Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Card for a Stamp Drive


What is it: TGF is looking for cards to showcase at tradeshow and etc and will to give you a free stamp for every card that is selected.

What to do: Email us any new or existing cards (or altered items) that you have created with TGF stamps this year to thegreetingfarm@gmail.com with subject heading: CARD for STAMP. You can submit as many cards as you want. The TGF staff will be going through all emails and selecting cards they like from all the submissions. For every card that is selected, we will be trading one single stamp. So for example if you submit 10 cards and we choose 7 cards from it, you will get your choice of 7 single stamps! Nifty right? 

Card Rules: Card must be made this year. It can be made using TGF rubber or digi image. We are looking for any TGF images! As well as keeping a keen out out for any Creeper cards or OA cards since we don't have many of those onhand. But any Anya, Ian, Wild Sprout, Cheeky, etc are always a good bet.

How do we know if our card(s) is selected: We will be contacting you through email if any of your cards is selected.

What do we do if our card(s) is selected: If any of your cards is selected, we will contact you for your choice of single stamp or stamps if we choose more than one card. We do require you to send in your card(s) prior to sending out your stamps to you. We encourage you to add delivery confirmation to ensure that your card(s) reach us. Unfortunately we are not responsible to for lost cards in the mail, that's why we hope you put some sort of tracking or etc to make sure that your card reaches us.

Deadline: No deadline. This is ongoing.

Yayyy so I hope you all participate!


Sammi said...

ooh FUN! will shoot off an email later :D

hehe.. 3 day weekend is good.. maybe you were celebrating our public holiday with us (NSW, Australia) hehe!

Glad to hear Bean is growing well!


Nat said...

Wow! Super generous! Should they be "never posted or entered in other contests" before cards...or anything goes? Thanks for the generosity!!!

Lynda Nielsen said...

Wow this is an awesome idea Marie...
I'm game....
So you had a 3 day weekend, those are always great!!! I'm looking forward to mine this weekend.

Won't be long, and Bean will be keeping you busy busy busy... =)
So glad to hear the happy update!


~*Joni said...

This is awesome! What a nice opportunity to include us die hard fans. haha! So happy to hear that you and Bean are doing SUPER well Marie! I am sure you look awesome and glow-y. :)

...just Barbara said...

Absolutely right... most of my cards are in the dark! :-D LOL - this is a fabulous idea and I'm glad to hear you and Bean are doing well! Take it easy... this is a rare opportunity to use the perfect excuse to do thing. ;D

Carisa said...

this is awesome!! leave it to the fabulous TGF to come up with such an innovative idea. you are going to be FLOODED with emails!! mine included. hehe

Becca Fabozzi said...

Such a great idea. I am excited to pull out all my cards. I will be shooting an email off to you later today!!!

Leanne said...

Glad to hear you and Bean are in good health. Would love to see a new picture soon. :D
Thanks for the opportunity to share our cards Marie and what a generous swap. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the 3-days off :)

Stefanie said...

Oh my gosh! How awesome!!

Rina Damay said...

oh my!i am looking forward to joining your Challenge :)

Thanks for the rule Challenge..

Happy Crafting,

Rina Damay

PhotoDivaJ said...

yeah! Love ways to earn stamps!!

sammiej said...

this is great!!
such a nice way to get stamps!!
i realy apreseate it!!

x sammiej