Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FLOSS IT! Winner and Critter update...

Hey everyone,

It was brought to our attention by a few of you (and thank you for doing it in such a SWEET manner!) that our Floss It winner wasnt announced.  As I said during the FREE DIGI CONTEST I did this past week, you guys really are amazing at rolling w/ the punches and understanding that we all work together to make a very small company what it has grown to today.

With Marie moving, my computer fried, and many DT out of town, this is hard to pull off and sometimes things get missed.   That being said, I want to THANK my amazing DT for the hard work that they do, not just providing Stellar samples, but by taking the reigns best they can when the 'cat's are away' LOL.

Without FURTHER adieu, congrats to ERIN!  You're the winner of the FLOSS IT Challenge and can email Jess to claim your prize!

As for the CRITTER CREW, the decisions have been made and now we are just waiting to hear back from two new members regarding their contract.   I want to thank EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart, and I really mean that, for applying.

It is one of the BEST parts of this industry to send that 'dream come true' email and one of the worst parts to have to say "I'm sorry, keep trying".  But seriously, there are MANY of you that I'd love to take and that we just might see back here...SOON :)   SO please keep up the hard work, enthusiastic projects, because we really love seeing them and it's so hard to have to decide!

That being said, we will be previewing some new Marina images along with our Sept. Farmer previews....I cannot WAIT and think you are going to LOVE these new designers!

I will be back later this afternoon/evening with the announcement!   Hugs to you all....
Jessica :)

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