Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Answers from Anya

Hi my friends!
Marie dumped a big pile of questions on my bed last night from all of you. She said I couldn't go out with Ian to Edward's bbq tonight if I didn't answer some of them today. lol. I love answering mail so I do not mind at all! So here we go!!! This is the first half of the questions that I am answering. I will do the next half next week so don't worry if I didn't answer your question today, I will definitely finish next week.

Gabby: How do you stay so pretty? I mean like what are your secrets to such a pretty face? :D

A: Oh Gabby! Thank you for such wonderful words. My secret is... all because of all of you! You guys really do super work coloring me up and giving me the perfect shade of blush and a glow that even the Cheeky girls envy!

Gwen: What has been your greatest adventure so far? If you could embark on an adventure...what would it be?

A: Everyday is bright new adventure for me, Gwen. But if I was to pick my most memorable one, I think it would be traveling through the decades! I got to wear so many fun outfits from each era. For my next adventure, I'd like to travel more and share those experiences with you!

Angie: What do you want to be when you grow up? 

A: Oooh this is a tough one and I can't really decide yet but I hope that all of you are there with me when I do grow up.

Cheri: What country would you like to visit next?

A: Oh I love traveling! We just got back from visiting Ian's homeland, Scotland. So next I want to go visit my home in Russia. And then India!

Suzi: Tea or Coffee?

A: I'm a tea kind of girl. Chai tea is my favorite. Ian loves coffee though. He's a zombie without it.

SemSee: Are you a rubber or a digi girl?

A: I'm both! Although I do prefer rubber, when I run out of ink I live for digi.

Broceliane: Have you an egyptian cousin?

A: I do! She has been wanting to visit the farm for a while now so I hope I'll get to introduce her to you soon!

Fran: Have you ever been tempted by the dark and delicious Edward now that he is hanging around, and sometimes shirtless??

A: OME!!! lol! I had to say that. When Eddie first came to the farm, I will admit he was sort of a peculiar fellow, always hanging out in the woods behind TGF and it's hard to ignore him when he's prancing around half clothed but he's not my cutie pie Ian. For xmas I gave Eddie some sunless tanning spray. I mean... c'mon, if you're going to prance around half clothed, put some color on your paleness. Right? (he didn't take it very well btw)

Ninasanangel: Has Ian ever done anything mean to you?

A: Oh girl I would like to wish you a belated happy birthday! Boys have a tendency to be dumb sometimes. It's in their genes and Ian is no exception. Once Ian was so busy playing video games with Hugh and Max, he forgot to pick me up for our movie night. Needless to say, I did not speak to him for two weeks! And then I made him watch chick flicks with me for a month.

Sammi: What are you going to look like next??

A: hee hee, I can't really tell you but I got some cute outfits finished! And everyone will see it soon!

Rach: What are your top 3 favorites outfits that you've gotten to wear?

A: I love clothes! Let's see, top 3...... I absolutely adore my Princess dress, my Flutter wings, and my Wild West cowboy hat!

Lynda: Have you ever thought about adding some hats to your wardrobe?

A: I've been bugging Marie about this since she's my apparel coordinator. So she indeed has plans for several hats for me in upcoming designs!

Deidre: Have you ever visited Ireland? Have you an Irish roots?

A: Oh I haven't gone to Ireland yet! Ian's of Scottish heritage but he does have Irish relatives. As for me, I'm originally from Russia! But I would love to become a Rose of Tralee someday!

Joni: You've visited Japan, Hawaii, Scotland, to name a few places. Where to next?

A: Russia and India!

Susie Sugar: I would like to ask you to keep your beautiful eyes open. Do you think you could do that for us ?

A: Hi Susie! Yes I have a lot of new 'open eyes' images coming to you all! Hahaha. Sometimes when Marie takes my photos, I blink and my eyes are closed. I tell her to count to 3 so I can prepare.

Jessica: How do you manage to look so fabulous all the time?!? 

A: Thank you Jessica. I rely on all you stampers who make me look my best. I cannot do it without you! You are all the best make up and fashion team a girl can ever dream of.

Jigglymills: What makes you the happiest?

A: That's easy. Being part of your crafty projects!

Sonya: So do you like sharing the spotlight with Ian or do you secretly LOVE it all to yourself? 

A: As much as I like sharing with Ian, it's always extra special when it's all me. hehe.

Carol: What is your favorite accessory? A purse, pet, jewelry, etc??

A: Next to Ian, my favorite accessory is a hair clip! Be it flowers, or bows, or clips... I love hair candy.

Renie: I was wondering if you ever are going to have sleep over or if Ian has???

A: Hi Renie. Ian and I actually had a pj set in the Wardrobe 1 stamp set. But I love sleep overs and I think Marie should do some sort of a sleepover me and Ian. Maybe I can try to convince her to do something like that.

