Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hey everyone,

Apparently there was a slight error on our "Hoppin' into the Holidays" sign up that neither myself or the DT caught, even as it's been posted for a few weeks, LOL!

The signup says "No later than TUESDAY, Nov. 24th".  Well, obviously yesterday was Tuesday so I am happy to take sign ups through 11:59pm CST TONIGHT-no exceptions.

As luck would have had it, one of our customers actually emailed us right around the stroke of midnight (coincidentally, of course ;)  last night to sign up at the 'last minute' and I noticed the mistake so you guys are all good through today!  wink wink ;)

Hope your day is full of smiles and sunshine and productivity!  I have a feeling something FABULOUS is going to happen today...don't you?  ;)


~*Joni said...

Um...hmmm...I know I am in need of a second cup of coffee this morning, but isn't today Tuesday? Just checking, I may be off my rocker with the craziness going on in my home! Regardless, I am finally sending you an email!! Something fabulous is going to happen, I will find my mojo in the pile of laundry, I just know it!

~*Joni said...

and by the way, I think today is the 23rd... ;)

WickedPixie said...

Should we have received a confirmation, or if we know we sent in a sign up, we are good? :-)Traci

the whimsical butterfly said...

Today IS Tuesday, but it's not the 24th ;) See, I thought the same Joni, LOL!!! Confirmations are almost done being sent out traci-I have you on the list thanks! xoxo to you girlies!