Friday, January 15, 2010



We are back with another Farm Fresh Friday and have a fabulous new twist on today's challenge, too!
First, though, we want to congratulate RIA!  You are the winner of last week's FFF Challenge, Mary's Glitter and Glue challenge!  Here is RIA's winning card:

CUTE!  ROCK ON Ria with your adorable Rock Star Anya!  Congrats and please see our official prize page for more details on how to claim your prize!

This week we have a new challenge issued by our very own Farmer, Kim Nath!

Kim's "PICTURE THIS" Challenge invites YOU to incorporate a photo in your card, scrapbook page, or project.  Get scrappy if you want to!  Just make sure to incorporate a photo and use your imagination!  can't WAIT to see what you come up with!


Upload a card or project using any TGF Stamp to TGF Galleria>Contests/Challenges>FFF>Kim's Picture THIS! Challenge.  All cards qualifying for prize must be uploaded by Wednesday, January 20th, 2010.

You MUST use a TGF image to qualify for this contest.  Any TGF image (digi or rubber ) will do!

We'll announce a winner here next Friday and one lucky WINNER will receive a FREE SINGLE stamp of choice as well as the SUNNY GLEN Digikit!

Need some inspiration?   Check out these PHOTO FANTASTICS by:


Kadie (using a pic of her wedding dress detail! how cool is that?)









Last but not least, Cindy had a great idea for AFTER you get scrappy-to USE up your scraps!  Here are two creations by Cindy:

Take care everyone and we'll see you back here on MONDAY!!!   Be sure to watch your INBoX for the TGF NEWSLETTER today.   Are YOU subscribed?  There is LOTS of exciting news coming your way!

Last but not least, I know you like your daily questions so I will ask you this since we are on the subject of photos (and I am SO behind on scrapbooking!) :  What is your favorite medium for scrapbooking?  Are you a digi kid or do you prefer hands on traditional?  And if so, stamps or no stamps?  

If TGF had a line of scrapbook stamps, what would you like to see on them?  Would you use them?  We'd love to hear your thoughts and can't wait to see how YOU Picture this!


Sonya said...

Interesting question. I am so far behind in my personal scrapbooking but I have made all kinds of scarapbooks for workshops to show and teach others how and to scrapbook. I usually try to incorporate different elements and embellishments on each page & of course there has to be a page or two that are completely over the top. I've not yet used TGF stamp/digi to create a scrapbook but you can be sure I will now!!! I fact I am going to soon be starting a receipe book for my son who is in the marines and lives in Califormia with his wife, and I did just purchase the Ian Chef to use in that scrapbook/recipebook. Your stamps are already so totally awesome I can't think of a suggestion on what whould be more scrappy. I really think it is a matter of people zoning into the idea of working on a slightly larger area and adding pictures to what they already love and use and of course some extra embesllishments and ribbon to fill in is always a nice touch too. Maybe your own designer paper line. Let me tell you, the wheels in my head are definately turning now and I will be lucky if I get any sleep tonight at all now; it is already 1:30 I was up scetching some new ideas for stamps, which I hope to find a company to market. I thought I'd check e-mail and go to bed; now I will never get to sleep because I will be thinking about scrapping with TGF! Could be worse things on my mind, at least they are happy and creative thought!

Kristy Young said...

Hands on for sure!! And stamps! Awesome dt cards and wow this looks challenge looks like fun!! Will get started tonight
Kristy x

Kris said...

GORGEOUS samples from the girls!!! WOW!!! LOVING it the the fullest!

Hands on scrapping! both, some with stamps some without.... lately i've take the easy way out and used pretty papers and stickers.. =D although i have to admit i haven't scrapped in almost a year... naughty me!! =D hugs!

Ria said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I won!!! Thanks so much :)

doing the happy dance;)

hugs Ria

Ruthie said...

Have never done any scrapping - so would need to start off small I guess! Probably no stamps but then, what do i know????


Jenn Borjeson said...

I would use anything TGF came up with! LOL

Lynda Nielsen said...

Oh man, This depresses me.... Do you know that the first time I was introduced to the world of paper crafting it was with a scrap book kit. Which I loved, but then decided my own creativity was beyond kits. So I no longer bought kits. I started doing hands on scrapbooking for every year of my sons life. I got him to age 10. I still have 5 years to go, I havn't scrapbooked in over a year, because I started making cards, and that seems to be my passion. But if TGF were to have some cool DP's, and some more teenage boyish stamps I would definitely be incorportating them into my books. I like digi scrapbooking, but for my son I think I need to continue the pattern that I already started. I'm all for the boy things, Frame stamps? Journaling Stamps? Teenage themed Ian's with video game or iPod and sports and all those boyish types of things. And sentiments... Oh the boyish sentiments would be AWESOME!
okay so now that I have come to this realization that I had better get going, I think I had better plan a time to at least finish the book I have half way done. LOL
Big Hugs,

Mrsqueenvee/mrs-flopsybunny said...

I would love some 11.5 inch border stamps.

Carol said...

Congrats to the FFF winner...sooo cute!

I scrapbook old style - I use my cricut alot. I have bought some TGF stamps with the intention of using them on certain pages....but have not done it yet.

Rachel said...

Congrats, Ria, beautiful card!!

I think the best thing for scrapbooking is more digital stamps (maybe some of the animals made into digital sets). That was we can make them whatever size we need for our layouts and whatnot.

GobeaGirl said...

Awesome cards ladies! I think all of the cards and layouts are just beautiful..I am for sure a hands on scrapper. Because I am a scrapper first and formost I am are you gonna do? I have not really used stamps before..I am sooo new to stamping. I would for sure give it a try..

