Monday, March 22, 2010

This Week's Digi Giveaway, Official Team Roster

Welcome to another new week! I trust your weekend went well! I, unfortunately, had to deal with taxes, yuck!!! But I have lots of great things to share with you this week! A couple of things today but first off let's announce the winners of last week's digi!

Winners of the Sleepy Fox Girl digi
please email me for the file!

Kim Etherington
Jessica Rabbit
Sheri (a.k.a Papercrafty)

And here is the official team roster for the TGF Royal Battle! If I've accidentally left your team out, please let me know! Wow, looks like we have about 60 teams here. This  contest is going to sooo rock!

BC Farmers
Brighty Almighty
Bubble Bouncers
Card Crusaders
Card Sprouts
The Cheeky Girls 
Coast to Coast Stampers
The Crafty 3Gs
Crafty Chicks 
The Crazy Copic Chicks
Delicious Delights
Downunder Divas 
The Dream Team
Dutch Farm Girls
The Embosslits
Farm Fresh Fairies
Faux Farmers
Finnish Farmers
The Forest Farmers 
Frenzied Farmers
Friends Having Fun
Friendship Farmers 
Fueled by Caffeine 
The Glitter Sisters
Greeting Farm Mommas
Happy Stampy
Holaback Girls (dt)
Ink Tossers
Inky Girls 
The Jolly Jollies
Lemon Drops
Little Star Shooters 
The Lollipop Guild 
The New Englanders
The Non-Fat Lattes 
Quixotic Stampers
The Rosebuds
Sassy Lassies
Show Stampers 
The Soul Sistahs
Sparkly Ink 
Stampers of Darkness
Stampin Divas
Stampin Farmettes
Stampin Farmettes Sisters
Stamp Rockers
The Stamptastic Four
 The Strikers
The Sunny Patch 
Sunshine Risers
Super Pink
Team Ho
Team Moxie
Team International Ink
Ticklish Paper
Time Travelers (claire and jamie??? lol) 
TGFreaks (dt)
TGF Junkies
Twisted Sisters

The first week is going to be the toughest because by next week, only about half of this list will go on. These battles are going to be fierce and fast so everyone on their toes ok?! The first challenge will be on announce on Wednesday on this blog. What will happen (and I'll repeat this again on Wednesday) is the challenge will be announce and each team will decide which one of their members will take on the challenge. That member will do the project and email the finished project to the Team Leader which will need to get it in to me by Saturday before Midnight. I will be posting up all the teams' creations on Sunday morning, in which the voting/commenting will start. Voting lasts until Tuesday evening (midnight) so everyone doesn't have to feel rushed to vote and crash the site. ahahaha! Then I will post up the teams that will go on into the next round on Wednesday's post. Team Leaders, please remember that when you submit the project to me, please name your file with your team name and also let me know which member did it. This will make it easier when I upload the entries into the gallery.

Next up, this week's digi giveaway. I will be giving this cutie to 10 people instead of 5 this week, so 2 people a day will be randomly selected. I've had several people in the past and present request a drummer and have put it off because drums are hard to draw!!! But I did bust my behind this weekend and here you go! He also has a modern trendy mohawk (called faux hawk) since Ray says the traditional mohawk is outdated. LOL! This little drummer would be too big for a stamp but I thought I could make him a digi and then you guys can shrink him as needed to fit your projects.

This Week's Digi Giveaway

The Drummer

Another fab thing about this image is that because the drums are in front of him, you can actually erase him out and put any of our loveable TGF characters behind the drums. Alter, my friends, the power of altering. Ok so remember to leave comment if ye want this wee fellow here.

Also I know many of you are asking for releases dates of these creepies and I am working as fast as I can to get them out to you asap!

Today's question is: TGF has a million new images we want to release. 
Because there isn't enough months in the year to, we decided to put a lot of new images on one big sheet of rubber like the Roll Call kit below. Otherwise some of these images will not make it to release until 2014. lol!

This set is valued at about $90 something but we will be retailing it for about $48. We would like to know your response to this. Of course we will not do all future designs like these, but we thought maybe once in a while, it will be nice to have a kit like this.What do you think?

a) Totally! It's more pricey but hey I get 10 characters for almost half the price!!!
b) Meh... it doesn't matter to me.
c) No way, that is too expensive. Release them one single at a time.


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GobeaGirl said...

I would say "A"...I tend to buy big set from another store ... and I don't mind it as I get all the stamps and I know in advance to anticipate the cost..Thanks for asking. LOVE, LOVE your stamps..Lisa G

Gabby said...

I love the drummer boy! Oh I want him!!! LOL!

Wish I was around more as I would have LOVED to participate in this HUGE event coming up! :( Boo for being poor right

As far as BIG sets...I would not mind the price at all so "A" for me. There are hard times crushing not just us...but for the farm...OH MAN I would sell my soul for these!

Tina said...

thanks for the chance to win. I would love to buy a bgi set like this for sure...



Christine said...

I'm going to have to say 'C' or can you release them singley as well. I really don't think I would buy the whole sheet because I wouldn't want all the stamps. However, I know you have a lot of customers that own a LOT of TGF stamps!!!


Annette Bowes said...

