Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bean update

Hi friends!!! Wow it is already December!!!!! Days are just zipping by now. I'm starting to get anxious. haha. Thank you everyone for a great Dec Release! I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and hopefully have started any necessary shopping. I haven't. I should start making a list this weekend.

Well, Bean and I are 33-1/2 weeks now. It is getting squished in there and I can feel it jiggle it's little butt into my ribs all day long. I really wanted to get all festive and decorate this holiday but decided probably not a good idea since I have to take it easy. I've been having alot pre-term contractions so midwife says I have to make sure that Bean doesn't arrive too early and has to stay in there for at least 3 more weeks. Oh well, I guess if I put up xmas decorations now, chances are they probably won't come down til June. haha. I remember one year during college, our xmas tree didn't come down til May.

I have been mostly trying to clean up and get somewhat organized before baby comes. Hard to do when there is rubber everywhere. Also trying to get a lot of new stamps in before I go out of commission in January. Thank goodness I have Jessica here to man the farm right? I told her the other day that she had to talk to me slowly as if I am a toddler since these days I am not retaining any information whatsoever. My brain is in pregnancy-mode which means I can only comprehend... Food, nap, bathroom. You want my attention - wave a piece of fried chicken at me ok?

Great... I wanted to discuss something else but now I can't think of it. I'm sure it will come to me later inconveniently. I am getting everyone's New Releases orders out today and tomorrow so hopefully everyone will get to play with them asap!

Love & Hugs!

Today's question is: Who has their tree up already?


Shaela said...

a piece of fried chicken... lmbo!!! Too funny, lol. I got news for you Marie - the pregnancy brain doesn't go away when the baby comes!! It becomes a condition known as CAADD: Child Activated Attention Deficit Disorder ;)

good luck these last few weeks! can't wait to get my new rubber (I was that enormous order that went in late tonight... sorry, haha) I did some shopping for me and got some gifts for my gal pals - everyone loves TGF rubber, right??! :D

Kris said...

Aww Marie!! You have such a cute baby bump!! Take it easy!! Seems liks you're in nesting mode already!! =D

Yes i have my tree up!! Had up the Monday before Thanksgiving and we decorated on Thanksgiving day!! I love sitting in the room with just the Christmas lights on... relaxing! Hugs to you Mama!

Anonymous said...

hi marie! you look so cute!
i'm a nurse & I've had to take care of babies & moms before & after their baby's birth =) trust me i've practically had to wave a turkey leg to get their attention to do anything hehehe
I cant wait to get my 3 orders from November YAY! hehehe

and yuppers! i've had my tree up since october hehehe i know i know... i just love christmas that much =)

Becca Fabozzi said...

YOU LOOK ADORABLE!!! I will come over and help you put those decorations up girl, no problemo!!!! You can sit on the couch with your feet up and eat Christmas cookies and sing carols while I decorate for you. LOL
Yes, I have my tree up. We put it up the day before Thanksgiving this year. I was so excited to have it up so early.
Although, it does kinda look a little silly this year. My two year old helped me hang/break almost every ornament we have. We could only decorate the top half of the tree, as my one year old took off and threw across the room(thus shattering into a million pieces), all the ornaments on the bottom half of the tree. He is in this "ball" phases. He thinks EVERYTHING that is round is a ball. So, he took every single ornament he could reach and threw it across the room. Thus, we removed ALL the ornaments he could reach, and only decorated the top half of the tree. So, yes, it is up, but it is a bit shotty! LOL, oh well, it has character, right??!!!!
Take care of you and Bean. Thanks so much for the AMAZING december releases. I placed my order, and cant wait for all my new toys!!!!

Kim Y. said...

You look good, Marie! Baby will be here in no time! Ooo...Bean might share my son's birthday, 12/31! :)

No, no tree yet. I plan to put it up this weekend....have been lazy... Plus. I couldn't decide what color I want this year. I think I did pink last year...

Carol Meadows said...

