Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Note From Anya

Hey Everyone!
It's me, Anya. I know that many of you have noticed that I haven't been around much lately. Especially with all these cool new releases and our new friends Oliver and Amelia. And NOW Marie is introducing those new Creeper images! LOL! I think we're dubbing them 'The Creepy Crew' right? They're pretty weird but I don't mind sharing my room with those creeper girls, although they think I'm too girly for them. So what if I have a lot of pink in my closet?! What-EVA!

Well Marie and Jessica are both fully aware that I still rule the farm! And although I've been on a mini-hiatus with minimal releases... I will be returning on a regular basis within the coming months. Lots of goodie goodness and cutie patooties! I wish I could show you some new stuff but it's all top secret! Hopefully Marie will break down and sneak you guys some peeks behind Jessica's back. hehe. We have a lot of exciting new things to share with you. I can hardly contain it! I know there's a lot of scrambling going on at the farm and we are all so honored to have you all with us during our adventure! Last year was tons of fun but this year has already surpassed it, and it's ONLY April! Wow I'm using a lot of exclamation marks! See? It's just shows you how excited I am!!! See I did it again!

Have a fabulous day everyone! Oh and I know that this week's digi giveaway is my honey bear, Handy Ian. He wanted to wear a tank top but I said 'No! You put that tshirt on!' hahahaha. Good luck and I hope you win him! But remember the boy is mine, so lookie lookie but no touchie ok? Alright! Bye!

Hugs & Love,

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Today is 'ASK ANYA' day. 
Leave a question for Anya in the comments and she will post her answers next week.


Gabby said...

Hi Anya! So nice to hear from the legend of the farm! I have a question...how do you stay so pretty? I mean like what are your secrets to such a pretty face? :D

Can't wait to see what the new big stuff is...I'm as excited as you!!!!! See?

Gwen said...

Just got my new digi...she's adorable. Thanks so much Miss Anya!

A Question for you: What has been your greatest adventure so far? If you could embark on an adventure...what would it be?

Okay, so thats two questions but I'm a chatty girl and I hope you can forgive me.


Angie said...

this is wonderful! I love your picture Anya, and I would like to as you: What do you want to be when you grow up? We're never truly grown up (that's why we craft and color!) so I was just wondering.

Cheri Howard said...

So nice to see you around again, Anya! Here's my question for you:

I'm sure you've traveled the world with your fans; what country would you like to visit next?

Mrs Weyremaster said...
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Mrs Weyremaster said...

Hi Anya,

Lovely to see your pretty face again, I've missed you :)

My Question for you is Tea or Coffee?

Have a wonderful day my pretty friend

SemSee said...

Hey Anya! Ooooh, the new stuff sounds SO exciting!!! Keep working on Marie to sneak us some peeks! My question for you is ... are you a rubber or a digi girl? Have a FAB day! Hugs, Sem x

Brocéliane said...

Hi Anya:)

My question is:
Have you an egyptian cousin? because I love love love the ancient Egypt:)

big kisses from France

Fran said...

I have gotta ask, I know Ian is your honey but have you ever been tempted by the dark and delicious Edward now that he is hanging around, and sometimes shirtless??

ninasanangel said...

Hi Anya, I would like to ask you...has Ian ever done anything mean to you? because my boyfriend didn't get me a birthday card last Friday and I am very upset with him!(boys are stupid :-p) ha ha

Sammi said...

Lovely to see your precious face Anya... mm.. a question? yup.. What are you going to look like next??

♥Rach♥ said...

So nice to hear from you Anya! :0)

Q: What are your top 3 favorites outfits that you've gotten to wear? You have the best wardrobe!

Lynda Nielsen said...
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Lynda Nielsen said...

Hi Anya, I love your picture! You are looking stylish girl! It's so good to see your smiling face again. I've missed you.

Okay so I had a question for you, and posted it, and someone asked the same thing just ahead of me, I figured I had better come up with a different question.

So here we go.... Have you ever thought about adding some hats to your wardrobe? I think you'd look awesome with some stylish new hats.

Big Hugs

Big Hugs

Kristy Young said...

Oh I HEART you Anya and how I have missed your pretty face!! Cant wait to see whats in store for us! Hmm now for a question for you.... I LOVe Frans question heheh So i too would like to know that what Fran has asked.
Kristy xx

Deirdre said...

Hi Anya, thanks so much for the update.... have missed you.

Question - have you ever visited Ireland? Have you an Irish roots? Think you would be a wonderful entrant in the Rose of Tralee.

Hugs..... Deirdre

~*Joni said...

Haha!! Hey Anya!! First off, love the new digi debut, what an awesome homage to Outlander!
My question for you - you've visited Japan, Hawaii, Scotland, to name a few places. Where to next? ;)

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Anya I would like to ask you to keep your beautiful eyes open
they are far to pretty to hide
and just a dream to colour
Do you think you could do that for us ?
Hugs Susie xx

Jessica said...

