Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little Update

Hi Friends! The voting for the contest has started! But there were a few teams whose card were accidentally not in the gallery early this morning that I had to re-upload. My deepest apologies to those teams but please understand that voting does not end til Tuesday so there's still a lot of time.

Also because of this situation, I will be changing this week's finalists count from 30 to 45. So now 15 more teams have a chance of going into the next round.


~Rach said...

That's really nice of you Marie, thanks so much!

jigglymills said...

Where do we vote? :) I am such a ditz

Angie said...

Aw, how sweet! Thanks for everything, this is a super fun contest!

Stephanie J said...


As part of one of the teams who's card was eaten by cyberspace, I'd just like to say thanks, and to let you know how much the extra gesture means!

International Ink thanks you!!!!

Jamie said...

that's awesome! thank you.

also-do we get 3 votes per day, or just 3 votes during the duration of the voting period

Sammi said...

That's really kind!

Cheri Howard said...

Ummm, did our team leader send in a card for Brighty Almighty? I don't see one in the gallery. =(