Thursday, January 28, 2010

FFF a bit late :)

Hey everyone!

I JUST got home from sunny Cali and just wanted to pop in and let you know that FFF will be posted tomorrow but a bit late.

I am having some issues with my laptop and my Blackberry kicked the bucket (R.I.P. little pink phone :( I will miss you!)  this morning so I have to tend to a few hundred emails and find our samples from the girls, LOL!!!

Can't wait to post and also later to show you ALL about CHA!!!!!

Hugs and thank you for all you do to support TGF!!!!

Jessica :)


Kristy Young said...

RIP little pink phone LOL. Cant wait to see FFF and hear all about CHA. {{EXCITING}}
Kristy x

donna mikasa said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to hearing all about CHA!

Andrea6760 said...

Welcome home Jessica! Glad to have you back. Sorry about your little pink phone (I have the same kind). I know how handy they are. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the CHA after you get some time to unwind.


GobeaGirl said...

It was fun to see you guys on youtube show the stamps. I just love to see all the fun from CHA...Glad you guys got to go..Thanks for the Relay..It was loads of fun and I love the stamps. Have a good evening, Lisa G

Lynda Nielsen said...

YAY.... She's back... We've missed you.... I'm sorry about you're little pink phone ... but come on come on... I feel like a kid on Christmas, I want to know all about CHA... I've been waiting anxiously! LOL Just kidding, well no I'm not kidding, I am anxious, but take your time and gather yourself, we'll all be here =)
Big Hugs

Sammi said...

oh no... your poor little phone!!
Welcome home and so looking forward to hearing all about CHA soon!! AND to FFF!

☼ Cheryl* said...

Welcome home!!!

Joanne Gilch said...

What is FFF?

Stampi said...

Aww sorry about the little pink phone...maybe they have a new updated version of the little pink phone..Can not wait for your post and welcome home.

Sonya said...

Glad to hear your are home safe and sound. I know what you mean about the little pink phone; I have one and I would cry if it dies. How sappy gilrs can be. So excited to see FFF which is always amazing, especially looking forward to viewing more of the of so gotta have them debut stamps and digi's and last but not least just bursting at the seams to hear about CHA. I'm sure it was aswesome and that you will now have to consider expansion because I'm sure you've hundreds of new wholesale & retail customers coming on board! Hope the problems are resolved soon, absolutely cannot wait to see and read all the wonderful and exciting news you all have to share.