Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Growing Pains...

Hey everyone,

I was going to post Top Crop Tuesday today but it appears that our website and galleria are playing games with us again...and unfortunately, this time, it's a bit more serious :(

As of now, our website is down and we are unsure as to when it will be back up.   Because of this, here are a few FAQ's you might need/want to know:

1.)  We are TERRIBLY sorry.   At a time where orders are being fulfilled at a higher volume than ever before with our wonderful new CHA customers and our current retails customers-you KNOW we love you guys!-this is very disheartening.   Marie is going through the necessary reboot/recovery process for the site BUT, we are not sure how much was lost.

2.)  WHY did this happen?   Well, truth be told, we're really not sure, but it appears to be a very large growing pain.   It seems that what was once our "splendid" little site just can't handle the number of hits/uploads but we don't have an official 'diagnosis' yet as the IT side still can't figure it out either.   TGF does not have their own IT department, unfortunately.  So, when these things happen, we rely on the assistance of the third party who hosts our site and we are waiting to see what they say.

3.)  Is there ANY good news?   YES.   TGF will be launching a NEW and can I just say AWESOME website in the coming months, HOPEFULLY by the end of April.   But in the mean time, we really appreciate  you "growing" with us, even when there are pains!!!

4.)  What will be done in the meantime?

THIS is the important part.   PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

a.)  IF you made a digital purchase yesterday:  Please email your receipt to Marie at thegreetingfarm at gmail dot com.   We will do our best to get you your digi asap.

b.) IF you placed an order off the retail site and were CHARGED (you will have a receipt for this-if the site did not generate a receipt and/or take you to Paypal, we can assure you that you were NOT charged), please email a copy of your receipt to Marie at the above email just so we can make sure we have your order in the system.


As stated above, Marie and the hosting co. are in the process of seeing what can be recovered from the website.   It is POSSIBLE that it may be back up and running (only the basics, no fancy schmancy stuff :) today or tomorrow, BUT, this completely depends on how much we can recover.

IF worse comes to worse, until the new site is ready, we will load ALL CURRENT INVENTORY on the blog w/ a link to paypal like the old days until the new website is launched.

PREVIEWS, New releases, etc. are all still set to go as planned right now.  We will keep you posted!!!

Last but not least, again, THANK YOU.   I hope this will alleviate some questions but in the meantime please be patient emailing Jessica or Marie as we are getting swamped with emails regarding this very sad little website issue for the Farm.   We appreciate ALL of you and thank you SOOOOOOO much for your patience!

Thanks for growing with us!


Leanne said...

Jessica & Marie,
Thanks for the info.. IT issues are so hard to figure out when they aren't in house. Appreciate all the details.

Stephanie J said...

You know, it IS a farm...and there are animals on this farm...so... poop happens! =)

We all {heart} you two and the farm - even if some people get grumpy, know that most of us won't let a little glitch take away from our love for TGF! (Oh yes, and thank you for the heads up on the problems...it'll all get worked out in due time.)

GobeaGirl said...

Sorry to hear of your growing pains. I am sure like growning pains that soon they will subside and it will be just fine. In the meantime, I will gladly wait it out with you.. I so love your stamps and wouldn't leave for anything. Hugs, Lisa G

Tammy D said...

Wow, I'm glad you shared what's going on. Your customers and fans do really appreciate it. Hang in there it will get better.

Rachel Hope said...


Sonya said...

WOW. Knew something was because of the way the site came up last evening. So sorry to hear about these "growing pains". While they are not fun dealing with, it is exciting to know why they are happening. So congrats on the "Big Growth". Even though it is overwhelming the web site and the problems are bad news over all it really is Fabulous NEWS for TGF! A small but necessary "Growing Pain" to have Dreams Coming True. Hugs!

Andrea6760 said...

So sorry to hear of the growing pains, but on a positive note, it means that everyone loves your site as much as I do! Im so happy that TGF is growing for you!

Please know that I understand that sometimes things happen that you have no control of or without warning. Take the time that you need to make the necessary corrections/changes and I will be patiently waiting for things to be back to normal.

You guys are awesome and I personally appreciate all of the work everyone does to keep this site such a great place to visit!

Good Luck on a quick and easy solution,

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry about all of your technical difficulties! Your keeping us informed only solidifies why we love you all so much and can forgive anything! Hang in there!

Shaela said...

oh dear! I hope you guys can get it resolved soon. But yay that you're growing so much, eh? ;) can't wait for the new site!

Gabby said...

Oh man...I'm sorry to hear of these difficulties! I saw the glitch last night as I headed (or tried to) into the galleria and saw that it was down. I hope Marie and Co. can get this fixed.

I'm a fan of the farm...so I'm sitting here right besides you...growing pains or not!

Jen Shults said...

Oh man. Hang in there girls. I just can't imagine the mess this is but I know you'll get it all straightened out. Good luck with those IT helpers. Thanks for the heads up. :D Huge HUGS!! :D

Carol said...

Thanks for the update...we will be here ready and waiting when you are up and running. I will TRY not to log on every hour, lol!! Seriously...no apologies needed, great site, great product, great service - I know you will do your best! Good luck!

Mary Friederichsen said...

Hang in there!
I can't even figure out my blog half the time...,it just happens by accident a lot of the time!lol...so I can't even imagine trying to deal with this! Yikes!

Stay strong!
Hugs to you all!!

donna mikasa said...

Sorry to hear about your IT issues...I'm sure your new website will be so worth the wait! Thanks for keeping us updated, and hang in there! I will..!

JAN said...

sorry to hear about your difficulties and hope you get things sorted soon i have forwarded my recent order to the email address just incase its gone awry..thaks Jan

Emma said...

What a bugger! On the plus side it is fantastic that TGF is growing so much, knew it would as TGF is awesome, as are all of the wonderful girls who are associated with TGF. Love you guys and look forward to the new site!

MicheyMoo said...

Marie & Jess......I love you, we love you and those-who-don't-know-it-yet love you!! :)

Appreciate you letting us know what is going on and I am personally willing to wait while things get sorted out! TGF stamps are the most abundant of all stamps in my collection....and I'm not walking away for nothing!!

Hoping all is sorted quickly and easily (and I was able to enter the galleria about an hour ago, which is great news) and that there is no further trouble for you guys until the new site launches!!

Exciting days are in store for TGF and I'm so excited I get to see it all unfold.

Love and hugs from across the ditch. Michey xxx

MicheyMoo said...

PS: Just for a laugh......my verification word was "boody"!! How funny. LOL!!

Sammi said...

Sending you lots of (hugs) and thanks for all you do! Great that there's been so much growth but sorry to hear about the technology issues! Hope things are sorted out for you soon without too much stress for Marie and Jess!!

Annie said...

THANKS for the info! It's great news to hear that that the farm is growing :)

**ScrapcoLLector** said...

Thanks for the announcement. i am about to make another purchase. maybe i will wait till everything settle...
i will patiently wait for your "recovery"

Jenn Borjeson said...

You guys are awesome - best of luck with all of the issues! :)