MiamiKel: If you could meet anyone - one person - who would that be?! :)

A: Next to all of you, I would like to meet Brad Paisley because I'm a big country fan!

GobeaGirl: Will I be able to get this picture of you someday?

A: Hi Lisa, yes you will definitely be getting this image of me sometime soon.

Bobbi: What adventure are you going on next?

A:  I hope to travel more and bring back a little culture of those countries to share with you!

Amy: So, how did you and Ian meet? Are you ever tempted by any of those cute sprouts?

A: Ian and his family moved next door to us and that's how we met. We were both full of dreams and love exploring so we connected immediately. When I moved to live with Marie on TGF, the place was over run by those wild sprouts. haha. Those sprouts ARE easy on the eyes and very flirty but I'm very faithful to my Ian-bear. Although Marie said that the Creeper boys will be boarding in the room down the hall....

Ok so this is it for today. I'll finish up the questions next week since I'm sure everyone has a life and cannot daddle any longer on today's entry! Yayyy bbq tonight at Eddie's and you are all invited!

Hugs & Love,


Dress To Scrap said...

HI Anya! thank you for answering all the questions and now we know more about you!

Tracey Feeger said...

hahahaha so cute. Love it.

Shaela said...

lol, too fun! can't wait to have my question answered... ;)

Susie Sugar said...

Oh my !! Anya you have a great sense of humour girl and I'm so glad to know we're gonna be seeing more of your Cutie pie eyes.
You have fun with Ian at Edwards BBQ tonight and be a good girl don't go making Ian jealous by flirting with Edward, I'd hate to see them boys fighting over you now !!!! lol
Hugs Susie xx

Sammi said...

Lol! How cute!! Thanks for answering our questions Anya! enjoy Ed's BBQ and watch out for those creepers!!

Lynda Nielsen said...

Wow Anya, you are GREAT at answering everyones questions! I LOVE the answers you gave too! You definitely are one special girl!
Big Hugs

Tanya said...

Thanks for answering all of those questions Anya! =)

This was just oo fun!

♥Rach♥ said...

I'm so glad to hear from you again Anya ;0)

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with us!

ninasanangel said...

Ha ha Anya you are the cutest...thanks so much for answering our questions. I would love to come to the BBQ but dont think I could stay away from the delicious Edward....so its best to keep out of temptations way by staying at home colouring instead ha ha ;-) Xx

~*Joni said...

Awww! TY Anya for all the answers! Love it, hearing your high voice on the Farm is such a sweet way to start the morning! ;)

Jessica said...

so much fun!! :) loved the Q & A time!

Carol said...

Awesome! I loved all your answers!!

Sonya said...

Hi Anya,
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all those questions. I know you are such a busy gal. It will be great fun to see some of the things you spoke of; like the visits to Russia and India and your egyptian cousine visiting. Hope that means you will be trying on some of her clothes, what fun! Until next time you take care of yourself.

Renie said...

To cute!

margie c said...

LOL, this was so cute!
Thank you for taking the time out to answer these questions, Anya :)

Happy Tuesday!
hugs, margie

jigglymills said...

Anya is too cute! LOVE IT! :)

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Too cute...Thanks Anya!!

GobeaGirl said...

Hi Anya. You are such a sweetie. Thanks for getting back to me on my question. I will be waiting with anticipation. I hope you have a great day on the farm. Hugs to you and Ian, Lisa G

Callie said...

Hehehe! Too cute!

Heidi Brawley said...

That was very cute! Thanks for sharing!! ~Heidi Brawley

MommaJess said...

Well thanks Anya for answering those questions. I look forward to next weeks answers.

Gabby said...

Aww...thanks Anya for answering our questions! I have to admit I felt like I was getting recognized by a celebrity! Hollywood...psh...I got The Greeting Farm! :)

BTW...stay faithful to your Ian-bear...those Creeper boys will corrupt you! :O

Have a great BBQ!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

OK, that was the most fun post ever!

Stefanie said...

To stinkin' cute!!

FitterTwit said...

Yah... our rock stars aren't like your rock stars! hahahaha! So great!

Stampi said...

Wonderful to get to know our Anya so candidly...thank you girl!

BaNessa said...

I love your answers Anya. :). I went onto thegreetingfarm.com today and love the new layout (I've been away for a while). I have a question... what is Washi tape? It looks like ribbon. Could you explain it to me??? Thank you

Angie said...

Ha! So cute!! Love your answers Anya!!

Tasha said...

LOL that was fun learning more about Anya
love tasha xx

itsabrt said...

Wow I feel like I really know you! Beth aka BR-T

itsabrt said...

Wow I feel like I really know you! Beth aka BR-T