Monday, August 23, 2010

Farm King & Queen challenge

Hello friends! I hope all yer weekend was a blast. We just got a grill from in-laws as a housewarming gift and fired it up last night. Grilled veggies, mmmmmmm. I feel like a rabbit. Been munching on lettuce and cucumbers like it's going out of fashion. Bean and I have been mostly relaxing this weekend, making xmas card boxes and we even tried to take a relaxing bubble bath which ended up not so relaxing. We have this tub in the master bath that is a jetted tub and it's pretty big, well at least to me since I am smurf-like. Anyway so I pour a regular cap of vanilla bubble bath into the water and it's bubbling nicely and me and Bean get in the tub (sitting, tub reaches top of my shoulders). I'm swishing around a bit, like a free-spirited water sprite and all is well. Then I turn the jets on. OMG, in like 2 seconds the bubbles were grew taller than my head. I'm trying to sit up straight but the pressure from the jets were pushing me in every which way and my smurf legs don't reach the other end of the tub so that I couldn't steady myself in that slippery tub of bubble hell. By this time legs, arms, and bubbles flying everywhere, trying to turn the jets off. Bubbles were still rising, and I mean RISING. FINALLY got the jets off, and I looking like the abominable snowman was able to slither out of the tub. I ended up taking a nice safe predictable shower instead. Next time I try for bubbles I am going in with a life jacket. Yeup so that was my weekend. ha.

On a drier note, I've been eyeing this gorgeous card by Ms Jen Shults for a while and I thought we would have a blast with a Farm King & Queen challenge!
Ain't it just gooooorgeous! So this is going to be so fun! I just love seen more than one character on a card or project. And also I think we have enough boy and girl stamps so that you can mix and match characters. So if you're ready to get glitzed up, read on ahead for the rules.

Farm King & Queen Challenge

What to do: Just make a card or project featuring a TGF couple! It could be fancy, or casual but we do want to see your couple looking super cute!

Upload your creation to the 
galleria > Contests/Challenges > Farm King & Queen
If you have trouble uploading, please email me the project to:

Deadline: Friday, Aug. 27th

Prize: The winner will be crowned the following week and get their choice of a free TGF stamp set.

I hope that you will play and we can hardly wait to see all the cute couple cards soon! Have a fab start of the week and I will see you here tomorrow with... dum dum dum... some sneak peeks of what's cooking in the studio.

Today's question is: Who do you usually make cards for?

For family members and then also just a bunch of random ones. hehe.


Emma said...

Ohhh Great Challenge! Am definitely going to give this a go!

I make cards mostly for family and friends and whatever is left over I sell them to anyone who is interested! Helps pay for my TGF and Copic Addiction....hehe!

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

LOL Marie you had my in fits of laughter heheh you should write stories heheh.
This challenge sounds like fun! Will defintely try to play along.
I normally make cards for challenges but try to keep them sentiment free so if a occasion comes around I can use them.
Kristy xx

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Oh you poor girl! I can just imagine how scary that would be! And I can also imagine what a lot of bubbles were created when those jets hit the water. LOL!!! Where was Ray to come rescue you?

I love Jen's card. She's an awesome artist. I think I'll just have to pull out my TGF stamps and give this challenge a try!


~*Joni said...

Haha! Who knew a bath could be so dangerous?!? Omgoodness, that is the funniest story. I can just imagine you trying to explain that to your hubby...
I've been admiring Jen's card too - amazing sepia colors and design! Great challenge, I know the gallery will be bombarded with amazing couples! I make all my cards for my mom, but I just gave a stack to a lady at church and had an overwhelming response.

Sammi said...

Oh no... what an adventure... although I imagine it must've looked funny all those bubbles! Poor you!

I Love Jen's card! Sounds like a fun challenge! Yipee! Off to find a King and Queen. lol!

Oh I make cards for friends and family and challenges.. and I have boxes full of them sitting here! I should sell or give away!


Ruthie said...

I make them for family and friends - also for challenges and DT - and give away spare ones to be sold in aid of our twinning association...we have a link through my late father in law.

