Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Battle Challenge Week 2

Hiya stampers! There are actually two posts today so remember to scroll down to read our 'Charity Card Drive'.

So we have had a wonderful first week with this DT battle and we are ready for round 2!!! I want to say thank you to every team who participated in the first round and even if you may not be continuing on with the contest, I hope that you will support the other teams and still participate in the voting! So without any further stalling... here are the the teams that will be going on into the next round!! We actually had several ties for the 45th place so the total team going on to round 2 is more than the expected 45.

Contenders for this week include:

The Sunny Patch
BC Farmers
The Rosebuds
Card Sprouts
Crazy Copic Chicks
The Forest Farmers
Time Travelers
Delicious Delights
The Embosslits
Lemon Drops
Sassy Lassies
Farm Fresh Fairies
The Stampin Farmettes Sisters
The Cheeky Girls
Team HO
The Glitter Sisters
Quixotic Stampers
Frenzied Farmers 
Stamp Rockers
International Ink
Stampers of Darkness
Fueled by Caffeine
The Soul Sistahs
Greeting Farm Mommas
The Farmaholics
Ink Tossers
Downunder Divas 
Inky Girls
Faux Farmers
Sparkly Ink
Show Stampers
The Crafty Chicks
Friends Having Fun
Friendly Farmers
Coast to Coast Stampers
Stampin Farmettes
The Lollipop Guild
The Dutch Farm Girls
Team Moxie
TGF Junkies
The Strikers
Stampin Divas
Card crusaders
Happy Stampy
Sunshine Risers 
The Dream Team
Little Star Shooters
The New Englanders

The Easel Card
  sample by Jodi-Ann

The Challenge: Create an easel card!  Here is a tutorial I found on how to make an easel card:
What teams need to do: Discuss amongst your team members who will be creating this card. Only one member will be doing this. The member will have to email their team leader their finished project. This must be a different member than the previous. Every week we want to see a new member participating so that every team members gets a chance to show off their skills!

Due Date: Team Leaders will need to email me the final project no later than Saturday, April 3rd, 11:59pm. You can email your projects as early as you wish.
Please email me at:
Subject Heading: Battle Week 2
Please include: Your team name in the email and also the member who did the project. Please name your file with your team name. For example: MyTeam_week2.jpg

Teams are not to upload their projects. TGF will be in charge of uploading everyone's projects.

Voting: Voting/commenting will last Sunday-Tuesday evening. Everyone has 3 days to cast their vote, so don't feel rushed. It's actually better if you all don't vote at the same time and crash the website. haha.

All entries will be located in the
galleria > contests/challenges > TGF ROYAL BATTLE > Week 2. 

Please DO NOT vote/comment on your own team. Each person can vote 3 times so please select your top 3 favorites and vote for them. Please only vote once per card. Please DO NOT create different ids to vote for your own team.

Next Wednesday we will announce the top 25 teams that will go onto the next round. So best of luck to everyone and remember... more than anything, HAVE FUN!

Today's question is: How many framed pictures do you have on your wall?

Ohhh... easy. I have 2. ahahaha how sad is that?


Ria said...

Whoohoooo we got to the second round ;) doing a happy dance ;)
I have 1 frame on my wall with 3 pictures in it from Nicky my yellow front amazone parrot who died 5 years ago. I can't miss him ;)
hugss Ria

Christine said...

I'm really bad beacause I don't have any photos on my wall. I usually have several but haven't gotten them hung back up since I moved here 2 years ago!!!

I'm so happy we made it and I love to make easel cards so this is great!!!


Sammi said...

yay! So pleased we made it to the next round! THANKS!

we have 11 framed pictures plus a few unframed (although some are painting.. do paintings count in the question?) :D

Lucky_Ink said...

3! One for each of my lovely children.

1LuvnMama said...

I have 5 and congratulations to all the TEAMS!

Krista's Design said...

Yay!!! We are through!!!
Uhm... we have a lot of pictures on our walls... incl. paintings... 20 on the walls... We have a glass plate on our coffee table. There are several pictures below. And we have a digital photoframe... On this we have 100 pictures... So a lot of pictures overhere... :D

☼ Cheryl* said...

I only have 1 framed picture haha!

Well done everyone!!

KmoRakefet said...


I have 6 in the living room.
plus one picture on a canvas created by my 14 years girl. yess

2 in the bedroom, 2 in the children's room and another 2 in the girl's room :-)

Tink said...

I have 15 Framed pictures hanging in my living room.

Lynda Nielsen said...

So glad we're going to the 2nd round. Phew, wiping my brow! ha ha
Okay you would ask a question that actually makes me think too early in the morning. I have approximately 14 framed pictures on the wall. but not all on the same wall! ha ha
Have a great Day!

Aussie Loz said...

I have so many framed photos of the kids and my family.. that they've spilled over onto every ledge and shelf in our house! I love the smiling happy reminders of why I love my life!! xx

~Rach said...

Family pictures alone...9 at LEAST. My family is my #1 ;0)

Congrats to all the teams, SUPER excited to be moving on, yay!!!

Sheng said...

Congrats on every team who got to the second round!!!

To answer the question, I actually have none on my wall, isn't that sad?

southernscraps said...

Just three on the wall. There should be tons of them if I did all I intended to, but just three.

April said...

I am not even going to count how many pictures we have on our is a hobby of mine; and I go in spurts of hanging "collections." I even have ahanging mobile of photos!!

Congrats to all the teams and to TGF -- it is great to see all the friendly competition! We are excited to still be in it with such talent!!

Joanne Gilch said...

