Sunday, August 22, 2010

Greetings and Guest Designer Call

Hi Everyone! So I've been really slacking on the posts but I'm going to do better and start blogging again. Here's a photo of me and bean at 18.5 weeks. We are both doing well, just moving at a snail's pace though. Bean doesn't seem that big yet but I tell you, I struggle to go up the stairs every day. lol.

First things first. I realize that I do not have much card samples with washi tape on them online and I've had a few customers inquire about samples after they buy the tape. hahaha, I do the same thing. Buy the cute stuff and then find inspiration later. lol. But if you have any cards with washi tape on it, I would love to post some up in the store, blog, etc. Please email them to me at with the subject heading: Washi Tape Sample. Thank you!

2nd thing is... more than a handful has requested more Ian stamps and I am guilty of having neglected the little guy for the past few months. Also been getting several requests for a 'regular Ian', which I think means Ian without costume on since I usually have Ian in some kind of garb (sheriff, space, fireman...) so you will be seeing him soon as well.

3rd and most fun is that we are looking for guest designers again. So I am looking for some fresh faces here to guest for us! These will be one month stints and I'm looking to fill the next 4 months or so... so that's 4 farm fresh faces I need to find.

How to Apply for a Guest Design Slot

1. Simple! Just email me your blog url, 3 card samples, and why you'd like to guest design for TGF!

2. Email to , subject heading: Guest Design Call

That's all you gotta do. Easy right? So send away, Bean and I will wait eagerly as we snack on bags of rice cakes.

Today's question is: Anyone starting xmas cards yet?

Not I says the fly. Although I should soon. I also will be getting a xmas tree this year!!! Yeah!!!! I get to make popcorn balls now!


donna mikasa said...

You and Bean look great, Marie! Take good care! No Christmas cards here....yet! Hope to in about a month!

Tracey Feeger said...

Yep sure am starting with the cards. I don't want to get behind. Your are looking very fit and well. Can't wait to see 'bean' IRL with pics. I used to call our first 'peanut'. LOL

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

Marie you and bean are looking fabulous! You are absolutly glowing!
And nope have not even thought about xmas cards yet! All though the year is going by quite fast maybe I should start thinking about it!
Kristy xx

Funkelzauber said...

I don`t start with christmas cards. Next week, i must start with Halloween cards. And have i finish these, than i start with christmas cards. You look so good in your pregnancy. Take care of you !

Andrea C said...

haha I love how you drew a little smiley face on your tummy/bean. it's very exciting isn't it! xxxx

Carisa said...

omgosh, look at bean growing so healthy!! you look awesome Marie! i can't wait to give you some belly rubs!! they're good for the soul. hehe

as for the christmas not really. LOL I made a couple for some challenges but that's it! i should get on the ball, right?!

Kelly said...

Marie, you look beautiful. I am so happy for you… I have to start holiday cards soon, then I will post.. I wish you a happy pregnancy… My first was awesome and my second well thats another story.. HAHA


Caz said...

You and the bean look great. I have started my Christmas cards, so far I have made about 30.

Mette said...

I love the fact you call it bean. I called mine shrimp cos when I had my scan it looked like one hehe. You are both looking great :).
Yup - started my christmas cards back in January as I was soooo unprepared last year. Won't be caught out this year (I hope)

Leanne said...

Aw you and Bean look so cute. Love the lil' smiley face on your tummy. I actually have left over Christmas cards from last year. Why? Well since I started making them on Dec. 22nd I just figured I'd only give out a few and keep the rest for this year. Will be making tags this year instead.
Thanks for sharing your progress with Bean. Have a great rest of the weekend! Hugs,

Sonya said...

It was so good to see the pic of you and bean, both look terrific! I have not only started but have finished my x-mas cards. Didn't want to be pushing them off to the last minute this year. Last year I made a card and sent it out as I received one, twas not a good year!

Ruthie said...

You look great! Hee hee we had a jelly bean, then a JB, then a Jabes - he came out as a Joshua!

And of course I havent started Christmas Cards yet!!! Lolx


KymKreates said...

You look fabulous! All glowing and I also love the smiley face! I have 2 count them 2 X-mas cards done so far! Better get my butt in gear!

Lynda Nielsen said...

Awwww Marie, this is such an awesome picture of you and Bean! =) I am soooo glad you shared it! You look GREAT!!!
Christmas cards? Hmmm, really should start to think about them, I've done 1 or 2, needless to say, my new years resolution to make 1 a week... HAAAA never happened!
Big Hugs to you and Bean!

Kim Nath said...

You are sooo cute with the little bean bump! No C Cards yet, I usually wait till the last minute, no reason to change now, LOL!

Lacey Stephens said...

How cute!! Love your little bean bump. I didn't show with my first one until I was 5 months pregnant. Then all of a sudden...over night she moved and popped out!! Then I was HUGE by the time she was born...but she was a 9 pound baby, so I needed to be huge!! LOL Glad everything is going well for you.
I would love to try out for the guest spot, but not sure if you would all me since I am a wholesale account.
And yes, I have been working on Christmas cards for months! I am on a christmas card challenge DT so every other week I get to make a new card. It's a great way to get ahead!!
PS, don't enter me into any drawings for prizes.