Annie said...

OMG, these are all gorgeous!!!

Jessica said...

wow! awesome stuff today!! as far as scrapbooking, I mainly just do minibooks, but I love the traditional feel of working with photos and papers, etc. as opposed to digiscrapping. Personally I don't know if I'd use scrapbooking stamps, but who knows?? Anything you create is fabulous, so I might be tempted! I've used regular stamps quite a few times in the past for scrapbooking and it's fun to be challenged with new ways of using your stamps. I think the size of your images currently would work well for scrapbooking, but maybe some people would be interested in more scrapbook-geared stamps apart from what there is now??? I guess I'm just rambling! :)

Nancy said...

I guess maybe I would like to see a large scale sentiment set (maybe one with family words), but I don't know!! I'm more about the embellishments and the pictures than the stamps. I might have to think outside my box!!

Gwen said...

I use the TGF stamps on my scrapbook pages now. Perhaps incorporate some fresh takes on flourishes or frames to use with the current series you offer. Also some larger font sentiments.


Angela said...

I am a hands on person!! No digital for me!!! Just give me some DP and Accessories that I can see, feel and touch!! ANd yes I do used stamps on my layouts!! Just not on every page!! Love the line up of all the creations!! All are so pretty. I guess I coul d love to see a flower set that would allow you to create your own flowers by layering. I do have some stamps like this, but still not exactly what I am wanting!!

Amy said...

Hands on acrapper all the way!!Yes, I do use stamps, although not on every page and YES! I would definately use TGF stamps on my pages. You guys rock!!!!!

Renie said...

I am a hands on gal. I am just beginning to look into digi, but I can't afford a new computer and scrapping is my relaxation time. I use stamps in my scrapbooking but also everything else.

I would love for you to come up with a scapbook line....I will probally buy anything you create!

Have a great weekend!

Stampi said...

A line of scrapbook stamps...hmm some border stamps would be nice using the critter crew...I would love some journaling blocks using any of the Greeting farm characters...Frames using the charachters and the critter crew would be fantastic and big bold words...

JenRaff said...

Hands on scrapbooking! I have most definitely used TGF stamps for scrapbooking -- it's why I started buying them. I got tired of using stickers most of the time and then if I really liked a particular one, buying more than one. Stamping became so perfect to always have that image to go back to, alter it and use it over and over in different ways! Your stamps are so wonderful because they are bigger than most that I had seen and the Anya's and Ian's fit right into my kids lives. I would love anything you came up with for scrapbook pages! I'm sure it would be awesome!

Gabby said...

Congrats to the winner! :)

Beautiful samples by the DT! :)

Now as far as scrapbooking...I'm a digi girl! Digi hands DOWN! I use to do it the traditional way...but OMG I wanted to pull my hair out because I like all these different elements on a page and I couldn't achieve that without having to have a half open scrapbook. TOO BULKY! So...when I switched to life was complete! LOL! In digi stamps...I would actually like to see swirls and butterflies...kinda like the silhouettes. :)

Alrighty...have an amazing weekend! I'm off to either nap or stamp! which to pick!

Amy said...

Congrats Ria!
And look at all those awesome cards from the DT... WOW!

I've been scrapping a lot longer than I've been stamping/cardmaking and I'm a traditional paper scrapper all the way, digi is SO not my cup of tea. I do incorporate some stamping onto my pages but it is mostly alphabets for titles, journaling blocks, borders, flourishes and the occasional flowers and butterflies... all pretty generic and can be used on lots of different kinds of pages.

It could be cool to see some scrappy type stamps from TGF as long as it was "as well as" rather than "instead of" all the great little characters that I love so much for my cards... they will always be my preference. :)

PaperCrafty said...

Wonderful creations by the DT!!

RiNNE said...

I think a lot of us started out as scrappers until we discovered stamping. And like many others, scrapbooking has taken the 'backburner' when I discovered TGF. Although I really would like to scrap more. I think scrapping with stamps will be wonderful -- to incorporate both hobbies (actually before I used to make cards with photos!).

I would love to see stamps that are also not so cutesy -- just so they would fit into some of my other lay-outs. But I have incorporated TGF stamps on l.o.'s of my baby!

I'm sure whatever you come up with will be beautiful! Wonderful job, DT! Can't wait to play!

PS..I'm a hands-on scrapper! Nothing like paper in your hands!

RiNNE said...

ooops, I forgot to add..pls do some baby-themed stamps for scrapbooking! And let us know if you need more DT members for those, I'd love to apply! :)

Loz (Aus) said...

Well Done Ria... gorgeous card! Love all the glitter!
Um... I don't scrap book! I've seen some lovely pages out there in blogland... some with stamps and some without... some digi and some layered with texture so high I wonder how they get them in an album! So I;m sure you'll get some answers... just no insight here!

Mary said...

I am way behind in my scrapbooks. I love doing traditional hands on scrapbooks. And sometimes I will throw in an occasional digi element into the mix.


Kristy Young said...

Forgot to say congrats to FFF winner!! Stunning card well done Ria.

Sue D said...

I'm a traditional scrapbooker and I use rubber stamps. A lot of your stamps could already be used for scrapbooking.

Jen Shults said...

wow! these are amazing!!! The samples are just wow!. I don't do much of any scrapbooking to be honest so I'm not really sure what to add to the collection...

Craftyanny said...

Great showcase today as usual girls. Huge congrats to the lovely Ria:)
I'm not a scrapbooker, infact I've attenpted one page so far so I'll not comment of the how to's lol
Anne x

Jessabells said...

Scrapbooking, what's that? lol. I am so behind with my scrapbooking it's sad. I would like sentiments.