Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some old stuff in Clearance

Hi Friends,

I found some old sets that I put in the clearance section in the store so hop on in and see if there's anything you've missed out and have been wanting to get. Thanks!


FitterTwit said...

Great stuff too!!! I just wish I wasn't tapped right now. Three orders with you guys three days in a row... I HAVE GOT to draw the line! hahahahaha! I'll probably be back tomorrow though! ;)

MommaJess said...

I am a little frustrated that what I wanted to order is already removed from the Clearance. I really wish that it could be taken into account that not everyone has internet access on the weekends. My only access is through my work or my cell phone. I would have ordered yesterday but my cell phone wouldnt allow me. I am really bummed because there were a few sets that I wanted and now I can't get.

Sony said...

Oh yay!!! THANK YOU for finding these goodies and putting them in the Clearance bin!!! I already placed an order - I just HAD to have that pooch!!!