Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Copics Copics Copics

Hey friends! Today let's talk a little about copics. I'm going to go out on a limb and say about 90% of you use Copics to color in your TGF images and I have have received numerous requests to carry those markers in the store... sooooo this is definitely something that I am looking into.

Obviously at this time I will not be stocking all millions of their colors but I will try to get as much as I can and eventually all the colors. So I would like to know of you is:

Should TGF carry Copics?
Sketch or Ciao?
Do you prefer buying Copics individual markers or sets?
What shades do you use the most? (not including skin tones, that's just a given. haha.)
How often do you buy Copics?
Do you buy refills?

So if each of you would kindly give your say about Copics, I would totally appreciate it. :) Thank you!


Kim Y. said...

Yes, why not? Almost everyone uses Copics.

I started with sketch so I have mostly sketch.

I have a lot of colors now so I don't buy sets.

I get them whenever I really need that color...but usually end up getting like 15 at one time!

Definitely get lots of earth colors. I use those quite often. Other than that, I use a lot of pink and blue.

Maybe you might want to consider distress ink as well. I notice a lot of poeple are into those. I am thoinking of trying them myself!

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

Yes! I THink it would be a great benefit to your company.

I use Sketch markers

I purchase them indivdually, the sets do not offer blending colors.

I have more of the earth tones them anything, my next would be the pinks then blues and with some greens, but I think if you all of them wed have a better selection.

Yes carry at least the skin tone refills.

I really hope you do carry copics :) thanks for asking!

Sparkle said...

I love the sketch ones and own them all. It took me 2 years to get them though, about 15-20 at a time. I never bought a set.

I would love it if you sold re-fills! I'm starting to buy them for my markers, though I should of bought them as I got the markers.

Teresa said...

I LOVE Copics! I've been using them for a couple of years now - I'm certainly getting better with practice.
I'd probably get the full range of Ciao markers in first, and then fill in the rest of the colours with Sketch.
Once you pop, you can't stop LOL!

Buttercup said...

Hello! I use the SKETCH markers, yes it would be wonderful if you supplied them. Aside from skin tones, I would supply HAIR tones (brunettes, blondes, black, reds), and multiple tones of BG's/R's/BV's/V's/G's/YR's/Y's/C's/W's...like all the basic but bright summer colors for right now & some gray shadowy tones. And 3 tones/shades of each "color".
I prefer to buy them individually. I have yet to purchase a refill but I will when I run out!!!

Christine said...

I use Copics and color TGF images with them but I sometimes prefer watercolor and Twinking H20s.

I have ordered Copics from a few places and don't buy them unless they are $5.00 or under. If you could sell them for that, it might be worth it for me.

I haven't used Copics long enough to have favorite colors.

Hope that helps!


Shaela said...

For what it's worth, here are my 2 cents! :)

Should TGF carry Copics? - only if you can offer a competitive price. copic users usually know the best places online to buy them. less than $5 a marker would be considered competitive :)

Sketch or Ciao? sketch - that's what I think most crafty people (myself included) use

Do you prefer buying Copics individual markers or sets? individual. since the whole point of coloring with copics is for the great shading capabilities, it makes sense to buy markers a few numbers off from each other, rather than a set of X amount of completely different colors

What shades do you use the most? (not including skin tones, that's just a given. haha.) pinks. and greens. blues too. lol, that's a lot! there are just so many different shades of those - I always buys new shades of these colors when I place an order

How often do you buy Copics? as often as I can afford to! usually once a month or every other month I'll order 10 or so

Do you buy refills? yes but only when I need them. rarely. I personally don't think it would be worth it to carry them

scrappintlc said...

I am currently finishing up my copic collection and am now buying sketch.

Wouldn't want sets as previously stated.

Once the collection is complete I'd buy refills for those colors I use most often.

Definitely skin tones for refills.

Most definitely carry them but watch how you price them as buyers look for the best price out there that also includes shipping.

Mariska said...

If I were to live in the USA my answer would certainly be, yes please start selling Copics, but since I live in The Netherlands there is a big possibility that for me it would be wiser to order my Copics here (because of the shipping costs).

