Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Answers from Anya II

Hello again wonderful friends!

So today as promised is the final half of your questions!

Callie: So Anya... do you cook? 

A: Uhhh.... hmmm... I can make spaghetti? Does that count? I'm gonna have Marie make a design of me pretending to know how to cook. hehe.

Karen: Tell me, what are you eating to be so pretty cute like that! You always look your best!

A: Oh it is the Greeting Farm water I tell you! LOL! Lots of fruits and water and gorgeous copics!

Amy: Will you ever be adding a fall/winter wardrobe (cool hats included) to go along with the summer one that's already available?

A: Seeing that my 'Dress Me' set has been discontinued, maybe not a specific set for that buuuut I am really looking forward to a sheet of fun hats..... a 'Dress Me II' set would be cool so I'll start nudging some ribs.

Sprytebyrd: What is your favorite feature in Ian, what is it about him that just drives you wild?

A: Oooh your cutie is named Iain too? Yayyy. Such a cute name. heehee. I just adore my Ian's shy smile. It's very rare for us to see him do a big toothy smile (like me!). I love his sweet dapper persona and his polite wholesome upbringing. It drives me crazy in a happy way!

Shaela: Will you ever do a design-your-own Anya contest like The WIld Sprouts did?

A: Oh Shaela, I didn't know you could read the near future!

MommaJess: I want to know if you ever indulge your inner tomboy and if so will we ever get to see her. 

A: Hi MJ, you know I am naturally super girly but sometimes when Ian and I go skateboarding, I raid his closet. I know, can you believe that? I have photos! So you will see them soon.

Jan: Hi anya do you have any plans to marry and have children?

A: Like most girls, I am waiting and dreaming my whole life for my wedding day and sure I would love some little Ians running around.

JenRaff: How big are Anya and Ian's families? Will we see any brothers and sisters? 

A: I'm an only child but Ian has an older brother named Auden who still lives in Scotland with his grandparents. We've been trying to get him to visit forever so I hope that if we bug him enough he'll come see us someday.

Stampi: I was wondering if your man Ian is ever going to show us his formal look you know like the boys in the adds?..I was also wondering if you were still farming and if you have had any new animal friends?

A: Oh... snazzy chic Ian. Ian normally doesn't dress up but I will MAKE him! Everyone, including me do still farm. I'm taking care of my little veggie garden right now hoping to make a blue ribbon salad! We haven't added any new animals to our little herd but I've been bugging Marie about getting us some hippos and giraffes. haha.

Kimberly S: With all of those cute Wild Sprout guys hanging around the farm, aren't you just a wee bit tempted?

A:  Wow so many questions about these sprouts! haha. Tempted? No but sometimes I like to look. That's ok right?

Faithnme: Are you good friends with Charlotte and will you take her shopping with you for some cute "dressy out fits"?

A: I love Charlotte! She is so fashionable and sassy and she'll tell me straight up if an outfit is wrong for me. I don't leave the house without her. You will be seeing more of her in her rockin wardrobe.

Claude: What's your favorite music genre? 

A: I'm pretty much game for any sound but lately I'm a country gal.

April: Are you a cookies and cream girl or just your good old chocolate and vanilla ???

A: Mmmmmmm take me away Chocolate and Vanilla!

Angie: Do you think there might be wedding bell in the future..?

A: Ahhhh Angie.... its a secret!

Fika: What's your favorite dessert and go to colors for your accessories & make up? Beach or mountain? do you plan to visit Indonesia in the future? i wonder if you and Ian getting married, where is your favorite honeymoon destination? 

A: Hi Fika! My favorite dessert is Dutch Apple Pie ice cream. My favorite dressy colors are pinks and neutrals. I'm a beach kind of girl. Indonesia is definitely on my list of places to visit. And I would love to honeymoon in Italy.

Devlin: Have you ever been naughty? 

A: First off, I love your name! Naughty.... no I'm a 'good' girl. Although I've been told many times that Good Girls are Naughty Girls who never get caught. keke...

itsabrt: Howdy Anya, are you a pasty white dead guy or a hairy fanged dog man kind of girl?

A: LOL! Oooh this is toughie. Today I'm feeling more like a hairy fanged dog man kind of girl. LOL!