Love the drummer image, well done you! With regards to your stamps would say 'A', great idea! Your team competition looks a lotta fun, looking forward to voting next week, take careX:)

autumn0725 said...

I think I'd have to go with "A"...I'm all about the bargain! And if it's only once in a while that's cool. However, since they are expensive there could be a lot of people out there who couldn't afford the huge set but want some of the stamps so I think it would be wise to have both options. As for that little drummer digi...I love it! I have three boys and could so use it! Thanks, Autumn

Thanh said...

Totally A, Marie. lol

Yay, let the battle begin! Im looking forward to Wednesday,

Jodi said...

I would say A ~ since I tend to get most of the stamps you come out with anyways, and end up purchasing quite a few at once, I love the "value pricing" of the big set!

Love the drummer ~ my son loves playing the drums on Wii Guitar Hero/Lego Rock Band, so this is very fitting for him. Would love to win him.....crossing fingers, toes and anything else that can be crossed that I win.

Can't wait for the challenge to begin!

MicheyMoo said...

This rockin, former drummer chica loves this digi and is gonna hope and pray like mad that she gets him!! It totally rocks Marie!!

I'm kinda going with A as my answer. I usually buy up a largish number of stamps (and more recently a few digi's) at a time - partly for your excellent postage rates, but maybe if you released them both as a multi-set and singly for those who don't want the whole collection. Though I realise this is a whole bunch more work for you.

Can't wait for Wednesday. xx

Tracey Feeger said...

Nah I love the big sheets of stamps so a big "A" from me.

Love the drummer creeper. I love his mohawk too.


Brandy said...

OMG that digi is SUPER DUPER cute! LOVE HIM and LOVE the alteration idea and LOVE how your OK with Altering of your images. AND>>> SO EXCITED FOR WEDNESDAY> BRING ON ThE GAMES!!!

Amy said...

OMG Marie, you are killing me with that rockin' drummer and his cool faux hawk! ;)
As for today's question my vote is for "A". I really enjoy the chance to get a special set at a special price every once in awhile and will set aside money when I know it's coming up.

femke said...

wow that's a great drummer boy. I so want him. he is so cute. now I really can't wait to have all those fantastic creepers!!!

and as a answer to you question. I would go for A if there are a lot of images on it that I like ( the kit you're showing looks fabulous )and it would be great if it's possible that other stores can sell this kit too. I live in the netherlands and I'm a little scared to buy outsite holland.

greetings femke

Pam Varnell said...

a) TOTALLY!!!!! Can't get enough of your great images sister!!! Hugs, Pam

Fika said...

Since i'm a big fans of TGF stamps.. i would love to choose "A". The drummer mohawk boy is too COOL!! Hope i'm lucky enough this time.. :)

Jan Larson said...

What an adorable drummer boy! Love that the design allows you to erase him and insert another TGF character. My daughter plays the drums, so I would definitely do that.

I would probably buy individual stamps over a big set, but the discounted price is sure tempting!

Cheryl Richter said...

Wow definitly *A* :D
The set is so big, that I wouldn't mind to buy it for that price.

I'm looking forward to the team battle yeay!

And thanks for the chance to win this little drummerboy! He's very cute, and would be very nice to use on a boycard. I hope I will be lucky this time :)

Hugs, Cheryl

Fran said...

I going for A, I am assuming they are the same size as a regular stamp and not smaller. The only problem I can see is postage for a large item like this would be pricey, especially over seas.

Sammi said...

Love the drummer!!!

I would have to choose A!

Looking forward to the battle (we have one more person wanting to join or team is that still OK??


KmoRakefet said...


I totally love this guy. This is the perfect stamp for teens (did you hear my priers ?)

Wopnderful thank you !!!!

Ablout the set I would choose C since 45 $ is a lot of money for international guy and anyway one does not like ALL the stamp in the kit or sometimes already has some so C would be my choice and digi please too :-)

Have a nice one !

Leonie said...

I would say A. i like buying in bulk!! Get all my stamps at once. i buy stamp 'kits' from other places and like buyingthem this way.

My two cents worth!!
Love the drummer boy btw!!

Maria Therese said...

I would say a) but I'd much more love to have them as digis!!

Marjo said...

OMGosh he is too stinkin cute!

mst822 said...

Gotta go with A! Why not get them all for a fraction of the original price!
That drummer boy, Rocks!

TraceyJean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TraceyJean said...

I'd have to go with "A". I love a good discount and these images are adorable.

Marcea said...

wow, what a cool dude he is there with his kit ..... I would have to say A - seems a great deal to get that many stamps BARGAIN or what!!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Caz said...

Me Me Me!!!! I so need him....please let me win.

As for the big sets I am all for it....once a quarter..Spring, Summer Autumn & Winter kits would be perfect.

LastChael said...

Oooh I can definitely see the possibilities with the Drummer! I hope there's an entire band in the future ;)

I would have to go with A, as it is cheaper to buy them as a set than singly. Though I have to echo the sentiments of other international commenters and ask if this would make shipping more expensive? I think even if there were one or two stamps that I didn't like, I could cut those off and sell or trade them with people who did want them. So no harm done!


☼ Cheryl* said...

A, for sure!

COSTAR said...