I have both sketch and Ciao's and use them both, sketch are my favorite though.

I never buy sets, that's nice when you first start out but after that you almost always already have one of the colors.

The colours I use most are my browns.

I probably order about three Copics a month now, when I started out I bought much more though, now it's just filling in the blanks basically :).

I do have some refills but only for three shades I use often (the skin colours :) ). The others just haven't gone out yet.


Mag said...

>Yes it would be a great thing !!!
>I prefer Sketch.
>I prefer buying individual markers
>Shades I use the most :
Y32, 35, 38
E70, 71, 74, 77, 79
YG21, 23, 25, 97
R32, 35, 37
BG72, 75, 78
>I buy Copics one time a month
>I never use refills

Have a nice day
Mag :)

Sheila said...

I LOVE my Copics, so please carry them, but I agree with the comment that they would have to be competitive.

I began a couple of years ago with a couple of Ciao sets, but now top up buying individual Ciao and Sketch (depending on finances), so for me individual is the only option. I've not needed any refills yet, but would probably only need those in the skin tones? My fave shades other than skin colours, would be hair tones.

I try and buy half a dozen every couple of months.

Have you also thought of stocking Prismas? I love mine and often run out of individual skin and hair tones. They aren't very easy to get hold of in the Uk.

Sheila said...
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Angie said...

Oh yes, I would definitely buy my copics from you if you sold them. It would be fantastic to throw a copic or two in my cart every time I bought a stamp from you! I like to buy individual markers now since I have a lot and whenever I try to get sets, I always seem to have one in the set already. But when i was first starting, SETS were the way I bought them. So, I prefer Ciao because of the cost, but honestly, as I color more, Sketch is working a little better for me since they don't run out of ink as quickly. And they are easy for me to hold as my hands tend to hurt after coloring (early arthritis, UGH!). I tend to use my blues, grays, and browns the most. Lately I've been making myself expand into reds, yellows, and oranges though. I used to buy them once a month or so, but lately I've bought fewer since I have so many. Also, I buy refills! Especially since the Ciao's tend to run out on me. I've noticed the need for new nibs also. I didn't realize how worn out my nibs were until I bought new markers and felt the difference so I've been trying to get new nibs into a lot of my frequently used markers. I hope that helps with your decision. I'm excited to see Copics in the store!

KmoRakefet said...

Should TGF carry Copics?
Yes. but only at a GOOD price
Sketch or Ciao?
Sketch at a good (!) price.
Do you prefer buying Copics individual markers or sets?
individual !
What shades do you use the most? (not including skin tones, that's just a given. haha.)
What do you mean sades ? pink violet blue red all of them
How often do you buy Copics?
Do you buy refills?
Not yet

jo said...

Personally I think that there are so many places that carry Copics (sketch) for a really good price like $4.15/marker. And if you plan to carry them too, the price should be just as competitive. I think people would like to buy their stamps and markers at the same place, but for me, I'd always look for the best deal with free shipping.

Kylie said...

I luuuuuuurve my copics. I use sketch as there is more colour choice. I purchased idividually so I definately had colours I would use. Love all the E's. I'm only missing a handful of them. The R's, B's and RV's are also popular with me not to mention the warm greys. There are quite a lot I still NEED (lol) but am looking at getting refills as well now. Hope this helps :)

Kylie xo

Lynda Nielsen said...

Ohhhhh Marie, this would be AWESOME if you carried copics in your store...
I would have to say that I hope it would be the sketch ones, and yes yes, definitely refills.
Colors??? Hmmmm, Pinks, Blues, and Purples, and definitely individuals. Sets are great really for people who are just starting out I think. You could always suggest a few as a set that go well together for certain things. You know what I mean?

Alright, well there you have it, my 2 cents. LOL


Nancy said...

LOVE my copics!!! Sketch is the way to go...you can only use them and the originals with the airbrush system!!

~*Joni said...