So I think that's it for all your questions! Thank you so much for hanging out with me!Oh wait, Marie wanted me to show you the cards she made last night using Oliver from the 'BUDDIES' set. It's about time she starts making more cards. She also did say she uses the DSLR camera Canon EOS 50D and a light tent to help with the white background. You get a light tent and then you use two lamps on either side of the tent for a nice 'minimal shadow' look. The lamps should have 'natural lighting' bulbs.

To see what kinds of cameras our delightful readers use, you can go here to find out in the comments section! That was one of our past daily questions.

Have a great day everyone!

Hugs & Love,


Sparkle said...

Your cards are just darling!

MicheyMoo said...

Been soooo lovely getting to 'know' you through these couple of Q&A posts Miss Anya. :)

Marie, you're cards are off the charts fantastic!!
Thanks for the heads up on the photography, I'm awaiting the arrival of my light tent!! Yahoo.....

Fika said...

Woow i love reading all of your answers Miss Anya.. love to know more about you :)

If you visit Indonesia, please do not forget to let me know, i'll show you wonderful places to hang out and enjoy the nature here..

Marie, your cards are soo lovely, amazing coloring and layers.. LOVE all of it :)

Randi said...


Awesome cards Marie!! So glad to see you creating again! And, using that yummy washi tape!

Your pics are AMAZING!! I almost bought one of those tent thingies. Now, I need one.

Deirdre said...

Love the answers.... ADORE the cards.

♥Rach♥ said...

I'm so excited to possibly see your wedding and maybe another baby set, what wonderful news ;0)

LOVE your cards Marie, it's nice to see your creations!

Sammi said...

Oh Thank you Anya! it;s so lovely to learn more about you!!!

PS. Anya - please tell Marie that her cards are just adorable!!

~*Joni said...

Thank you Anya! Marie I see that tape!! oooooh how cute on your adorable cards - love the photog tips!

Carol said...

LOVE hearing from Anya!!

Jessica said...

the question and answer time with Anya has been so fun!! loved it! Awesome cards, Marie!! :)

moccavanila said...

So Fun! Love reading all of today on the blogs...feels like I read Anya's diary :)

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Fun answers Anya and Marie your cards are amazing!!

Stampi said...

Well thanks Anya for answering all our questions...it is great to get to knowyou better and the future looks like a lot fun...thanks for the tips on camera and lighting too ...

Bobbi said...

Great cards.

Jen Shults said...

Very cute!! Marie I love your cards... they are fantastic. I'm going to have to break down and get a light tent... the white background gets me everytime, lol. Love how you used the Washi tape too..

debbif said...

Your cards are really precious!! I love TGF...

jigglymills said...

Anya is such a sweet girl! Love the cards! :)

Callie said...

Such cute awnsers. And those cards are fantabulous!

margie c said...

I've enjoyed getting to know you more, Anya :)

Oh, Marie, your cards are sooo cute! They remind me of my two lil boys! Great coloring!

Happy Tuesday!
hugs, margie

FitterTwit said...

I love that Anya gives us "clues" about what's on the horizon!!! :)

Shaela said...

how fun!! Thanks for all the inside info... so much fun and exciting things to look forward to!

Jodi C. said...

THANKS for letting us get to know you better Anya!!!

The cards are GREAT!!!!


Kimberly S said...

Thanks so much for your answers Anya! Such gorgeous cards Marie! :)

Tanya said...

I really like the Questions and answers, soo cool :) Your cards are awesome. I really need to get into my room and create.

WickedPixie said...

Wow, Marie, you should make cards more often! Wait, that would probably mean less time to draw all of us more stamps.....But, seriously, those cards are awesome!! :-)Traci

Sue D said...

Oliver and his dog are adorable!

Renie said...

THe cards today are so sweet! I love that stamp!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

I've truly enjoyed all the Q&A! Now I have one more... which tent and lights do you use? Because I bought a set on eBay and I don't get the results you do.


MommaJess said...

Thanks for answering my question Anya and can you tell Marie that her cards are great

JenRaff said...

The light tent thing is interesting. I have never heard of one. Will have to check into that.
Thank you, Anya, for all the info! You give a great interview :) Wouldn't mind an intro to Ian's older brother. :)

Berenice said...

Super cute cards! TFS :)

itsabrt said...

How funny love the cards! Beth aka BR-T

Carisa said...

how fun! love the cards - i need to stop by and get some of that tape!!!

Serafiia said...

Anya, it's so much fun to read all your answers! :)

The cards looks amazing!