OOOO I go for a) Totally! It's more pricey but hey I get 10 characters for almost half the price!!!

I just love your designs and just want them all LOL

Huggzzz Colinda

Toni said...

sounds like a fantastic deal and I would buy via A I just love the stamps

Islander Girl said...

Definitely A!!!!

Cute Drummer boy!!! Love it!!!

vicmbee said...

the drummer boy is cute... and (A) for my answer as I tend to buy in sets when I can... to cut the price a bit you might be able to sell in sets of 5 instead..

nbells said...

Definately "A". Such cute images. And a good price!

Funkelzauber said...

I think "A". Because i`m very THE GREETING FARM addictive !!!!!
I collect these stamps and i must start this week to make cards with these very cute images.

Love the drummer boy and i hope, you make it in rubber.

The Greeting Farm for president!!!!


Jenny V. said...

The drummer boy is so cute. I would vote A since I love TGF images. And I think thats a great price for those stamps.

Marit Meijer. said...

Abolutely A... it's great to have a bunch of them together to pick from! I'm lovin' the drummer boy..he's so tough looking! LOL:)
Thanks for a chance to win him!
And thanks for the inspiration!
Hugs, Marit.

Beckie said...

I would love to say A, BUT, I don't always want all of the images on a big sheet and can't always afford such a large purchase, so my vote is C.

I too think this drummer is fab. xx

curlybear said...

Good morning i think the drummer Rocks no pun intended,lol
I would Say that "A" is my choice, like most people I would eventually buy the whole set so why not get for a lot less for a one off purchase price, Thanks for asking for our in put have a great day Bridget :)x

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful drummer boy, love him.

About the stamps, I'ld say "a". Like the thought of a set, I often buy single stamps, and afterwards I regret that I didn't buy the matching stamps.

LastChael said...

I forgot to say, if it's possible I'd like to change teams? I was put into a team, but I'd like to join Sammi's team, the Downunder Diva's if that's possible? I'm the one she mentioned wanted to join her team!


crafty amy said...

This litle drummer is so cute and you have rocked that drum set Marie! I am so excited bout all the new happening the competition is going to be so much fun and as for the stamp set I would have to go for "a" you know I am obsessed with your stamps andas I would end up with them all in the end any way it would be great to get them in one hit with one postage :D


Amy xx

ninasanangel said...

I would say A; I do like collecting them seperately but think as a one off it would be great to have a whole set as a bit of a treat....

Also I want ALL your images so it wouldn't be a problem having lots in one set!! Plus I wouldn't have to explain to the other half why I have ordered so many in one go because if its a set I have an excuse ;-)

Love the little drummer as I always do with your designs Xx

lorena b. said...

Love the Creepy Drummer! I could totally use him (I have 7 nephews!) for boy cards, etc. My pick for the question would be (A). Can't pass up a bargain!

Sparkle said...

I think you should do a set once every 3 months.

JAN said...

I am going to be awkward and say
D) please could you release them as a whole set of digi's too..i would love that..Thanks for the chance
Hawk the drummer is superb..
kinda reminds of the days of
sigue sigue sputnik gotta have the big hair to go with the big attitude..I am keeping it all crossed..some one is going to be a lucky bunny..I just have the papers to go with this image too lol..good luck all. Hugs janet

Katie-Louise Oakley said...

I would say 'A' to! :) Buying them in a set is better because you get them all together. You would end up paying more for them individually anyway! xxx

Brocéliane said...

I would say "A":)

Stampabilitys said...

I love the kit cause its definitely cheaper to buy them all at once, but since I already have a couple of them then I guess I would have to say 'C' for this set!

But I think both options may be good!

ps: love love love the Drummer!

Jessie said...

I love this image and my hubby is a drummer, it would be perfect for him! My answer is A :)

Faerielore said...

How muc h do i need this drummer he is fab annd perfect for any boys cards !!!!! fingers crossed xxxx

bunbun2 said...

the little drummer boy is so cute and would be perfet for my ds' and friends.
I would go for A as all the stamps are fab and would be perfect so how would I choose!

KJ said...

The drummer boy is sooo cool, lovelovelove him :D
I would really like to go with A but in digi format, I neeeeed my instant TGF fix & overseas postage is so expensive & a bit too slow for me :(

Kristy Young said...

I LOVE L:OVE LOVE this idea! I love buying my stamps in kits! I think the price is FABULOUS too.

Love the drummer boy VERY COOL!!

Cant wait for Wednesday!! Im all fired up! heheh

Kristy xx

Lisa Lou said...

I'd say A. That's about how much I spend each time I place an oeder anyway.

sandee said...

The drummer design is great. I hope I can be lucky enough to win this image. I don't mind purchasing a large set once in a while if you can get a lot of great images for a lesser price.

Lilian said...

My vote's for A!!!!

Mrsqueenvee/mrs-flopsybunny said...

No Way! I would never pay that for stamps in one go. I would like them as single images.And I'm not even sure I would want every image.
Single is the way to go, maybe have an offer like buy 4 get 1 free???
Hugs VEE- England

Melly said...

oh Defo "A", means more for your money!! Gimmee gimme I say!! Some people might perfer buying one at a time but alot of crafters me included save up their pennies for something good and this is GOOD!!
Cant wait for Wed!!
Melly xxx

Jac said...