Hey Marie! I would say carry it only if it isn't going to be too crazy for you to manage. I like both sketch and ciao since there are times when I just want to try a color and opt for the cheaper one. One stamp company (no longer in the biz) carried custom sets of 6 or 8 I think, that catered to her images. Maybe this could be an option? I am buying refills for the first time this weekend, heard they were great and easy to use. I buy copics every now and then, at one point I was determined to own them all but have since realized that creative blending produces fun colors. :D Good luck with your decision!

Pryn said...

Here are my answers:
Should TGF carry Copics? Yes
Sketch or Ciao? I personally buy Sketch
Do you prefer buying Copics individual markers or sets? I prefer the individual markers. I purchased a huge set to start and I do not use half of them :(
What shades do you use the most? (not including skin tones, that's just a given. haha.) Aside from the skin tones (lol) I use blue for denim a lot. Also all the popular recommended ones for hair colors. I am still learning, so I have not broadened my color spectrum very far yet ;)
How often do you buy Copics? Every couple of weeks.
Do you buy refills? I am looking into buying my first refills. There are a few colors that I know I am going to go through a lot of. Especially since I am practicing daily.

Stampi said...

Should TGF carry Copics?
Yes and no...yes because they are a great product but no because they can be bought several places and most art stores have great deals on them regularly. My local art store has sales of 50% off regularly. If you do sell them then I think it would be best as a loss leader. Also as they are alcohol they do dry up and you can great deals on line for them. I really think if you sold them it would be a nice service but honestly I think it would tie up a lot of money that could be used elswhere...
Sketch or Ciao?
Do you prefer buying Copics individual markers or sets?
both depends on the sale and what I already have.
What shades do you use the most? (not including skin tones, that's just a given. haha.)Blues, pinks, yellows, greens, black and greys, browns, purples, red
How often do you buy Copics?
A couple times a year at sales
Do you buy refills?
yes and I special order them in at my art store. Though the owner says many people do not buy refills just me ...lol

Serafiia said...

Sure, I think so many is into them right now.

I have only sketch markers myself.

I prefer individual marker because the I can choose the ones I like most.

I use mostly brows and natural colors.

I'm not buying that often, bostly when I need some colors and get 10-15 markers at the same time.

I buy refills when I realize that I'm running out some really important shade.

Carol said...

I just started my collection, so I would love to be able to buy from you. I like the idea of grouping them to fit an example Anya. Since I am new I don't know what colors I need to make the shading of hair, etc.

gobeagirl said...

I LOVE my Copics. I don't have them all, but I am working on it. I use the sketch, and I usually buy individual so that I can get what I (need). lol.... Anyway if it is something I use all the time I buy refills. I have to admit between my DD and myself I am on my second refill of E50. Part of my goto color for skin. Wow what a huge undertaking. Congrats. I would so be there. Hugs, Lisa G

Afitmom4Life said...

Yes, carry them. I have some and I am still learning how to use them. Probably sell them individually so you can get two or three colors that blend together. I had bought sets and it is to hard to work with them that way.

...just Barbara said...

No. It appears that I'm part of the odd ball group, but I'd say no.

Purely from a business point of view as I probably wouldn't be the best customer for them. Personally, I look for stores that carry all the colors, sell them individually, and priced at $4.00 USD or less for the Sketch markers.

Once I find a sale that qualifies then I buy 24-30 at a time and qualify for free shipping. I started my collection with large eBay lots (which ended around $3.00 USD per Sketch marker) and I'm filling in the collection with the store sales I find. The last sale was about 2 months ago so I'm saving up for the next one which should be around school time. I won't buy refills until my markers begin to run out.

However, this is just my shopping methods. Good luck deciding!

jigglymills said...

That is a hard call since I go by price, but will sometimes buy on impulse with an order to save on shipping. :)

I have almost all of the original. Love the small tip.

I will get a few at a time, never get the sets.

Love all the colors.

Haven't gotten any refills, but will need to soon!

Maybe if you carried a nice ink to stamp with to use with the Copics? Noticed Kim Y. talked about the Distress Inks. You can color with those and they are fun to play with.

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

I don't have many yet -- I got a basic Ciao set on Overstock.com for a good price, and since then have bought only individually at Hobby Lobby or Texas Art Supply. I sometimes will use Hobby Lobby's 40% off coupon to get one Copic. But they are cheaper at Texas Art Supply. I've noticed that neither store has that many colors, though, so I assumed when I would branch out to more colors I would have to order online from Copics directly or from Dick Blick's.

