Saturday, August 28, 2010

Holy Canoli Batman

I thinks I fixed the gallery. So all the images should be showing now.... I know that many of you were concerned why the thumbnails of your photos showed up but not the actual size photo when you click on it.... it should be solved now. Its like a huge boulder off my back. yeahhhhhhh!

In other words, if you haven't checked out Club Anya & Friends yet, make sure you do to see another cutie preview! Have a great weekend!


AnnikaS said...

That´s wonderful news!!!

~*Joni said...

Great job Marie! No boulders on your back, take care of Bean. ;) I noticed the thumbnails, but it made me visit the members' blog instead which added to my blog roll! And the sneaky at CA is sooo cute. I've missed Ian. :)

MischievousFox said...

Great news!! I keep scrolling through to check out the awesome cards/creations for inspiration!