Saturday, April 3, 2010

A few questions answered and a winner...

Hey everyone!

It occured to me that last week's FFF winner wasn't announced-sorry about that!  We got so caught up in the new release and our TGF Cares CARD DRIVE that I forgot all about it.

Without further delay, congrats to Papataya!  You are the winner of last week's FFF challenge with this adorable card and WIN the GET WELL set by Marina Neira!

Isn't it sweet?   On to a some Q&A about the TGF Cares contest:

Q.  Can I combine these cards to submit to TGF Cares Card Drive with other TGF/ CA&F challenges?

A.  Yes.  You may combine them with other TGF Challenges as long as you upload them to BOTH categories in the Galleria for us to keep track and also that they are NEW CARDS.   IF you duplicate cards, please upload them individually so we know how many you created (remember, you get an entry per 5 cards submitted.)

Q. Can I submit prior work? 

A.  Sorry, to give everyone a fair shot, you must submit NEW entries.  However, if you have cards laying around that you'd like to send in with your new cards, that would be wonderful, but we can only count new entries toward the prizes to make it fair for everyone submitting, thanks!

Q.  Can my children participate?  They would love to send cards to families not as fortunate as them!

A.  GREAT idea/question.  We would LOVE for your children to participate if you'd like.  To keep it fair to everyone playing though, including those who do not have children or who won't be participating, please feel free to UPLOAD the cards you children make under your same account in the TGF Galleria, but dont count them in as your cards that you'll be submitting for contest credit.

For example, if you make 15 cards, you'll get 3 entries (one for each lot of 5), but if you've uploaded cards from your children under your Galleria ID, we will only count those 15 you made and not the other ones your children made.  Clear as mud?  LOL

In any case, I LOVE the idea of children playing along.  Please give them hugs for me as I adore their sensitive little hearts!

Q. Where do I send the cards to when I'm done?

A.  Right now we are working on a PO box for the charity cards but if worse comes to worse we will have you send them into TGF or Jessica.  So please just work on creating/uploading for now and we will email you the address when you have completed your cards.

Remember, all entries must be entered into the Galleria, and POSTMARKED by 4/30/10!

Thank you SO much for participating in this wonderful cause!


Ebru - (April) said...

I am so happy, excited and humbled to be this weeks FFF winner. I would like to thank you very much for choosing my card and also for the wonderful prize.

Warm Regards,
April - Papatya

Erin said...

congrats April!!

I think the FFF winner for "down the rabbit hole" challenge was never announced either...

jo said...

Congrats April! :)

What a great card! :)