Not me!! Been sick with a terrible bug and made 2 trips to the doctor. Hang in there and you will have a blast with Bean when the time comes! Carol M in TX/

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

Aww Marie you look fabulous!! And yup pregnancy brain stays with you even after you give birth hhah sorry for the bad news LOL.
I havent got my tree up yet, we normally always put it up 1st December, but my hubby has been away with the army so we wanted to wait until he go home...and YAY he got home today 3 days early whoo hoo.
Kristy xoxo

Mette said...

Hm - I remember the pregnancy brain but only just as I now have "child wants attention non-stop" brain. I am hoping that once they move out I will become ME again.
Crossing my fingers that bean wants to stay a few more weeks inside tummy hehe.
Don't have my tree up yet but "THE CHILD" is nagging lol.

jenlynnie said...

this weekend we're doing the tree. i hope the these next couple of weeks go by easy for you. you can always make a paper tree & stick it on the wall & create fun paper ornaments to go along with it. that is not labor intensive. AND you can eat your fried chicken while doing all of this = )

Lynda Nielsen said...

Oh my oh my.... 33 1/2 weeks... Marie you are radiant! even if you are feeling absent minded... And waving fried chicken, hmmmm.....Me thinks that sounds so GOOOOOD!!

Yes yes, I have my tree up, it went up on Saturday, but not because of me.. My hubby actually did it this year. Imagine that! Ohhhh you see, yours could do it for you too!!! =) He doesn't have pregnancy brain yet does he? ha ha

All your organizing and cleaning things for beans arrival... Ohhhh this sounds good... You're nesting mamma!!! =)

I can't wait until the exciting news comes... and I WANT TO KNOW so bad if Bean is a HE or SHE... The wait is killing me!

You look good Marie, Hang in there!

Lauretta See said...

your beautiful!!! :))) love that belly!! For the question of the day.. yes i did mine on vov 30th ( so that the kids would wake up on the first to see the tree and decorations up) ;) I also have a daycare at home.. so the kiddo's where real happy to see it when they arrived :)))))

CraftyDee said...

Wow Marie, you look fabulous!! I can't believe d-day is closing in already!

I haven't put my Xmas decorations up yet, in the Netherlands people generally wait until after December 5th. December 5th is traditional Dutch holiday called Sinterklaas. When that is over, the tree can be put up :)

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

We are a tree-free family. We only decorate for seasons not holidays. Our big makeover takes place today!!! After the snow we had yesterday, its time to pull up all the fall decor and set up my snowflakes and snowmen.

Ah, the days of last term pregnancy. Lucky you for eating fried big thing was braunschwiger (I'm sure that isn't spelled correctly) I can't even look at it LOL!

Be well and get your rest. Thanks for the update.


Heidi Brawley said...

Nope don't have my tree up yet. I have been a slacker 2 yrs in a row now. I usually put it up the Sat. after Thanksgiving! I count down for Xmas all year long and I some how have lost my Christmas spirit. I got practically ALL shopping done which is awesome but I have no motivations to put the tree up. Weird! I even have my gifts wrapped all ready too! My goal is this weekend when the weather here is supposed to be warmer!! Yeah!!! I can't stand looking for stuff in the shed in cold weather. I live in AZ so the weather here is pretty nice most the year.
Congrats on you & Bean!!! Take it slow and don't lift too much stuff!
Hugs, Heidi Brawley

Angie said...

Since Nov 2nd! I put mine up super early this year! As soon as the halloween decor came down, christmas went up! We still have some ornaments to make and hang, and a stocking to do, but other than that, we're ready for Christmas!

Shazza said...

looking good but remember to take it easy!! My tree won't be going up til much later in the month...hubby would leave it til 24th if he had his way x

Tammy said...

You look beautiful Marie! Can't wait for your little one to show.
Glad to hear you are taking it easy.

To do list Friday
1. Put up Tree

~*Joni said...

Oh Marie - what a great post today, your sense of humor is always so awesome. :)
You look amazing, zero fat percentage, you'll look like you adopted bean after s/he comes out. ;)
The real tree is up, inside is decorated although I can't find a few things, and boys are decorating the outside this weekend. Hugs!

