Monday, April 18, 2011

Designer Spotlight with Farmer Buttercup

Hello Everyone!

Farmer Buttercup here! I work as a handmade sign artist during the day, and a theatre and performance artist at night! Voice Over work, artistically directing, writing & acting are a few of the jobs I am so grateful to have! I love creating in all mediums with all kinds of people! :)

I remember when I first saw an image of a Greeting Farm stamp. It was in a craft magazine at the bookstore. Someone had made an adorable card with the Anya "Rain, Snow, Shine" collection. I was immediately in love with the cute simplicity of the Anyas! I ran home, (this was about a year ago), found The Greeting Farm's website, and spent way too much money!!! :) Since then, I have looked forward to the little white bubble wrapped envelopes in the mail as often as possible! :)

One of the reasons I enjoy working and creating cards with TGF SO MUCH, is because there are so many characters that can represent ANYone you might make a card for! There are boys, girls, teenagers, fathers, grandparents, funky friends, sassy girls-they're ALL here! I love the range from the sweet Anyas to the funky Creepers to the sassy Cheeky collection! They are so lovable and just make me smile! If I had to pick a favorite, I would say it's a tie between The Cheeky Collection, Sweet & Toxic and Syren!

Now, I'm going to share with you one of my FIRST TGF CARDS EVER! Please keep in mind this was BEFORE I knew how to color, before I ever even heard about Copics, it was my first attempt at this card making business I have since learned to love!

Thank You so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy The Greeting Farm's images as much as I do, and that what you create puts a smile on not only your face, but someone else's as well! :)

Have a Beautiful Week!!!


Proud-to-be-a-Farmer, Buttercup :) xoxo


♥Rach♥ said...

Oh honey, if that was one of your first cards then you are doing just FINE, lol! Mine are too embarassing to show. So glad you're on the team, love your stuff :)

Susan said...

I wish my first card looked like that. Come to think of it....I wish my current cards looked as good as that. :)

Heidi Brawley said...

AWE!!! What a GREAT first card! OMG my 1st cards EWWE!!!!! don't want to show anyone! lol lol
~Heidi Brawley

faithnme said...

HI Buttercup.. I became of HUGE fan of yours when I saw your work right here on the "farm" and I look forward to it every week.. Your coloring just blows me a way.. hope we see a few tutorials from you soon ;0)))))


dsvaltovar said...

The new owl stamp is awesome. I loved the colors and patterns used for cards. That were made by the design team. I really liked the layered owls that Jessica did. Really nice work ladies. Thanks for sharing and for always inspiring.