Totally A, great way to get your images instead of having to wait for years to come! And that drummer boy is so awesome he totally rocks I so need him - think I'm in love!

Sonya said...

I think I need two comment boxes this day!!!! LOL

1st I LOVE The WEE DRUMMER BOY and so hope that I am one of the winners chosen. If not can you please release him in the digi's like ASAP, PLEASE????? (Would it help to get and plead?) LOL

2nd Lovw rhw "Roll Call" and I will answer "A" I may not be able to get it ASAP but I would save save my money to get it because it is such a great savings and of course you know us; we want it all and we want it NOW! We are TGF Fans and we cannot get enough fast enough!!! LOL but very serious.

Relly want the drummer boy though, please, please, please put that baby in the digi's after the FREE WEEK or skip the FREE all together and just let us buy this little bad boy!!!!!
Big Hugs,

Mrs Weyremaster said...

OMG Marie your drummer boy is AWESOME, I knew you'd come up with something amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on him, plz release him soon :)

I love the big set, so my answer is 'A' The price sounds great for the amount of rubber we get, you always give us excellent value for money :)

Have a great day all

Melissa S said...

I love the drummer boy! I really want him. My Nephew would so love a card with him on it.

I'm going to have to say "A" because I like everyone one of the cuties on it!!

~Rach said...

LOVE your Drummer Dude!!! He's so cool, and you're totally right, I can't wait to alter him.

Honestly, I would have to say C. I don't use sentiments so I don't need them and as much as I totally LOVE TGF there are a few of the characters on there I'm not super interested in and wouldn't normally buy. I would rather just buy a la carte, even if they only come out in digi form.

Lynda Nielsen said...

WOWEE that drummer is just too cool for his own good. Having him Digi is a great idea, because you also enlarge him some, to use on scrapbook pages! =) Wow there's just all kinds of fun and juicy information here today. Just look at that list of teams! Yikes... LOL
Okay about the future release question. I'd say I'd go for A. It's a lot all at one time, but the way I look at it is, some of us, like to buy the whole release at one time, it can almost add to that anyway. so SURE Why not?
You're Awesome Marie!
Big Hugs

MrsK said...

I would say A it's a great idea to have a collection it saves on packaging of single ones LOL (sorry eco mode head on) I love the drummer boy too he is totally fab and great idea of altering too!

Sal xx

Michele Spera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michele Spera said...

I would go with "A"
Love it!
XMichele S

Geneviève aka Muscade said...

I say "A". I don't mind the cost if i know the stamp I get and if it's cheaper.

Kathy said...

I pick A, I'm a gotta have it all kinda girl, and I would definitely buy a set like this.

~*Joni said...

Awesome drummer! One of the girls would rock being behind that drum set. ;)
That big set is worth it, A it is.

Tanya said...

Ooo I so love this little drummer boy!!

I love the sets being offered and can't wait to get my hands onto it. I would have to say that "A" fits me cause a bargain is a bargain and you are getting 10 stamps for such an awesome price. You rock Marie!!

Cheryl said...

would say A ...not because of price, because buying 4-5 stamps on their own comes up to around £45. I like sets like this. Its nice because instead of searching store to store for certain stamps...they are all on 1 sheet.

And the digi is awesome.

Also so excited for Wednesday !!


Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

I love the drummer guy! Too cute!!!

I think the set of stamps for the price is a bargain and suspect it will be a good seller for you (A). For me personally, I would prefer you sell them individually instead, since I wouldn't want them all (C)... but I still think that it is probably a GREAT idea for business to sell them as a set.

Tink said...

They are sooo CUTE! I think its GREAT that we can get them all at once!

Tasha said...


Cant wait for the challenge!
love tasha xx

Krista's Design said...

Ow... I really love this drummerboy!
Pick me... pick me.... Hihi...

And about the Big sets I would have to say... I want that big set for this great price...

Can't wait for the start of the contest...


Jacqueline said...

I like the boy very well,one off the kids i'm working with is a drummer he give a big yell that i must make that one for him if he see this one and i think 4 times a year a set with stamp.

denean said...

It's C for me....

BUT I MUST HAVE the drummer digi! Oh my gosh He is awesome!! My hubs plays drums and I could totally put this to good use! :)

Rachet said...

A) for me!!! I want them all now! Hehe! I love the drummer! So cool! Can't wait for the challenge to start!! So excited & a tad nervous! X

Pryn said...

Hmmm...I'm going to go with A. I may not be able to purchase when I want them, but I could always save up for them :) Where there is a will, there is a way ;)

Claudine Poch said...

I'm going to go with "A." I want all the stamps anyway, so I might as well get a good deal on them. Great drummer guy!

Heidi Brawley said... your drummer! Too cute! Umm....The huge set is cute but Yes pricey all at once for me to do! Hugs, Heidi

Erin said...

love the drum set! just imagining the possibilities!
As far as the big sets go, I think I'd be all over it! plus, you could always split the set with a friend ( or two)

Alison said...

I love this drummer! He's awesome! I would say "A," cause I love a great deal! And this set is awesome! However, I don't think that a ton of people would be able to afford it right included. Just one more thing to covet... ;}

lesleyworth said...

