Friday, August 20, 2010

Digital Images: FYI and a Winner :)

Hey everyone,

Jess here again.  Before I get into today's post, congrats to THE BUG :)  Love your name, btw :)  YOU are the winner of the FREE DIGI contest from Thursday....I LOVE LOVE LOVED reading your comments and am definitely going to have to download some of those fun apps!  Thanks and if you ever find a super cool one-definitely email me-would LOVE to hear from my peeps!

The rest of this post I'm afraid, won't be as fun as the above...but I promise we will get BACK to fun w/ our Farm Fresh Friday post today...I LOVED today's colorful challenge.


I am writing to you all today on behalf of Marie and myself to discuss something not-so-pretty and I hate that I have to.

It has come to our attention that digital stamp sharing has increasingly become an issue lately, especially amongst some Challenge Blog and Store Blog DT's.  We have (sadly) confirmed that there are some teams and companies out there who are not only sharing Digital Images in a "DT folder" or a "digital download" community group but that also, there have been issues with stamping our RUBBER images and scanning them as digis as well.

Marie and I discussed this issue at length last night and after careful consideration decided to post about it.  While we won't mention any names, there are some emails going out today to these groups and we are hopeful that they will do the right thing and put an end to it amicably and responsibly.

We realize that digital images are very easy to share, but also, as you all well know, it is pretty much plastered all over the website and other companies' sites as well that digital downloads are not to be reproduced, shared, or stolen.  This is copyright infringement and is to be taken seriously, especially when shared on public groups such as Yahoo and Google groups.  It is also very clear that stamping rubber images and copying them for non-personal (meaning you and you alone) use violates our Angel policy.

Marie would love to continue providing digital images to our wonderful and loyal TGF Customers, and we'd also hate to think that because of a few sour grapes, that the whole bunch would have to be affected if we decided to no longer carry them as part of our line.   The purpose of this email is to inform you and remind everyone what the rules are so that we can diminish further issues in the future.   We are also  happy to answer any questions directly-just email me (Jess) and we will be happy to discuss with you.  

Digital images are SUPER fun, easy to manipulate in size, and less costly than Rubber images, obviously.  We also love that they provide instant gratification to you guys because well, we think you're all pretty nifty :)   We hope to be able to continue providing you digital images by TGF, so long as we see a resolve and reduction of these issues.

Thanks for reading this and ugh, we don't like the "ugh".  We grow SMILES and BRIGHT DAYS on the Farm and will definitely continue to do so.  Thanks for your support of everything we do here at TGF...we do it for you :)

Sending all of you hopeful hugs and smiles,
Jessica and Marie xoxo


Lacey Stephens said...

I'm so sorry this is happening. It's a sad thing in the digital world. I hope it gets resolved. But, unfortunately, this is not the only company that it happens to - it's a worldwide problem...which is sad!

Mercy said...

very well said, jess! it really stinks that people can't follow the rules.

Heather Schlatter said...

This is a very sad situation you would think people would care more not only about following the rules, but the LAW!!!!

If you did not draw it you don't get it for free and if you are then you are breaking the LAW!!!!

To bad people fell it is O.K. to steal like this because if it was their art work being stolen I doubt they would be very happy!!!

I hope there is a stop put to this very soon!!!

Heather - TGF DT

Deconstructing Jen said...

Well said Jess. We're definitely behind you and I hope everything gets resolved amicably. It's a shame that people think that this sort of stealing is okay. :(

craft-princess said...

Whoever the culprits are please don't ruin a good thing for the rest of us that are obeying the rules!!

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. I've been at a few other sites where this same issue is happening. In this very friendly and sharing community it may be difficult for some to really grasp that what is happening is WRONG. However, it is, essentially stealing.

I really hate to think that you would no longer be able to offer the digis at TGF. I've enjoyed them and they are a wonderful addition to my collection. I sincerely hope that the situation gets under control and that TGF will be able to continue offering this very economical and fun stamping product.



Erin said...

The Greetings Farm Girls need to feed their familys too. Mean People Suck! Don't Steal Digi's!

♥ Kristy Young ♥ said...

This really sucks that there are people out there being selfish and breaking the rules!! I am 110% behind you guys and hope the selfish people don't ruin it for others who follow the rules!
TGF are the most amazing giving company and it makes me sick and sad to think people are doing this!
Kristy xx

Nat said...

Jess and Marie--well said!
There are a lot of people that won't put their images in digi form for that reason. It's really too bad.
We live in a world with very loose morals--modern day pirates!

Thanks for all you 2 do! I sleep good at night knowing I acquired all my digi's fair and square!

♥Rach♥ said...

SO sorry ppl are taking advantage, I would hope that it stops so they don't ruin it for the rest of us!

Claudine Poch said...

Wow, I hate to think that this is going on. I hope you can send a message to those people and everyone else, that this will not be tolerated. I would hate to have us honest ones suffer as a result of the others.

kim-paperbabe said...

SOOOO DISRESPECTFUL!!! I'm so pleased you mentioned it to the world and shame those that take advantage! I love digi's specially when we have to wait much longer over here in UK for our deliscious goodies to arrive snail mail! So I really hope to see this BAD behaviour stop!
HuGs Kim :)

Tammy D said...

I really love your digital stamps. It's a shame that people try to ruin it for everyone else.

Cindy Haffner said...

So sorry about this problem Jesssica, hopefully this post will help.

Hugs Cindy

donna mikasa said...

Sorry to hear about this, Jess and Marie. It's always a few bad apples who ruin things for everyone else. Hopefully, gentle reminders will discourage this in the future.

Sammi said...

Well said Jess and it's so sad people are doing this! You are so kind and generous here at TGF and have given so many freebies out to us - I hate to think ppl take such advantage and do such things but hopefully getting it out there they do will make them think twice and stop!

Shazza said...

hope this gets resolved- I haven't purchased any digi TGF images yet- only cos I just found out you did them......must go shopping lol!

Lynda Nielsen said...

Ohhhhhhhhh noooooooo, This is sad... very sad!!! Why can't people just be honest? We all enjoy crafting, and using stamps whether they are rubber or digital, but if a person pays money for an image, it then belongs to them, WHY GIVE IT to someone who doesn't have to pay? Oh this makes me so mad.
If this keeps happening, I hate to think about TGF not having Digi's. I LOVE the Digi's, AND the Rubber....
How can people think that all of this is ok!
Big Hugs Girls, I hope this all gets resolved very soon!


Josh said...

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Forget Me Not Follies said...

Like many others, I am sorry to hear this. I just started collecting your digi stamps and would be very disappointed if you had to discontinue them.

I join everyone else in wishing you good luck and hoping everything turns out well for you.

Thanks to the design team for all your hard work.


gobeagirl said...

I for one hope that it does stop. I would hate to not be able to get your digis.. After all, I am just learning how to download them. :D I am sorry for this. I really do love your stamps and hate to think that you could not do all the you do. You guys have a wonderful product, and well worth every cent. Hugs, Lisa G

Jessica said...

I never fails to see that there would be one rotten apple to spoil the barrel. I pray that this will end.
Jess Baker