Love, Chloe said...

"Fried chicken" lmao!! I put my tree up 2 weeks ago but I am still constantly adding stuff to it daily. I had to put it before Thanksgiving or else I wouldn't have time to do so in time for xmas since my sister's wedding is this weekend. *sigh* can't wait till it's over...


Kimberly S said...

Awww...not long now! :) We put the tree up and decorated it with the family here on Thanksgiving!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

What a cute picture!

No tree for us. :-( With seven cats, we finally gave up. It wasn't that they were breaking ornaments -- we'd long given up having anything breakable on there. But one cat still kept chewing through the strings of every ornament he could reach, and another cat knocked the tree over three times in one day.

Now we string one strand of lighted garland between our upstairs landing and our chandelier, and hang a few ornaments on it. It's the best we can do!

Danderella said...

Um...does it count if the tree is up but the decorations are still sitting in a box? Baby steps, right?! You look fabulous..enjoy that fried chicken!

Erin said...

I have my tree up. PS. Your mind never goes back after pregnancy. I used to be able to tell you what I was doing at what time 3 months from now. Now I can't remember what I'm doing tomorrow.

Crafty Jenn said...

Yay Marie!! You look fabulous! I can't believe it's already that close! It will be so exciting to finally meet the Bean.

No tree up for me. I work retail, so the most decorating I do is putting my friends' and family's Christmas cards on my mantel! Hehe! Although, I did make a cool swag for my front door with some fun glittery floral items I found at Michael's.

FibreJunky said...

Shaela calls it CAADD, but my friends and I call it PPBD - Post Partum Brain Drain, or if we're feeling particularly silly, PPBR - Post Partum Brain Rot. The reason that one is silly is because if you say it like it looks, it sounds like you're making the sound where you flap your lips with your index finger - easy to show, hard to describe.

No, my tree isn't up yet. I wait until after my youngest's birthday on Dec. 14.

Janet S said...

Yep, tree went up on Thanksgiving day since my daughter was home from college. :D As for prego brain, it comes back again in menopause. LOL Hang in there! Before you know your baby will be 20 like mine!

gobeagirl said...

You are so looking good for being that far along. You wouldn't even know that you were prenant if not for the baby bump. lol...Take it easy. Remember when your Mom would say " I can't remember anything, it comes from having kids." Oh how I hated my Mom to say that, but after having two children over 13 years ago I can safely say it comes from all the worring about those children from the moment you find out you are pregnant until the day you die. I kid you not, I have swiss cheese memorie now, and it is all from the worry over my wonderful two gifts from God. I wouldn't change it for the world, but it just never gets easy not worring. :O) Yes, I am a very over protective Mom and omg my hubby is even worse. No, we have not got our tree up yet. I am thinking next weekend when I have the whole two days off. Hugs, Lisa G

Cecilia said...

Mary you look beautiful... and thereis nothing for you, but to rest the next three weeks. Maybe you need someone to help you clean everything and pack in some boxes the rubber. Hope everything goes perfect with Bean.

I don't have a tree right now, I guess I'm going to think about it in two weeks, I need to clear the space and clean everything... look for the ornaments and so on...
I also shopped my cheeky cherry pie.. is adorable.

Diana Blessinger said...

You look awesome! I was fried chicken, raw cookie dough batter (before the flour part went in-gross I know) and jalepeno's. Crazy right.

My tree is still at the lot, I only do real ones so I wait until the first weekend in Dec. I'm excited to get one tomrrow and get it decorated though. I love the smell.

Take it easy and do as the midwife says! The day I got off bedrest and stopped taking my medicine to keep my girl in is the day I delivered.

Hugs for you and bean!

donna mikasa said...

You look great, Marie! Take good care!

darling Ho said...

Wow!! I like baby.:) You look so cute!
Take care and also your baby.:)

Lawren said...

OMG! This post had me cracking up. Although my daughter is 8, I still remember the pregnancy like it was yesterday. I was the same way, if you wanted my attention - wave food. LOL

I have my tree up and my outside decorations too.