Monday, July 11, 2011


A big Aussie G'DAY today from FARMER TRACEY. That's the only time you'll ever hear me say that though, as it's kind of slang, and not really part of my vocabulary.
Firstly, i'd like to say a great big thank-you to all of you lovely ladies for such a warm welcome to THE GREETING FARM. I've thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of my first two weeks at the farm, especially all the kind comments on both my own blog and also right here on The Greeting Farm blog.
Don't you just love all the new stamps for July. They are all so divine, I couldn't possibly choose one favorite.

As it is my turn in the spotlight this week, and the fact that i'm a new farmer, I thought I would start by sharing a little about myself. I am a Mum to 4 gorgeous daughters ranging in age from 9 to 15, and have the most awesome husband in the world.
I retired from work as a medical doctor 9 years ago in order to concentrate on raising our family, and went on to discover scrapbooking 5 years ago, which led to me opening my very own scrapbooking and cardmaking store a little over 3 years ago. I was a serious scrapbooker to begin with, and didn't even like stamping  until I discovered copic markers 12 months ago.
Now i am totally addicted to rubber, ink and copics. Rarely does a day pass without a marker in my hand, and i can say i truly am blessed to be able to combine my hobby with my job.

One of my favorite tools at the moment is my airbrush and air compressor. I use it on most cards, even if just for a little edging. So, i thought i would show you step by step how i make the background that i then use to put a colored TGF image on for my cards.

For this card I have used BLUSH SOCIETY BONNIE, with all of my favorite background stamps, splotchy, hello and hearts.

I started by coloring in Bonnie, and cutting her out using my cutterbee scissors. I then took a plain piece of cryogen white cardstock, ready to design my custom background.

First i stamped my background stamps randomly over the entire card. I used old paper distress ink.

Then, I used my airbrush, with BG70, BG72, G82 and G94,(in that order),  to add sky and grass to the background.

As a final touch, I hand drew some blades of grass using a flicking motion in G82 and G94. Then I decided that I would have to add an extra "bunch" of grass for Bonnie to stand on so that she looked grounded. I also ran around the edge on the sewing machine to border the background scene.

So there you have it. Some flowers, leaves, flourishes and ribbons and you're done. I hope you liked my first Greeting Farm post. 

See you soon with another Greeting Farm project.

Tracey. XO.


Grace said...

awesome tracey!!! thanks for sharing your amazing technique with us =)
cheers "mate"
*one of my friends is from Australia and she always says mate =) LOVE IT*

yvon said...

Wow, this is one gorgeous card Tracey. Love it!!!!
Hugs, Yvon

Kelly Booth said...

LOVE this card.....just Perfect in every way!!

Shazza said...

brilliant!!!!Thanks for sharing

Carisa said...

Oh my gosh, Tracey!! That is AWEOME!!! I absolutely love your background - it looks positively perfect. Can't wait to get to know you more over the next few months! :D

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Stunning card! Thanks for sharing your technique for that wonderful background.


♥...Mo...♥ said...

Thanks for sharing
Beautiful Technique

Becca Fabozzi said...

LOVE the way you did the airbrush background, so clever. I am so thrilled to work with you on the DT< as your work is phenomenal!!!! Beautiful creation hun!!!

Mocha-Latte Crafts said...

Love your technique. Gorgeous card. Thanks for sharing, Tanya

Denice said...

This is a beautiful card Tracey! You put so much time and talent into it......I love everything about it!