Monday, April 25, 2011

Designer Spotlight with Jack

Today it's Designer Spotlight day at the Greeting Farm, and now the turn has come to me. This time I'm working with the lovely guy stamp Jack.
I like strong and bold colours, and turqoise is no exception, although orange is my definite favourite :-). I started things off by colouring his hair with blue hues, and after that there was no other way to go but making it all blue :-).
And just because Jack's a tough guy (who I'm I kidding... he's a pussycat...) - I decided on putting a purple spiderweb punch out to emhpasize that.

By the by...
I love Halloween, and whenever I can put in something Halloweeney in my projects, my heart skips a beat.
For the past two years, I've constantly gone back to using corrugated paper, just because I think it gives some great texture to the projects.

The Grey-Black paper in the background is a smashing paper that you can sandpaper to make the stars come to life.


All the best to you all, from Sari :-).


~*Joni said...

This is awesome! I have a neighborhood kid who looks just like Jack. haha! But he is the nicest guy ever, which is just fine with me. ;) Beautiful coloring and wonderful elements to compliment this Creepy!!

Sammi said...

Awesome card Sari! LOVE Jack! Love the purple too!

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