Lisa M. (aka. Lisabee) said...

Sure, why not? I think carrying a mix of Sketch and Ciao will allow more people the flexibility to buy them as the Ciao are much cheaper, but the sketch has more color options. I would say definitely carry the earthy shades in the most variety.

And I agree that people would be more likely to buy individual markers over sets.

Sonya said...

It would be great to be able to purchase copics through TGF.

I personally use sketch markers.

I have purchased them all single.

I use all the shades but pink is my fave color so I tend to use that alot!

I buy new copics when I find new colors that I need.

I am definately into purchasing the refills. I'm trying to get gradually getting refills for all the colors that I have.

When I purchase future markers I would really like to get the refills at the same time now.

Cindy Haffner said...

Cool I love Copics

Should TGF carry Copics? YES YES YES

Sketch or Ciao? SKETCH

Do you prefer buying Copics individual markers or sets? INDIVIDUAL

What shades do you use the most? (not including skin tones, that's just a given. haha.) Pinks, and Blues

How often do you buy Copics? Once a month or so.

Do you buy refills? No not yet.


CherryBlossom said...

To be honest, I think you should stick with something you do better than most and that is create stamps! You have a unique design and endless opportunities to market both rubber and digital. I do not think you can offer a price competitive enough to warrant you carrying the large inventory you would need to make everyone happy. (I have bought lots online where the markers are less than $3 each.) Focus on developing more stamps designs and let someone else handle the Copic business. Plus, I think if you read some of the other sites that sell Copics, there is constantly a back order issue...just one more headache for you!

kadie said...

oooooo, exciting! I would buy Copics from TGF! :) I have all 4 sets of Ciaos and now I just buy replacements, so my vote would be for individual markers Ciaos and Sketches. :)
Skin tones, browns and greens are the ones I generally run out of the most.
Hope my 2 cents helps! How exciting!

kadie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kadie said...

ooooh, here's another thought though too...I have to agree with cherryblossom in part about the price point. Most of us do shop around for the best price, so I guess competitive pricing would be a huge factor in deciding whether or not this would be a road to go down.
For me though, I tend to like one stop shopping, so the places I buy from regularly I would probably buy my refills or replacements from too; in order to save on shopping multiple places and paying more for shipping.

Sprytebyrd said...

Yes - it would be awesome to order Copics from the same place as my stamps!
I use both Caio and Sketch... I started with Caio, but am buying more Sketch now, because there are more colors.
I usually buy singles - but I would love to buy small sets, like haircolor sets or blue jean sets.. something like that - 4 or 5 markers that work well together to give the perfect shading for a certain area.
Yes, refills! At least for the heavily used colors, like skin colors, hair colors and the grays, those are the ones I go through so fast!
So excited to see this new addition to the shop!

Diana said...

Carrying Copics is a great idea but being a online store even when I'm buying stamps, if the price is not comparable I'm going to go to another online store to purchase, so its a catch 22, all in one place or shop for the best price, either way I'm paying shipping. I buy individuals. While I would love to own all the colors, it's not practical. I'd like to have about 150-170 and all your stamps vs continuing to buy the sets one at a time and cut back on your images. I tend to use pink, red, and green the most. Because I'm working on building my stash I buy 4-5 every week or two. Definitely Sketch.

MommaJess said...

I love Copics but I can't really afford them so for me I would say the Caios would be great because they are great for those on a budget. I would love to see color bundles.

JessicaRabbit said...

I think you should carry them, so when we buy stamps we can add a marker or two.
I only use sketch, so I'd like you to carry sketch :-)
I don't buy sets, I just get them one or 6 at a time.
I use a lot of blues and greens, but I like pinks too.
I do buy the refills
Looking forward to new products in the TGF store!

Chiara said...

Yes!!!! I just started using copic markers and love them. I use Sketch because of the overall quality shelf life, more color options and its shape. Personally, since I dont know much I buy the markers individually. And mix and match but a bundle would be great. For example jeans and a set that would help obtain that effect. I use the normal colors earth tones. But I would love to branch out and try new fun colors.

the paper bug said...