Hi Anya! :) I agree with Susie Sugar, love seeing all the beautiful eyes open on all the characters! My question....How do you manage to look so fabulous all the time?!? You must spend a lot of time on your looks! :)

jigglymills said...

How cute to hear from you Anya! What makes you the happiest? Have a great day!

Sonya said...

It truly is great to see you Anya and to know that you truly do rule the farm! I like everyone have missed seeing you because you truly are the star of TGF. And while handy Ian is a dream, agreed - hands off!

I like the sets when the two of you are together. So do you like sharing the spotlight with Ian or do you secretly LOVE it all to yourself?

It was great seeing you, love the hat you are wearing in your picture and hoping that is your 1st sneak peak!

Love your NEW digi and it will be part of my collection with my next order.

Carol said...

Good morning Anya! So nice to see you!! I {Heart} exclamation points!! Love the new digi!

My question is...What is your favorite accessory? A purse, pet, jewelry, etc??

Renie said...

Hey Anya~

I was wondering if you ever are going to have sleep over or if Ian has??? Night Night Anya would be fun!

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!! Off to check out the new digi!! :D

MiamiKel said...

Super cute post! I need to run to see the new digi!

My question for Anya -- If you could meet anyone - one person - who would that be?! :)

Hugs to all!

GobeaGirl said...

Hehehehe! I am still laughing. Well Anya sweetheart my question is....will I be able to get this picture of you someday? You just look so darling with your hair and hat and all. Thanks for sharing your world with us. You know we love you...Hugs, Lisa G

Bobbi said...

Hi Anya. My question for you is, what adventure are you going on next?

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Hi Anya! So, how did you and Ian meet? Are you ever tempted by any of those cute sprouts?

Callie said...

So Anya... do you cook? I'd love to see a picture (image) of you whipping up some home made goodies!

Anonymous said...

Hello cutie pie!

Tell me, what are you eating to be so pretty cute like that! You always look your best!

You are so adorable, I love you lots and lots!

Amy said...

Hi Anya! So we all know you are one stylin' girl but I have to ask... will you ever be adding a fall/winter wardrobe (cool hats included) to go along with the summer one that's already available? I just love dressing you up! :)

Amy said...

Hi Anya... me again! I just had a thought to go with my last question. Perhaps a new Dress Me Anya & Ian set to go with a fall wardrobe, this time with open eyes! :)

Sprytebyrd said...

Hi Anya!! It's so great to hear from you! Thank you for taking some time out of your busy days to send us a sweet note! I can't wait to see what you have to share with us soon! I've been waiting for some new adventures from you and your "Honey Bear, Ian" (You know, my honey bear's name is Iain too!!) So, my question for you is: What is your favorite feature in Ian, what is it about him that just drives you wild? :)

Shaela said...

AAACKK!! I MUST have that sneaked Anya!!! Gimme gimme, lol! So Anya, a quick question: will you ever do a design-your-own Anya contest like The WIld Sprouts did? That would be FABULOUS!! ;)

MommaJess said...

Hey thanks for the updaste Anya. You will always be #1 with me.

I want to know if you ever indulge your inner tomboy and if so will we ever get to see her.

JAN said...

hi anya do you have any plans to marry and have children..hugs janet

JenRaff said...

What a treat! Anya herself! So excited to know that there we will be seeing more of you!
Hmmmm . . . question . . . How big are Anya and Ian's families? Will we see any brothers and sisters?

Stampi said...

Hi Anya this is a treat. I was wondering if your man Ian is ever going to show us his formal look you know like the boys in the adds?..I was also wondering if you were still farming and if you have had any new animal friends? ever curious...by the way Anya you Rock!!


Kimberly S said...

Well hey there Anya! So I've just got to ask....with all of those cute Wild Sprout guys hanging around the farm, aren't you just a wee bit tempted? :)

Off to grab a copy of the new digi! (awesome!!)

faithnme said...

Hi Anya my question for you is are you good friends with Charlotte and will you take her shopping with you for some cute "dressy out fits"

Claude said...

Hi Anya!
What's your favorite music genre?

KanataNewf said...

I so love the new digi - now my Laddie Ian has a companion! And definitely looking forward to seeing more of our sweet Anya!

Ebru - (April) said...

Well hello Anya, so nice to hear from you. I do have a question for you. Are you a cookies and cream girl or just your good old chocolate and vanilla ???

Warm Hugs,

Angie Blom said...

Hi Anya! Here's my question.. Do you think there might be wedding bell in the future..? Seeing that you and Ian are a hot item!!

Fika said...

Hi cutie Anya.. miss you so much! What's your favorite dessert and go to colors for your accessories & make up? Beach or mountain? do you plan to visit Indonesia in the future? i wonder if you and Ian getting married, where is your favorite honeymoon destination?

beth said...

I love the new you, darlin your wonderful. Just send a hint to your TGF gals we're waiting on paypal to be set up again so I can bring you home soon.

Devlin said...

Wow! Great to hear from you. And I'm glad to hear such great news!

Have you ever been naughty?

itsabrt said...

Howdy Anya, are you a pasty white dead guy or a hairy fanged dog man kind of girl?