$48??? I'm so buying! So A all the way!

Southern Moments said...

Nice to see some guy stuff...would love this stamp!

margie c said...

OMG! I love this drummer!!! He is soooo rockin' cute!


Can't wait to see what our first challenge will be on Wednesday :)

Happy Monday!
hugs, margie

Rachel said...

The Drummer is fantastic. And I would say 'A'. I am okay with a big set here and there!

Jessica said...

I would say A. Great deal, and awesome to get a bunch of new stamps at once!! Love that drummer too! would be fabulous for some teen cards, boy birthdays are the hardest to design for, so this would be awesome!!

Jennifer said...

I guess I've bought more single stamps from you, than I have groups like this one. But for that price...I may be persuaded to vote for A.

Stacey said...

Love the drummer! I would probably answer b. Either way works, it just how I need to budget! Thanks!

Jenn Borjeson said...

a.) I will TOTALLY buy this sheet of rubber and not blink an eye! hee hee

LOVE the drummer - I have a good friend who plays the drums and can already picture a sweet card I could make him with this! :)

Chelsea said...

I'm gonna say C just because I'm not in love with all of them on that sheet. I would need to be in love with a majority of them to spend $50 bucks on stamps. YIKES!

Love the little drummer boy by the way and loving all the creepers your posting.

AShu93 said...

I'm leaning towards "c". I probably would get a couple of them, but not all. The big sheet is a great value, but only if you want all the characters.

Naoual said...

I would say "A", 10 images for that prize really is a bargain, so I would love to buy a set like that every once in a while! As long as you keep bringing out the single stamps too, I'm a happy girl. LOL!
TGF really is addictive, Love everything you come up with!

The drummer is so cute!!! Great job, Marie!

Big Hugs, Naoual xx

anabellpepper said...

I love the idea of getting that whole sheet all at once. what a great idea. And even if I didn't use all of those images myself, my girls would love using them, too. As far as the cost, I think that it is a fair deal when considering how much each stamp would sell for individually. There are so many characters on the sheet that it makes it a steal.

Tammy D said...

Love the drummer. And the sheet. I say A, but you should release this individual too. Sometimes I can afford the whole thing, but sometimes I can't and it help if a can at least get a few.

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

I prefer them singly, in part because I already have several of these as digis anyway. Of course, that may not always be the case that I already have some. But I find it easier to justify spending $5 or $10 here and there on my craft projects, as opposed to $50 in one shot. Also, I'm still a little intimidated by rubber -- I started this hobby with digis, and although I have purchased some TGF rubber stamps, I haven't worked up the nerve to try them yet! So I prefer single digis over all else.

Love the drummer!

Lorraine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thebug415 said...

Oh this is a tough question. I am going to go with C, but I do like to buy complete sets too. I guess I pick C though because we are a single income family, and it is hard for me to drop that much at once for stamps. I would hate to have to miss out because I can't afford them. However maybe you could offer BOTH A and C so those that can do, and those of us that can't still have a chance.

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

WOW!! Lots going on today!! I am so excited that I won last weeks digi...thanks!! I love the new roll call...."A". Love the new digi and can't. Can't wait till the challenge begins....think I covered it all...LOL

Lorraine said...

well i would say A as they are all so beautifully drawn i want them all lol
love the drummer boy he is gorgeous i need him aswell xx

Bobbi said...

I love the drummer boy! Yeeeaaa, more boy images. I would say A because you are getting a lot of stamps for a value price but if all the images did not appeal to someone they might not order it because they only wanted one or two images

Stephanie J said...

I LOOOVE the drummer boy!!! (HA, seriously, Christmas cards are rolling through my head right now...)

RE: Kits - ToTALLY "A" - I would love to be able to buy them in one fell swoop. Question: I know they're untrimmed, but are they on cling?

Seline said...

I love the drummer! As to the sheet of rubber, yes, I would buy it but some might have problems with the price. Perhaps half-sheets released a couple of months apart?

Genetta said...

I'd buy the set! I think it's great!

The drummer is the cutest! I'm in love!

Can't wait for Wednesday...

JenRaff said...

The drummer is such an awesome digi!!! He looks so great!
For the question, I would say "A". The value for all those stamps would be worth it.
And, yes! Totally thought of the book when the team name was picked -- thought you would get a kick out of that. But, ultimately, it was because we are all in very different time zones and it fit. I sent you an email about adding a fifth team member and I will make a note of the information under the post for teams.

Lawren said...

The drummer is cute! I want him.

For the question, I would say "A" - I want them ALL!!!!

Jenn said...

LOVE the big set! I'll be ordering it as soon as it's released! So my answer is A!

debbif said...

Oh my goodness, that drummer is toooo much!!! I really need him, how adorable. I would have to say "A", I will save up for it. It is pricey, but as you say you are getting a lot of stamps. Now, on with the competition - this is going to be great!!!!

This N That said...

While that's an AMAZING deal, I would say C, because for me, I usually only get like one at at time. Maybe two. So, maybe you can still release a few single??

Anonymous said...

I'll go with A and C...... I think it's really cool to have such a huge kit for only 48$.... but in the mean time, I understand those who say they're not interested in all the stamps in the kit.... That's why I'm a bit torn between the 2 answers.... I know when I finally get a job I'll probably buy the kit, but as of now, I would have to buy them individually, you know what I mean?