Glad you survived your whirlpool trauma! And if the bean turns out to not like having baths, then you will know why!


Andrea C said...

I just love the cracked image it is so super classy x

FibreJunky said...

I'm sorry...I'm really trying not to giggle at the mental bubble image - but it sounds so much like something that would happen to me, that I can't really help it.

I usually make cards for challenges - and try to incorporate friends and family into what I'm making. Sometimes I just make cards to try out new things and then hold onto them until the perfect situation or person "shows up", so to speak.

Sonya said...

OMG, I will never look at a bubble bath without laughing again. So glad you and bean are ok.

Jen's card if fabulous and the challenge sounds amazing. I'm sure this challenge will be a hugh hit.

Most of my cards are made for challenges. I also make cards for family and close friends.

I then donate all extra cards to OWH. I have a drive event coming up October 10th if anyone has cards they want to donate. Contact me

Tanya Tahir said...

oooh I loved that card and what an awesome challenge. Definitely going to play along with this one. I just received my prize from the blog hop today and could use my brand new stamps woot!!!

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

I love this card, the shading is amazing! Love the two stamps together, so cute. Adorable!

Heidi Brawley said...

oooo the challenge sounds great. I hope I get to play along with yall this week!!! I make cards mostly for family and friends! omg your bath story was hilarious! sorry it didn't work out so well. next time no adding the bubble bath to it. lol! Hugs, Heidi

Shazza said...

this is just a stunning card!!
Love the bubbles story. My mum made that mistake too with her spa bath...never again!
Great challenge, will have to try to join in x

Nat said...

Too funny! I had a bubble bath experience just like that once!

What a great challenge!

I have a huge stack of cards...but every week I try to think of someone new to send one someone in my neighborhood or a family member...but I make nearly 6 cards a week, so I am in the plus!

Leanne said...

OMG!! I'm sorry for laughing but your story was so funny! So glad you and Bean are alright. Thanks for sharing the hazards of bubble bath bathing in a jetted tub.
I usually make cards for family, friends, co-workers and lately challenges.
The Farm King & Queen challenge sounds like it will bring out lots of intersting pairs. Great idea!!

Pallavi said...


I have mailed my project to your mail id as Iam unable to upload my project.Please upload it for Farm King and Queen Challenge.

Shaela said...

OMgosh Marie, I almost fell out of my chair, your story had me laughing soooo hard, lol!! Too funny, hahaha. Can't wait to see the entries for this challenge, it sounds like fun!

donna mikasa said...

Such a great storyteller! I'm glad you survived the bubble careful!! Love this challenge! Hoping to play along. A lot of my cards have been going to Cards for Kids and most of them go to family and friends.

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Who do I make cards for? I usually do my cards so they can be used for anybody. I like to keep MACS in mind when creating. It is always my intention to keep them well supplied with cards and happy mail. Some get sold, some get sent to family and friends, some just sit in a box waiting to be shared with someone special.

I suppose, when it all comes down to it...I make the cards for ME. I get so much enjoyment out of it that it really doesn't matter who gets the card in the end. Just being able to send somebody something that I made to cheer them, congratulate them, encourage them, etc...that is a special feeling and I don't mind saying that, I MAKE CARDS FOR ME! :~)


Forget Me Not Follies said...

Love the card--cute and nostalgic at the same time--just too cute..

I wish I could join this time around, but I just started collecting your stamps and don't have Ian yet.

I just received my 3 digi's and I am waiting for a few more in the mail.

Thanks to the farm crew for such fun and adorable stamps, and to the people who share their wonderful work with us all!


Jewelbug said...

I usually make cards for friends, family and co-workers birthdays - maybe a thank you or a sympathy card once in awhile...have never sold any that I made other than cards that I made using photos I have taken...

and just an FYI no bubbles in a jetted tub!! way too many bubbles to deal with (you learned that the hard way) and it messes up the mechanics of the jets..... so save the bubbles for the non jetted tub!!