Monday, May 16, 2011

Designer Spotlight w/ me, Jess D!...

Hey Farm Friends!

Hopefully you've all had a chance to peruse the May 2011 TGF Newsletter that went out's one of my favorite editions for sure w/ LOTS of fun information and a few sneak peeks too!

I'm up for the "Designer Spotlight" this week and well, it's funny, it was a lot easier for me to tell the other girls what to say or write about than my own spotlight here since I feel like I've gotten to know so many of you over the years and you've gotten to know me, too!  So, as not to bore you w/ the same ol', same ol', I thought I'd answer a few of the "most asked questions" that I get about myself and hope that will sastisfy your curiosities for the moment, anyway, heehee.

The NUMBER ONE question I get asked time and time again is "How do you find time to do it all?"
Well, first thing's first- I set "office hours" for myself each day.   I didn't used to, but since I began working a "real job" as my kids call it for TGF, along w/ wanting to keep designing and not just working administrative, marketing and behind-the-scenes stuff, this was necessary.   

I have a routine.  I get up, make lunches, take the kids to school, and then first thing I do is go make my bed.  (factoid #1 about me-I cannot STAND an unmade bed, LOL!).  After this, I do whatever laundry, cleaning needs to be done.  Mind you, my kids get to school at 7am, so even if I have toilets to scrub, I am still done w/ housework by about 9am.  Some days I will grab a quick coffee, mess around on Facebook or blogs, and THEN clean, but either way, cleaning is done by morning.  (ok, cleaning is NEVER done, but you catch my drift ;)

Everything else kind of falls into place between the hours of 9 and 2:30, regardless of whether it's admin/computer stuff, running errands, or actually crafting, although I do a lot of crafting after the kids go to bed as well.   I also keep a very detailed calendar of all the goings-on for the week and that helps too!  It's not the SAME every day, but having a good 'outline' definitely helps!

Question #2- "What is the best 'style' I should have if I want to be on a DT someday?"
Honestly, I get asked this just as much if not more as the first question.  Hence, a little card I have to share with you today:


I know that there is a ton of competition out there, but there is a ton of talent too.  Lifting each other up and inspiring one another has been the #1 joy of mine as a crafter/blogger more than anything else.  I hear all too often stories that break my heart about how competitive this industry can get sometimes, but I have to say that overall, I am really blessed to be among a great network of women who EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and take pride in LEARNING from each other.

because YOU, my friends...are awesomesauce.  ;)

Now, of course, I'm not an 'expert' in any way here- just writing from a place of hope that since you guys have asked these things of me in the past, that today was a good day for us to discuss them :)  While I love being complimented on my cards or projects, art is so subjective, and it honestly means more to me to hear things like "you inspired me", or "you gave me the little push I needed to go for it," or "that was just what I needed to hear today", etc.

That's the thing about this little Blogosphere of is so much more than stamping.  Of course, though, if you ask me, i'll definitely tell ya what some of my favorite stamps are...but I think you guys already know the ANSWER to that!    (hint, it rhymes with "Fleeting Arm"...)

That's all for me today, but be sure to check out the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog, where I got my inspiration for today's layout!  See you over there and keep on bein' YOU <3
Jess :)


Mary Friederichsen said...

Hi Jess!!
This was wonderful! I loved having you answer these things today...and you know what I HATE an unmade bed as well!!LOL
There is just something that doesn't feel right about the rest of the day...!
Thank you for all you do and the encouragement that you are always there to give! You have a special heart,and a Beautiful talent that you are so willing to share and inspire us with. Thank you for being you and for all that you do!

Blessings and Hugs,

Kim Y. said...

This is so wonderfully written, Jess! So true about learning from each! We, everyone, are here to share our creativity and inspire each other. You have been and are definitely one inspirational woman! As a matter of fact, you are among one of my many friends who inspired me to start my Etsy store! Thank you, Jess!

RiNNE said...

Nicely written!! Thanks for such inspirational words! I, too, am stuck with the dilemma of getting on a DT and wondering if there's anything wrong with my style!! Thank you, Jess!!! And I can't wait for the new nautical stamps!!

Lynda Nielsen said...

Awww, Jess I just LOVED your post. and I'm NOT just saying this, but YOUR post inspired me. If only I could have the will power to stick to a schedule.... ha ha You know what? I'm going to try.
Miss you girl,
Big Hugs,

~*Joni said...

What an awesome spotlight! You are always so behind the scenes that it's nice to see you shine as always. :) Encore, encore!

ChickieChirps said...

Hi Jess! Thanks so much for sharing! I really enjoyed reading that! I too hate an unmade bed - Lols!


Lisa M. said...

Oh dear. I guess I'm one of the few that tends to "forget" to make my bed until say...oh...bedtime. Then I make it to unmake it! ROTFL! Seriously though, I'm HORRIBLE about cleaning. I hate it. I admire people who keep their house clean every day. how DO you do it? LOL! I tidy...but I don't like to clean! LOL! Drives my hubby NUTS! oh well.

You rock and are awesome of course...and I love the kind words you shared about making DT's...I was one of those who never in a kazillion years thought I could ever make a DT. Talk about shock when I made TWO design teams the very first time I ever submitted! I am on teams with people FARRRR more talented then I, but that's okay because we all know someone who does "just" our if my style might be something YOU could replicate...then fabulous! Not everyone can do CAS...just like not everyone can do "pile it on" I love that you advise everyone to just do what you do best!


Nat said...

I am realizing how small of a world we are in. I feel such a closeness to so many familiar names, even though I haven't "met" any of them. Really super fun to hear a little more about you! I just discovered TGF a year ago, and I can see how much I have blossomed will be fun to see where next year takes us. And yes, it's my goal in life to be a farmer!
:) Nat

Jammie said...

I too have the goal of being a framer in my life, but hey, all I can do is be me... maybe someday (with a lot of practice) I can be on some DT somewhere! hahaha Thanks for all the inspirational words, you are great sistah! I'm so happy that I found TGF and even more happy that there are such wonderful people behind the company! Thanks again for bearing your soul in every word you type for all of us to read. You are amazing and I'm glad we have become Farm Fresh Friends!!!

Anonymous said...

hiya jess!!

I love what you shared with us =)
Thanks for always giving wonderful comments under my card entries =)
it always makes my day!

AND I have to say You have been one of the bloggers that had inspired me to start my blog this year!
esp. with your encouragement & support through your wonderful comments & emails, I felt that maybe I was good enough to enter challenges.

So, many many many thanks =)
because, I wouldnt be a TGF winner/follower/collector without you =)


Jenn Borjeson said...

That was a really great "interview", Jess. Thanks for being you. :)