Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Battle Challenge Week 4

Hey Friends! There are two posts today, so remember to scroll down to read about the fabulous Scraphop we are having! Wow we are coming in near the end of this contest fast! This will be week 4! Because we are closing in on a smaller number of teams, everyone has only one vote now. So you can only select one card out of all the entries to vote for.  So please choose only one card to vote for. NOT 3. 


Team Leaders are required to upload their team project into the gallery for this week.

And so here are our runners for this week's challenge! Good luck everyone~!

Contenders for week 4 include:
The Forest Farmers
International Ink
The Sunny Patch
Stampin Farmettes Sisters
TGF Junkies

Time Travelers
The Dream Team

The Glitter Sisters
Inky Girls
The Lollipop Guild
Team HO
Quixotic Stampers

BC Farmers

Candy Packaging
sample by Kim Nath

The Challenge: Your team has decided to open up your own candy company. Create candy packaging using TGF image(s). You can do candy bars, bags of candy, packages, boxes, etc.
What teams need to do: Discuss amongst your team members who will be creating this card. Only one member will be doing this. The member will have to email their team leader their finished project. This must be a different member than the previous. Every week we want to see a new member participating so that every team members gets a chance to show off their skills!

Due Date: Team Leaders will need to upload their team projects into the gallery by SUNDAY April 18th 12:01am cst. Please upload into galleria > contests/challenges > TGF ROYAL BATTLE > Week 4.

Voting: Voting/commenting will last Sunday-Tuesday evening. Everyone has 3 days to cast their vote, so don't feel rushed. It's actually better if you all don't vote at the same time and crash the website. haha.

All entries will be located in the
galleria > contests/challenges > TGF ROYAL BATTLE > Week 4. 

Please DO NOT vote/comment on your own team. Each person can vote once so please select your favorite and vote for them. Please only vote once per card.  
Please DO NOT create different ids to vote for your own team.

Next Wednesday we will announce the top 6 teams that will go onto the last round. So best of luck to everyone and remember... more than anything, HAVE FUN!


djones said...

I've always wanted to be able to sing.

Senju Ninja said...

I always wanted to try sky diving.

Cheri Howard said...

I've been wanting to try acrylic painting for quite a while now...just don't really know how to start!

Lilian said...

Congratulations everyone and good luck next week - can't wait to see your candy packaging ideas! :)

Sonya said...

Making a 3 layer cake not hard at all, you should give it a whirl. I made my own wedding cake in 97 and just this past Oct I make my son's wedding cake. Not something I generally do but it's not so hard! Both cakes were 2 layer per 3 tiers.

I've tried pretty much everthing I've ever wanted. The only thing I want to really do is get moved to So Cali now. Not my issues holding me back though!

Congratulations to the teams that have moved ahead to the 4th and semi-final round on the competion. Best of Luck to each of you remaining!

Mary Giles (OhioMary) said...

Great job teams and congrats to those moving on. Ooooh the candy packaging challenge sounds like fun.

Sammi said...

congrats to those who made it through.

Stephanie J said...

Whew! We made it - thank you!!

Congrats all!

MiamiKel said...

Congrats to all who made it through! Wonderful job!

Kelly Booth said...

Congrats Girls...Can't wait to see this weeks creations!!!

margie c said...

Congrats and good luck to all the remaning teams :)

MommaJess said...

Congrats to all those that made it. I'm bummed that we missed a day & a half of votes because of an e-mail error. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

JenRaff said...

A candy company would be a dream come true!!! Yummy!

PhotoDivaJ said...

Good luck teams! Our team didn't make it on {so sad}, but I'll still be following the battle closely! What a fun challenge this week! Happy stamping!!

itsabrt said...

Good luck! Beth

Deirdre said...

I now have candy coming out my ears........!!! had to test the product first right!!! LOL!!! great challenge.