April said...

I love the Drummer!! How cool is he?? Would be the perfect image for a card for the little boy I 16months he loves to drum!!

I would buy a set, as long as I knew the price going into it!! More bang for the buck, so to speak!

Larisa said...

Ummm...A!!! I love the idea of getting these guys at half the price. I'm a sucker for a sale and I always love all your images so A, totally~

Jackie said...

I would very much say "A" for this one. I would look at it as a 'kit' instead of the single releases you have, some sites sell 'kits' for a lot more then what you are proposing, plus if I were to order them all separately it would be so much more expensive!

Angela said...

Love this Creepy Drummer Image!! I am so excited with all the Creepy images!! Can't wait!!!
I am An "A" girl!! I would want them, all on one sheet!! Because it saved me some money I could afford to buy the whole release instead of just a few!! I love being able to buy a whole sheet!! And if everyone knows in advance they would be able to put some money back each week for the release!!

jigglymills said...

Would love the drummer for my daughters stuff! He is awesome!

As for big sets, hmmm.... it depends on if my hubbie is watching my expenses that month! Probably would have to go with one at a time or maybe even a little smaller set? :)

Yolanda said...

Who wouldn't want that digi drummer? He is totally awsome!!!

I'd go for C, not everyone can afford the big set, but everyone can buy a single stamp. Maybe you could make both so we can choose?
Thanks anyway!
Hugs Yolanda

Joanne Gilch said...

I love the drummer and his "hauk" (that's my term for faux hawk) and would love to have him.
Big set..? my answer is A a buck or win it. Wouldn't that be the best deal evah!!

Anonymous said...

"A" is a great deal!

Dee said...

A. Would definitely buy a bigger kit a few times/year! loe the drummer boy!

4guysandagirl said...

I LOVE the DRUMMER!!! He's so stinkin cute!!!

weewiccababe said...

definitely A - yes its a lot of money to part with in one go - but look at the saving!!
its also a great way of increasing your stamp collection, again at a huge saving
so big thumbs up from me

Camishel said...

I love love love the drummer boy! He totally is rockin! I would totally say "A" cause it sounds like a great your stamps! Cami

Marcy said...

OHHHH, I love these guys. Can't you release them as digis??? Then I can get them all!!!
Oh and I love the drummer. My son is a drummer and I would love, love, love this!

AnnikaS said...

I really love the drummer boy!
The answer for me would be "A". I tend to buy a lot of stamps at the same time anyway.

twinkles11 said...

cute drummer boy! love the stamps so much...
i think the price is fine.

Michele L. said...

Yes I would love a kit like this.

Mary said...

I would go with "A" I love your stamps and is cheaper by dozen LOL!!

The drummer rocks!!!

Dana White said...

The drummer rocks! I wouldn't buy the entire set; as a Canadian shopper I always have to consider customs etc so individual stamps are the best option.

DominoDebi said...

I like the idea of a big set BUT I don't like all the stamps here - half of them look like the can barely keep their eyes open or are angry about something. If you do a big sheet, great - but I wouldn't include anybody who wasn't perky/happy on it. I just can't use images that look like this.

Thanks for asking our opinion!

Jamie said...

Love the drummer boy! too cute!! :)

I'm so sorry that I missed this design team challenge-is there any open spots I can jump in at?

also-I would buy the big set, thought I think you should sell them indiviudally too, but then discount it if they buy the whole set. so that way everyone is happy

Sandy S. said...

I love the drummer boy!
I would say B. It doesn't matter either way. If I like them I would buy them as a set or singles.

Lysa said...

Oh, this is totally cool.. I know a couple of people I could use this image to make a card for!! LOVE IT!

Kimberly S said... the drummer!

Totally 'A'...I love sets/kits and you can't beat the price at that discount! :)

Lucky_Ink said...

The drummer. My two sons play the drums and
for a 6 and 3 year old, they are pretty awesome!!

As far as the stamps go... Love the value pack
and the value pricing. With three kids, I have
pinch every penny to keep up on my passion for


Stampi said...

I say (A)most for sure...I am in for the image darling him ..need him... my son plays drums so this would the way Mohawks are still alive and well out here...its the faux hawks that took to the wayside..but having said that. I still think a mohawk would be great because it is the iconic look of the bad boy punk rocker...just a

José said...

I say: A
I love these so I like to pay for the whole set!!
And the drummer guy is so awsome!!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Hi Marie, you missed my team:

Our team is Card Sprouts!

Lisa Hjulberg (The Craft's Meow) - Team Leader
Kristine Breach (Ink Something)
Kim Yu (Kimbee's Creations)
Sue Kment (Sue's Stamping Stuff)
Pam Sparks (Expressions With Heart)

Woo hoo!!! We're ready to go!!!

March 21, 2010 7:29 PM

Maz said...

I'd say "a" but potentially have them all as digi too? That way people could buy them separately if they wanted without you having to get them all done in rubber individually.
Loving the drummer dude and can't wait for the creepies!
Maz x

resmith said...

Who doesn't love a bargain, I would go with "A" especially since it would take so long to get them all.

