Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello Hello!

Omigoodness when was the last time I posted?!!! Hi friends! It's me,  Marie! ha! Ok so my resolution is to do the blog post every Friday from now on. It's been really crazy busy to say the least around here. Ray has been in California for the past two weeks as well and so it's just been bean and I. Our little Lily is 5 months now and really a sweet distraction. Never knew how much time a little person can take up. I blink and 3 hours have gone by. She's been ultra fond of her feet and loves to hug and grab as well as babbling at the top of her lungs.

Lily grabbing toes and trying to get out of her chair. Luckily I buckled her in.

Although I've been missing around here, it's not in vain. There's a whole lotta new stuff brewing, exciting stuff! I am just giddy to show you but booo I have to stay on schedule otherwise Jess will have my head. haha. There's been grand excitement over the new Princess Collection series which is awesome! I am hoping to see all the great cards from you soon.

Ok so I do have a card to show you today! That's another one of my resolutions: a card a week. Today's card has Creeper Abbey on it. I tried to make it kind of a rockerish card but there don't seem to be a whole lot of punk rock paper out there. So I found this darkish Graphic 45 paper I think it is. 
The theme I was after was pink & black with lotsa glitter! Oh and you will be seeing lots of butterflies on my cards from now on since that is my current obsession. Oh and those Melissa Frances glitter hearts, love love love!

Everyone have a fabulous weekend! I will be spending mine working on promo materials and design.

Today's question is: What is your favorite color combo?

Pink and Brown. :)


Kim Y. said...

Aww...Lily is such a cutie pie!!! Kids grow so fast, Marie! Cherish every moment!
You did a wonderful job with this card! Graphic 45 papers work on this card!

Hmm..I do have a few fave color combos:

Mrs Weyremaster said...

Lily is beautiful, love seeing the latest pics of her:)

Love your card, my fave colour combo is Black & Bright Pink:)

1LuvnMama said...

Ahhhh, Bean is so adorable Marie! You have such a precious little one right at your feet! Enjoy her . . . she'll grow so quickly.

Luv your Abbey card . . . very goth and wicked! :)

I'm so with ya on the pink and brown!

Shazza said...

she is adorable!!!
Love your card too
my fav combo

~*Joni said...

Really? 5 months already?! She is so adorable Marie, I love the toes and babble stage! What a great card, it's nice to 'hear' your voice and see your work, it's like looking through the fence hoping to get a peek at the Head Farmer. :)
Orange and blue, any hue, is my fave all time combo.

Carol Meadows said...

Pink and chocolate combo or pink and black. Carol M in TX/

Denice said...

So glad to have you back posting and showing off all your creations...and yes, that included the most adorable Lily! LOL!

Love the goth/rocker Abbey and all the fab embellies...the pink and black combo are perfect.

Any color paired up with aqua is my fav!

Jenny V. said...

Awww Lily is just too cute and growing up so fast. Enjoy and cherish very moments. Wow your card ROCK! My fave combo as always been pink and brown.

Lawren said...

Lily is just adorable.

Your card to cute! My favorite color combo is pink and green.

Jenn Borjeson said...

Marie, she is just too cute!!!!! Lily, I mean. Your card is awesome, too. :) My fave color combos tend to be pink and green, black and red, or pink and purple. :)

Leanne said...

O my goodness, Lily is sooo adorable Marie!! I love her style.. hehe. I'm so glad you have goals for yourself. That's terrific!
Your card rocks! Definitely could feel the punk rocker vibe.
I think my favorite combo is anything with dark brown or black. Those colors make everything pop! have a gr8 Friday and a wonderful weekend and hope to hear more fun stories about your little cutie. Hugs,

Carol said...

So precious and growing fast!

Beautiful card, my fav combo is teal/brown
burnt orange/brown

kris said...

Oh Marie!!! Lily bean is growing so fast!! she is SO ADORABLE!! cherish the moments you have, before you know it, she's walking! fabulous card too! color combos... hmmmm... blue/brown, pink/brown, pink/green just to name a few... =D

Cynthia said...

How quickly they grow! Lily is a real beauty.
Lately,Ive been combining greens and blues a lot.

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Color combo? Today I was drawn to blue and lime at the thrift store, my 80's childhook left me lovin' pink and green, but I'm always a sucker for the blue and orange. It just depends on my mood...

Now, for the important issue at hand...Don't you just love it when they discover their feet???? Watch out, once she realizes she can, she'll have it in her mouth. I've photos of my kids doing that amazing little trick. LOL! Bekah would put all her toes in her mouth at about 5 months, it was hilarious!

Your little Bean has grown into such a beautiful little baby girl. I just love it when you post new photos of her. Really a very precious little one.


RiNNE said...

Orange, pink, and green!

Lily is adorable!! Cherish this goes by fast! And your card is gorgeous!

KarenB said...

Gorgeous card, but I'm afraid it's totally trumped by Lily - what a cutie!!
My current favourite colour combo is red & white :)

Tiffany said...

Lily is absolutely adorable! Enjoy this time...she'll just discover more and more everyday!

Great card too!

Lately it's been lime green and blue, but usually pink and lime

Naomi said...

OMG, your little Lily is ADORABLE!
Love the card, too. Would be great for a teenage girl, very cute!

Shaela said...

Lily is adorable!! It makes me miss my babies, *sniff*.

My fave color combo is anything with RED in it, hahaha. I just love me some red!