Too many photos to count. the stairway isn't full yet and plenty on one wall in the LR and then our office (spare bedroom) has six, my card room a few and the mancave has four. Didn't even mention the other bedrooms that all have at least one.
Thank you to all the voters...we made the cut...whooo hooo.
easel cards are easily my favorite.

Renie said...

Second we come!!!
I have tones of pic collages in my hallway, and I stamp the photo mats to not look so BLAH!

~*Joni said...

Yay everyone!!!
What an awesome easel sample from Jodi. :D
6 kids, but only 5 framed photos. lol! They're all group ones though. ;)

AShu93 said...

Yikes, I only have 1, that's even more sad :(

Toothy said...

Yay Congrats to all the teams,
We currently don't have anything hanging up, we just built a house and moved and my husband doesn't want to mess up the dry wall. haha

Stephanie J said...

Congrats, everyone! There were lots of great cards shown this weekend!

I have... nothing on my walls. Yet. I'm not sure where I packed the family photos... or the frames. If you're moving, it really should be done all at once - not in various stages over 10 months! (Long story.)

Carol said...

Congrats teams!! I love easel cards too, they are so easy to do.

I had to walk thru the house to count...I have 22 framed pictures. I need more of my poor son! I think he is only like 2 of the 22, lol!!

Stampi said...

I beat you have one...oh dear that is not just have not chose a paint colour yet and so have not put up any photos...I do have frames though...

Sonya said...

So excited we made it to the 2nd round. Yeah! In a total of 11 framed pictures hainging on my living room wall. It is a shrine to my family!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Let's see, just doing a mental tour of the house.... at least 25 framed pictures. (And we have dozens left to frame, but we're pretty much out of wall space because of all my bookshelves!)

Sue D said...

We have at least 22 framed pictures on the walls.

GobeaGirl said...

Wow, we made it to round 2...yay! I have to admit that I have 6 framed pictures in our living room and they are all ones that I have taken of my two children. heehee. Photography is my utmost favorite thing to do and my kids have always been my favorite subjects. So I take a picture of them together and blow it up and frame it. It makes me happy everytime I walk into the room. Hugs, Lisa G

jigglymills said...

Made it to the second round! Yea! Let's see... so far I have counted 23! Most of it is the kid's are I framed to decorate the house. :)

Chelsea said...

ON the wall? unless you count art and not photos, I have 6. Otherwise I only have 3 but LOTS sitting around in frames.

Anonymous said...

We have six pictures on the walls!

Deirdre said...

woohoo...we are through... phew... since I did the card... lots of pressure!!!!! onto the next team member now... yipee...

Two on the wall in my office space... and 4 on the shelf framed.

Donna said...

I have 12 pictures on my walls. Congrats to the battle challenge winners!!!

Marsha said...

Good luck to all the teams who are through to the next round :-D

I only have pictures of my dog on the wall, 4 big framed pictures and 1 collage (also framed) ...


Meg said...

I have 0. Ha! I just moved in though, so I'm working on fixing that :)

Jovita AKA Tia Goofy said...

I have too many photos on my wall I love my family and I need to spread the love on my walls!

This N That said...

YAY! Excitment!

We only have 2 at the moment...we are moving, he, he, he...but I usually have about4 or 5.

Angie said...

FUN! I am so glad to see we made it to the next round, and I've been wanting to make an easel card! woohoo! Oh, I have about 10 framed pics along my stairs.

MommaJess said...

YAY we made it into the next round. Congrats to everyone who made it.

I have I have 7 art prints in our great room and 2 large photos of the kids

Jenny V. said...

Yay we made it to the next round too. Congrats to the teams, everyone did a fabulous job. I have 5 frames on my wall, a picture of my family & some individual picture of my son. Now it's time to take a new family portrait.

donna mikasa said...

Congrats to al the teams that made it through to week 2! I see all of my faves made it! Woo hoo!
Just one framed photo collage on on my wall...

dmbennett said...

Congrats on the teams that made it to round 2. I have about 7 framed photos on the wall. 6 of them are of the 3 kids and one is my wedding photo....

JenRaff said...

On to Challenge 2 -- yay!!! I have never made a easel card like that so this really will be a challenge!
We have several framed prints all over the house but no pictures of my family. Never thought about it until now. That is kind of funny. I have pictures frames on tables and scattered though.

Amy said...

Whoo hoo for Team Lollipop Guild! So glad you guys made it to round 2!! Good luck everyone for this round, easel cards are so fun!! Can't wait to see what everyone creates!

Amy said...

Oh and somehow i missed the whole question thing...I have a are EVERYWHERE in my house lol!!

Anki said...

Yes! We made it to round no 2. The Rosebuds are now a bunch of happy ladies ;-)
On my wall - the one that I'm looking at right now - I have two large one's - one of our son in Vienna (when he was 10 months old) and the other one is of a flower from our garden. Kram - Anki

Bobbi said...

I have 24 framed pictures on my wall plus a lot sitting around on tables, mantel, etc. Congrats to all the teams moving on.

KanataNewf said...

Congrats to everyone who played in Round 1 - the voting was very difficult as all the creations were stunning. As for the QOTD - I think we have a grand total of five framed pictures on the walls in our house...and two of them are in one of our bathrooms! But we also have crazy things like swords, a family shield and guitars adorning our walls so....

Heather said...

YAY for round 2! Congratulations ladies!!!
On my walls .. since we removed al wallpaper and painted approx 2 years ago, I hung 3 framed photos back up. There are approx 15 framed photos in a stack in my closet, now that is sad!

FibreJunky said...

I have a whole 4 - and only one of them is of any of my children. How awful is that???