Raven said...

C. WOOW I'm a budget girl so the price is a bit steep. However, you do get a lot of stamps. Idk I think I would pass and just ew and ah at all the creations.

Iris said...

Oh wow that drummer is just way too cool! =) Love him!!!

And as for the big sheet or not...for me it is A because this is a great deal you can't beat. You're getting lots of cute rubbah for your money!

Looking so forward to Wednesday!


djones said...

Love the new drummer dude!!!!

I would buy a sheet of rubber with several stamps on it. Thanks for making great stamps.

Shaela said...

The drummer is awesome! And the teams look great, so excited. I would vote C. I rarely ever buy big kits of stamps, because one, they are far more expensive, and two, I don't usually want ALL the stamps in a single kit. I like being able to buy just my favorites... even the Miss Anya sets get me pondering whether it's worth it for all three, lol!

Chris said...

It depends - because it's a bigger sheet will shipping be higher too?

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Can I offer another alternative - maybe 6 to a sheet instead?

jan farnworth said...

i think a kit is a good idea and if i like enough images in the set then i would probably figure out a way to get it. But if i only like one or two i liked to know that at some point i be able to get the images i really like. Maybe you can release some of the ones in the kit as a digi before you able to get them out as rubber. Love the drummer.

Susan said...

Whoopsie! Didn't intend to delete my previous post. My bad!

I would definitely go with "A" since it wouldn't be how all the images are released, and at half-price, how can you go wrong?

Just a note: I don't see our challenge team listed - The Soul Sistahs. :-( I commented Sunday morning; did we miss a deadline posted somewhere?

Fay said...

I vote for "A". It really is a great deal and I love all the stamps. Thanks for the opportunity to vote!

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

Loving the big set - and that's a great price! So yep, having a big set every so often works for me. :)

LOVE the drummer. :D

Sweet Bumbles said...

"A" for sure! You get more for your money and they're all so cute that I'd have to have them all :)

Kassiah said...

Oooh I love the drummer! Thanks for the chance to win!

I'd love the Set A but think it'd be great to release as individuals too.

Erin said...

I would say A, as long as I love the images it's worth it to me.

SandyPie said...

D: Digi stamps

I think most of the problem could be solved with digi stamps, but that's just me, I'm horrible at stamping!!! And I'm sensitive to rubber/latex and so is my son so it's unlikely I'll buy a physical product. But I love playing with them in PSE.

Or A, I'd buy them as a big digi set too. Maybe since most of the issue seems to be CU, can't you make a screen in the checkout process that lists your TOU with the product and they have to digitally "sign" the TOU as PU before they can download? Just a thought. I love your work, but rubber stamps just aren't going to happen with me.

BTW that drummer is just too cute and he's super cool too, well done!! I'm hoping you'll add him to the digi purchase options, my littlest would love him, heck, so would my husband!

Penni said...

I would say definately A


Catherine said...

LOOOVE the drummer and his faux hawk! What a riot!
I am *trying* to watch my pennies, and also reduce the amount of unused rubbah I've collected. Since the power to create a 28 hour day still eludes me, I have to say "C" so that I could pick and choose individual stamps. The ideal would be to have the option of buying as a set or indivually.
Can't wait for the team challenges to begin!!!!

Sprytebyrd said...

LOVE the digi! So cute!

As for the set.. I would say A, then C... maybe A for those that would buy the big set for a few months, and then release it as singles... I would totally buy the big set - IF I could... but would probably have to limit to singles for now.

Isabelle said...

"A" it's pricey but if you calculate it, it's much cheaper per stamp.
oh yeah! drummer boy is totally awesome, i hope i win this one!

SemSee said...

Love the digi drummer boy - I definitely want him!! Thanks for the chance! :o)

I would have to say A) as I would love to buy that huge kit for $48!!! Bargain!

Looking forward to the Royal Battles - the contest is sure going to rock!

Hugs, Sem x

Paperaddict said...

He is just sooo coool!
Me want - yeahhhh! and for the questian, I would say A - want them all!

daisy said...

hi i would say a its a great price fot this sheet. love the digi


Angie said...

I love that new digi! I NEED him in rubber! A whole band would be AWESOME! Our family is quite musical and it would be so cool to have us in stamps! lol! I love the idea of having an occasional HUGE set, the price is cool with me so I pick answer A!!!

WickedPixie said...

Ok, this is a digi that I am going to be heartbroken over if I can't have!!! Please let us buy it at some point if we don't win it!!
And as for the new set Roll Call - I want them all anyway, so I love that they are all together!! I vote A! :-)Traci

judy said...

This image would be perfect for my Green day concert scrap page....too too cute!!! will this be available for purchase??? I hope so!!

As for the big, i would buy it in a heartbeat. Even if the cost is higher is still a good deal...too bad Joseph is not in that pack..I'm addicted to your stamps!!

MommaJess said...

Love the new digi drunner. That's fun.

As for the set I say C and the reason is that there are those of us who can't afford to buy the sets. Personally I can barely afford to buy the singles. Maybe if you want to do something nice for those that cann afford alot of stamps then give them a discount when they order more than a certain amount of singles. Also what happens if you only want one or two of the stamps in a set, you aren't going to want to spend all that money if you are only going to use a couple stamps.