I think TGF should continue to focus on stamps, rather than copics. Copics are an expensive inventory item to keep on hand for a business and not necessary for yours in my opinion. ;)

Kris said...

I guess everyone pretty much gave their opinions...

it would be totally awesome if you carried copics, but it has to be competitive... some sites that specialize in copics give great prices, certain types of membership, discounts and shipping kickbacks... it can be costly and everyone is looking for a deal...

i started off with a copic ciao set... but found that i don't use all the colors in the set... individual is better, you can pick and choose your colors...

sketch vs. ciao... a lot of people use sketch, holds more ink so you're refilling less...

refills are great to carry too... if like me using ciaos, i'm always refilling... especially skin tones...

hard to say what colors, since everyone has different color preferences, but i think pink and blues are a standard...

Good luck in your decision about this new adventure...

JenRaff said...

Wow -- that is a hard question! I would have to think that the reason some of these internet sites can offer the copics at a lower price is that they can buy in bigger bulk. If the price point can't compare for the amount you are willing to buy, the it may not be worth it to you.
On the other hand, depending on how large you see your company growing, you have to think big . . .

So, that being said ~ Yes! to Copics if you can go at least a little lower than "regular" pricing.
Individual. (only because I started with the sets already)
Skin colors and pinks. I love the F's!
For the past year I have been buying them here and there when I can get them or if I see an offer that is worth it. The sets did get me off to a good start.
I have not bought refills yet but I need some. I just haven't been able to find the colors I need. Mostly E's. So, Yes to that question if you sell copics.
One more thing -- I usually buy the paper to use with copics when I buy the markers. If you start selling the markers, would you consider selling the paper?

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

I love my Copics. I've got a happy little collection of them and refills are what I'm needing more than anything.

I have both types and since they both carry the same ink and nibs I don't have a preference. However, for those that want more out of their markers the Sketches are the most versatile. You can use them with the air brush system.

Colors...I use them all. I've only got about 120 and they seem to circulate through the box quite well. Browns are one that do get the most use due to hair and shoes. I don't use black. Avoid reds they tend to bleed on me. Cool shadow is one that I use for everything! Love COOL SHADOW!

Not sure if that will help you but I think its great that you are asking everybody what they want from the store.


CraftyDee said...

I think it would be a good idea to carry Copics, particularly because they are used in combination with your stamps :-)

Though I do agree with what was said here before, the price has to be competitive.

I'd opt for Sketch markers. As for colours, hair colours are definately a must! I only buy individuals. And I would definately buy refills!

Tanya said...

I love copics!!! I have actually bought 3 of the 4 biggest sets. Now I need to get the rest by them selves. I would so buy them if you carried them. One stop shopping, love it

Astrid said...

I started with Ciao's, but now I am buying Sketch markers.
I do not prefer sets.
I use the E colors the most.
I also buy the refills, specially for the blender :)

Lorie a.k.a.The Peddler said...

I'm for sketch
I have lots of colors; although I have never purchased a set.
I make a purchase of five or more on average once a month.
I use a variety of colors. I have over 100 COPICS. I began purchasing the bolder colors, now I try to purchase more of the softer shades. Currently, on the hunt for more shades of blue. I have also began purchasing the refills for other projects.


donna mikasa said...

I love using Copics because of the speed of coloring images. I used to be a prismacolor pencils+gamsol fan until I received a set of Copics. Love the Sketch type marker because of the shape and the YGs and BGs are my faves.

I don't know if it would be feasible for TGF to start carrying Copics. Right now a lot of other companies are having trouble keeping up with the demand and restocking. But if you do decide to, I would suggest selling them in trios--a light, medium, and dark shade.

Crafty Jenn said...

Individual Sketch markers. I use a lot of the neutrals like browns and greys, so a lot of blues, pinks, and greens. Some purple.

I would look into getting the colors that match your scrabook kits. I usually buy markers as I need them to match whatever new paper pack I bought.

Kim Etherington said...