Stacy said...

U and bean look gorgeous! :) isn't pregnancy a wonderful experience? Enjoy every single minute of it...

I've started only 2 Xmas cards, I'm still trying my best to get it done, but too many other things get in the way.. :)

Stay pretty!!

Katie Cotton said...

AWWW you look so cute! Cant wait to see the stuff coming up! Dont worry about being so tired... you'll hit a new surge of energy in the middle before bean gets so big you feel like an alien has invaded your body!!!! :D

No christmas cards here yet!!!

Kimberly S said...

Wow, you look great! :)
You mean there's a time when you're supposed to pause from making Christmas cards? *grin* I started right after last Christmas so there would be no rush if I made a few each month. :)

Shaela said...

you're so cute!! I have about half of my Christmas cards finished thanks to Sparkle's challenge - but I can't wait for new Christmas stamps, I'm getting bored with what I have, lol!

Nat said...

I'm still trying to get over that summer is nearly gone! Haven't even thought of Christmas cards, although my shopping is done!
You look super cute Marie!

Rosie said...

Ooooh Marie, you are too cute! I'm so excited for you!! I'm also excited you'll be making more Ians! I have a little boy so having more Ians in my stash is always a good thing! Hugs! Rosemary

LindaC said...

No, not yet!

Will the baby's name be Lima, Green, or Pinto? LOL

Linda C

margie c said...

Awww, look at how cute you and lil bean are! Best wishes to your entire family :)

I have a handful of Christmas cards, but it's only because I had to make them for a few challenges, lol! Otherwise, I'd have zero! I usually don't start until after Halloween! It's hard to think of Christmas when it's sooo hot ;)

hugs to you!, margie

Thistleblue said...

You and Bean look fantastic Marie! We called our bump Lucas, got a bit of a surprise when A Becky came out... :-)
I started my christmas cards in January mainly helped and inspired by challenges.
Have a great evening

faithnme said...

Blessing on you and Bean.. you look beautiful... I have only done a couple of christmas cards.. mainly for challenges.. and I am coloring some Halloween images.


North Shore Craft Girl said...

I am so happy for you. TFS, Bean is so luck to have a wonderful mom. You look amazing! I am so happy that you are slowly coming back to blogging. We missed you!
I have started coloring my Ian and Anya's for our Christmas card/mini book. Yep, we are so far from family all the time that, we do a Christmas letter and Mini album as our Christmas Card each Year.
Hugs & Blessings to you Marie.

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohh you and Bean look so SWEET!!!!

~*Joni said...

Eeeek! You are adorable! You're the type of mommy that I glare at with jealousy at the doctor's office as I wobble around with swollen ankles. ;) Yay for your new house and all the wonderful announcements! As far as Christmas card? Not me, says the bee. Haven't even started Fall cards - I'm still hanging on to summer as long as I can. It's so nice to hear your voice again Marie!!

Sammi said...

Wow! Great photo! Looking good Marie!

gobeagirl said...

You look soo cute with the Bean. I am very happy for you. How exciting! I have not started any of my Christmas cards, but I really need to. I can not wait to see more of Ian...Yay! I just love, love your stamps. Hugs, Lisa G

Tanya Tahir said...

You are GLOWING! You look fabulous!! I have not started my Christmas cards yet! I better make a start soon though :)

Kim Y. said...

Great pic, Marie! You look great!

Yup, i started my xmas cards already! I love Christmas!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

That's the cutest darn picture!!! You look so happy, and so does the Bean!

I haven't even begun to think about making Christmas cards yet. It just doesn't feel right to me when it's 105 degrees. Ha!

Shazza said...

looking great with your wee bump thee!
No Xmas cards here either. I refuse to make any til after my birthday in October lol!

Kelly Booth said...

So and Bean are just Adorable!!! No Christmas cards here....Hope to get to it soon though!!!

Maylee said...

Congratulations Marie, you and Bean look fabulous! All the best to you, enjoy this exciting time! No, no xmas cards for me yet, I can barely think pass tomorrow. = )

Jacilynn said...

Marie, you are just too adorable! Can't wait to see your sweet new bundle.

Crabtree Creations said...

My daughter is the one who got me into stamping and like you, she is also pregnant. She and her husband Shawn call their little one "NIBLET". He is due Nov. 27th 2010.

Crabtree Creations said...

My daughter is the one who got me into stamping and like you, she is also pregnant. She and her husband Shawn call their little one "NIBLET". He is due Nov. 27th 2010.

JenRaff said...

You look sooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of you and bean. My niece also called her baby bean before he was born, even though his name is Travis we all call him Bean...LOL!
Christmas cards started...I wish. I've ordered my stamps, does that count?

too funny-the word verification is my name...cheri right that never happens again!!!

RiNNE said...

Hope your pregnancy is going well so far! Very cute! i've started on a couple of Xmas cards. BTW, when is the deadline for the application for GDT?