Sunday, June 12, 2011

Galleria and Challenge UPDATE- IMPORTANT info....

Hey everyone,

As you can all see, our Galleria is still down and in checking with Marie yesterday (late eve.), they are working on it but can't give us a proper estimate of WHEN it will be back up and running.

As for the Farm Fresh CHALLENGE Blog, Rach has edited the posts to reflect that ALL ENTRIES should be linked VIA COMMENT on that particular post UNTIL the Galleria is back open.

Beginning tomorrow, we will be using In Linkz unless the Galleria is back up to keep better track.  Although we love InLinkz, our Galleria is the pride and joy of TGF so this will ONLY be TEMPORARY until the Galleria is back up.

As for the TGF ROYALTY contest- we have already installed an IN LINKZ and if you have previously entered your card into the Galleria, I have not seen ANY of them since my trip, so PLEASE LINK HERE.  Again, hopefully this will be a temporary fix.  

***THERE IS ALSO A QUICK-LINK on the TOP LEFT SIDE of the BLOG's HOME PAGE now for easy access to  TGF ROYALTY, week TWO.    Be sure to get your entries in by TUESDAY, JUNE 14th at 8pm CST!!!!***

Please email Jess at yeahshestamps at gmail dot com for ANY and ALL contest/challenge questions pertaining to the Gallery, as Marie is swamped and filling orders, talking to our web hosts, etc.

THANK YOU so much for your patience!!!!

Jess :)

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