I like both sketch and ciao. I own mostly ciao because of cost and some sketch for colours that don't come in the ciao. I like only buying individual copics, so I can pick the colours that I like and use most. I would say I buy them 3 - 4 x a year from an online art supply store, as they are well priced. Maybe, all the Ciao's and then the other colours in Sketch? Sketch is nice for the name and # being on the lid, but not nice enough to pay double the price of a ciao for me personally.

Good luck with your survey and I know you'll do well selling them if you brought them into the TGF store.

MicheyMoo said...

Hi....like a lot of the ladies already commenting, I started with Sketch markers as my local art store had these in stock (they also had the original markers, and we all know how bad they are to colour with). I started with a dozen and have gradually grown my collection to 215 colours. My plan is to get them all eventually and I usually buy 10-20 at a time. I started with one from each of the colour families and a blender pen and built from there.
Other than the usual skin/earth tones, I would suggest you get a few of each colour family that are able to be blended together.

The sets of pens never appealed to me, one, because they were a lot of money initially to outlay and they were a mix of colours - not very blend friendly, and two, now that I have so many.....I'm just gonna keep filling in the blanks as I go and a set wouldn't help.

I'd also be interested in purchasing refills. I have a few of these already, for my most used colours and will keep adding to this as needed over time.

Hope this helps. :) Hugs, Michey xxx

judy said...

I guess it depends on the price. I get them for 4.95 at a local art store but they don't have a large collection. I usually buy 4 at the time once a month.

I think you sell them individual.

jmcstamper said...

I wouldn't mind if TGF carried Copics. They would have to be sold at a great price, like $4.95 or less. I personally like using Sketch. I like buying markers individually as opposed to by the set. I have a range of colors that I use. Mostly primary colors. I buy a couple of markers per month. I haven't needed to buy refills yet. Hope this helps you out.

Crabtree Creations said...

I use Copic Markers and absolutely LOVE them! I have been able to purchase them at various prices which I will share with you. I can purchase the CIAO at the Stamper's Ink for 3.99. I can purchase the Sketch (my preference as they hold more ink) for 4.99 at the Scrapbook Page, and for 6.49 at Hobby Lobby but I use my coupon so get them for around 4.60 or so depending on the coupon. I love them as they are so versatile. One can even air brush a project with them!
If you carry them I know you will sell the dickens out of them!

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Aussie Loz said...

I'm sure plenty of your customers would order stamps and Copics! I'm actually in the 10% that does not use them! But for future refernce, it's nice to know another store will sell them, keep the market competitive. x

Pamelamma said...

My vote is for Sketch Copics. The best online price I have found is $4.25 each marker. I agree with others that have said it is important to have competitive prices if you want people to choose to purchase Copics from you and not a cheaper competitor.

I prefer buying individual markers.

I use earth colors as well as blues/greens and reds/pinks the most.

I have not yet bought refills.

Pamelamma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly Booth said...

I think if you stock them sketch would be best....
I have all the colors but am always needing refills. I think the E colors are most used for TGF. I also use my BG colors a lot along with my yg's.....
Several people do color with distress inks as well. I prefer Copics but Distress might be an easier investment for you??
just some thoughts...

milena60 said...

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Christy said...

I think it's only Natural for you to carry Copics. I buy only the Sketch Copics. I like having the ability to purchase them individually or in color family sets. I usually buy 3-5 at one time when I get the blending family i like. I refill mine... When you refill your markers they work out to be $1/marker vs buying a new one.

Deconstructing Jen said...

copics... YES. Sketch. I started with a Set but now I just fill in with individual markers as I need them...

Toni said...

I think you should carry them. I would think the best ones for you to stock would be the skin and hair colors. Maybe even occasionally have a pack for sale or as a prize for a sketch or something. Like a set of four that's perfect for black hair or a set of two or three for skin colors. I use sketch markers and I also have to buy a refill from time to time. I've had to get the colorless blender two times and finally settled on a bottle. Plus there are fun techniques you can do if you have a bottle. Other than the 'skin' colors, I have had to refill my B00 and my G20. I'm surprised my (100) black has lasted as long as it has.