Thursday, January 6, 2011



Hi there, TGF friends J! I’m ever so glad for the opportunity given as a farmer at TGF and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the love you’ve shown us new designers. I’m thrilled to see all the new stamp releases this year – as well as I’m hoping to develop my crafting skills during my time as a farmer.

I find card making fun. And even though stamping with the stamps from the Greeting Farm is one of my favourite past times, I’m also, constantly, on the lookout to find ways to improve storage systems. I’ve also come to realize, that out of sight – out of mind, sure applies to me. And that is the reason why I'm changing my storage system fo see  through jars and bins.

I’ve fallen in love with the red chest that I’m going to show you in the video below. It’s so handy to just keep on stacking the amount of drawers on top of each other, and make the chest fit your needs.  
I’ve got several of these red chests, and I keep both buttons, metallic decorations, strings and other things in them. And when I go crafting – I also take one of these chests with me, filled with different kinds of tools, wood mounted alphabet stamps, stamp pads and pencils.

As you saw in the video, I also store some of the stamps in an open plastic jar. I find it pretty handy to have them at an arms reach. And when it comes to storing the small phrase and word stamps, I just find keeping them in the cd cases pretty handy, just because they are see through and easy to store in a box or something like that.

I hope you don’t mind sharing your ways of storing stamps and other craft things. I’d be glad to see them.

Until next time…

Crafty hugs



Chelsea said...

Great idea! I keep mine in baseball card sleeves in a binder.

Tash Daly said...

Hi Sari, I do like this idea. My craft room is still in the process of being sorted, painted, furnished and finished at which time I will work out how I will sort my things out. At the moment they are all in a number of bags and boxes and I have separated all the different stamp groups in zip lock bags and then I write the company and group name ie. TGF - Creepy Crew. It is just a bit of a pain to then find them all in one big bag and generally have to pull all the smaller bags till I find the one that I want. I can't wait till my craft room is done!! I will definitely keep your idea in mind though as I think it is a great one. Have a great day. :-)

Amber Hight said...

Okay, Sari, you have the most AWESOME accent, I *adore* it!!!

Thanks for sharing your storage idea, looks very organized and functional!

Denice said...

Thanks for the reminder about the cd cases! Doh...why didn't I think of that?!! I've been keeping my stamps in their original packaging and am always afraid the small words/stamps are going to fall out...but not anymore, not after I use your helpful hint!


jigglymills said...

I keep mine in the Stampendous clear cases and keep them by type. The sets I can keep together and then I can also see them in an instant. I was wondering for those of you who put them in drawers and baseball card sleeves, do you put anything on the back or do they clean on the back? Thanks!!! :)

Anonymous said...

awesome...thanks for sharing

Carisa said...

Hi Sari!!! LOVED the way you stored the sentiments - I'm definately going to be using that - and I love that you have your stamps in drawers like that. I also have a little bin of most frqeuently used stamps. hehee, just makes it easy like that for sure! Thanks so much for sharing. Now my sentiments won't get lost in la la land.

gobeagirl said...

Hi Sari. What a great way to store your wonderful stamps. I am thinking I just might have to give that a go. I like my 3 ring binder with the stamped image to tell what and from what company, but I am not thrilled yet with how I have the actual stamps stored. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Hugs, Lisa G

Jenn Borjeson said...

Great tutorial! I have a similar plastic storage thing with drawers, but mine is "mini sized" and I layer the stamps sets on top of each other (for the ones I don't use daily). For the ones I do use daily, I have a 3-ring binder with those laminated sheets the stamps stick to (I keep mostly sets in here) along with a tin full of individual stamps. I am on a mission this weekend to use EVERY TGF stamp that I have bought but not inked up yet. :)