this past week for one of the longest outages we've had.  Because of the recurrent issues we had been having, we have GOOD NEWS, and "Not so good" news.

I'll start with the not so good.  Unfortunately, we are finding that there is missing data from approximately FIVE WEEKS back.   We SINCERELY apologize for this inconvenience and are heartbroken that files were lost.

HERE is what we've learned:

You will notice that some of your photos will say "no thumbnail".  You can try to EDIT this photo and reload your photo that way.  If this doesn't work, you can delete that entry and reload your photo into your MEMBER GALLERY (your personal gallery)  or CARD GALLERY categories  (by stamp set).

That brings me to our next IMPORTANT point.   Some of the categories from RECENT CHALLENGES were deleted.  PLEASE do not reload your cards into the FFC categories if they are no longer there.  You can reload them into your PERSONAL MEMBER GALLERY.   This week's challenge categories have been reloaded.

Also, for those of you heART JOURNALING with us:  PLEASE do not upload your photos into the heart journaling category UNLESS you are uploading it to your specific FOLDER.  ALL FLOATING FILES WILL BE DELETED by end of business day on SEPTEMBER 15th, 2011.  We are sorry about this but need to keep the categories organized and up to date so that we can better track your projects (since we are checking them off for credit each week, thank you so much!! :)

Last but not least, the GOOD NEWS!

Our GALLERY is now being hosted by a different web host and should be able to function more efficiently and with (fingers crossed!) less crashing, and faster upload times.   Thank you SO much for growing with our growing pains at The Greeting Farm.

NEW, "IN LINKZ" challenge feature!

The Greeting Farm has been holding back using the popular "in Linkz' system because we have made such an investment in our Galleria.  we STRONGLY encourage our customers to still upload to the Galleria in the appropriate weekly challenge categories.

However, due to the recent issues with the gallery, we are now going to use IN LINKZ for each Farm Fresh Challenge to allow you to post a link to your Galleria entry and/or blog post, SCS gallery link, etc.  You can now CHOOSE how you link up to the FFC so that we can run more efficiently :)   Hope this helps!!!

THANK YOU so much to all of you for being so patient, loyal, and tolerant!  XOXO


kris said...

Thanks for the updates! just uploaded my He-Art journal pages into the gallery... seems to be uploading A LOT faster than before too!! =D plus, plus, PLUS!

The Wolverina /// said...

Thanks for the update! How can we find out if all our Heart Journal entries are on time? I am pretty sure mine were there in time but with the crash will that effect stuff?

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

HOORAY! We are so glad it's faster! As for the entries being on time, they would have been due at noon CST the Thursday before each new topic on Friday. As long as your got them in each week on time, you'll be fine :) thanks!

Jenn Borjeson said...

Thank YOU for keeping us posted and working so hard to fix it! xoxo

~*Joni said...

Whew - I'm exhausted thinking of all that you both went through to comb the galleria! Thanks ladies, I think the inlinkz will be a great asset!

HolyScrap said...

I just tried to load my page for the He-Art Journal, but, my photos are deleted, so is my log in and password. Should I register again?? I had the log in issue since day one, I had to be manually enrolled by the admin., whats going on?

Discouraged in Texas

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

Hi there,

I hope you see this response :) I am not sure about your login ID but I am checking with Marie. That should have nothing to do w/ your photos being deleted. Unfortunately my photos from the past few weeks were deleted too and I'll have to reload them :(

As for your user ID, if you are staying with HolyScrap (love that!), can you please email me your FULL name so that I can put in a heart journaling album w/ your REAL name? I noticed you had some floaters in the gallery (which, I have not deleted yet so if your photos were deleted it was the system, not us, if that makes sense :). It's had dfor me to move them w/out knowing what your actual name is. my email is yeahshestamps at gmail. com. Hopefully we can get you back on track- thank you!!! :)