Jodi C. said...

If it was within my budget I would say A. But since I can't afford it, I worry I would be missing out on some of the great stamps on the sheet. Would they be released as a digi or only in this way??
I LOVE them, of course!!! And I LOVE this drummer digi!!!WOW!!!

faithnme said...

I so love this little drummer... I would have to go with A... I think that if you get a great deal on cost why not,. and coming on its TGF :0)

Jen Shults said...

Oooh, love that new image!! It's wonderful. I can't wait to get some of these new darker/creepier images! They rock!!! I'd have to say my answer is A. That's a fantastic deal. I might not do it all the time but if the image mix was right I'd be all over it.

Anonymous said...

As far as the big set goes I think it is an awesome valu....and I would purchase it if I had enough extra cash...I love all the images in the set (unlike most sets), I think it would definately sell...

Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

I would love to have the drummer boy - you are so awesome to have the foresight to create him as an alterable!

For the set - YES. I would buy it. It's a great deal!!
scrapacat at yahoo dot com

Nicole said...

Love love LOVE the drummer!!! And I defintely choose "A'. I's a lot of value for the money.

Gina said...

Love the drummer! I love the idea of being able to buy an entire sheet of stamps instead of buying them individually.

donna mikasa said...

I would have to go with "a" because that is such a great deal! And I don't want to wait!!
And may I add that you outdid yourself with that drummer dude...he's awesome!

Marsha said...

wauw ! this drummmer boy is totally amazing ! really love that you can put other cuties in his place ;-)

i would choose a for the 'poll' ;-)


Lesley said...

I love the idea of the huge set with *fab* savings! Now, there are a few people who might not be interested in all the images (I know, for shame ;) ) so I'm thinking you might be pressed to release them as individuals as well. As far as the expense, so long as they aren't "limited edition", I don't mind saving a bit for my fix...

But, most importantly, I can tell my hubby "I just ordered ONE THING this time" :)

Jacilynn said...

cute drummer!

Geri said...

Definitely "A"....what better way to justify purchasing this amazing set...."Honey, just look at all the money I saved!"
I spend hours and hours coloring your stamps that I currently own so I can forsee a whole lot of later nights with a set like this! Thrifty thinking!

JessicaK said...

i'd say "A" - it's pricier but definitely a better value than one at a time, AND we get to play with them all together that way.

Erica said...

First of all, I can't wait for Wednesday. Secondly, I heart the drummer. He is too cute. Finally, I would say A and D. I know there was no D, but I am adding D myself. D)
More of these should be released as digis so I can change the size and I don't have to wait for the mail man!

JJ Sobey said...

I would say one at a time, because I like to pick and choose my favorite stamps instead of buying sets.

Sets usually stops me from buying anything.

Dora said...

How cute is that drummer!

I would go with A and C. I love the opportunity to buy a bunch for a bargain, but would like the option to buy just one or two at the full price. Does that make sense?

yoorah said...

Love the idea - "A" is my vote! Drummer boy is awesome!

Devlin said...

Oooooo, he's soooo cute! I love him and indeed great to alter.

As for the question.... I tend choose A, but it depends....sometimes you like or want only a few instead of all. Think eventually it would be A. ;-)

Aussie Loz said...

A) Love sets!! Great bargain prices for amazing images!! Love sets!
Love the creepie drummer! Perfect for teen boys!! Can't wait to see what Wednesday's challenge is!!!! xx

Arianne said...

This set is adorable, so many new images!

Love the new digi as weel!

*Alison* said...

love the drummer

Elaine Livesey said...

As for the bigger sets, I hope I'll be able to buy them from my usual supplier here in the UK?
I'd certainly be buying them.
(How's about a nice big set of the creepies, pretty please?)
Best wishes
Elaine xx

Donalda said...

I have to say A. These images are so adorable and I think the price is very well dear. Hugs

Anonymous said...

I would like them released one single at a time because then you can pick and choose the ones you want.

Cheri Howard said...

"A", "A," and thousand times "A"! It is money well spent! =d

Katie said...

That drummer is very COOL!
As for your question, it would all depend on how many of the 10 I liked (or loved). Though I like almost all of the image, there are some that I just don't see myself using that often and so I might not buy it. On the other hand, it would be cheaper in the long run, so, I'd have to say I'd definately be a B! Haha, a little wishy-washy you think?

CindyT said...

I would say "B". I like the idea of a big set at a great price but would also like the option of individual pieces. I love TGF!!! Thanks, Cindy

KanataNewf said...

Love the drummer!!!! And honestly, I don't think $48 is too much for a set like roll-call....well worth it.

Kim Etherington said...

I probably wouldn't buy a whole sheet.. too much money at one time for me and then don't have my pick of my ones I'd really want to spend my money on. Maybe, a mixture of both the full sheet and have a vote to see what everyone's fav's are and then release them seperately??

cgl1539 said...

Love the drummer, he is so cute. If I had the money A would definetly be my answer since dont I would like them to be singles also if possible.

Alyssa S said...

Love the drummer! He's fab!!
I would have to say 'C' b/c although the value is awesome, I would rather buy the images that I like the best to be able to save some money for other purchases - ah, the life and budget of unemployment!

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