Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Fond Farewell from the Farm..

Hi everyone,

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I have a very special post today...a Fond Farewell.  I guess you could say it's a benefit and a curse of my job, LOL....I get to meet and work with SO many wonderful people-what a tremendous blessing!  Sadly though, it's time to say goodbye to our Four WONDERFUL Winter Gardeners....

I want to thank ALL of them for their talent, enthusiasm, and dedication to TGF.  Today also marks a fond farewell to our AMAZING December Guest Designer, Gabby.  THANK YOU Gabby for all you've done and your amazing work with our Crafty Critter line by Marina!

I asked each of these cherished friends to choose their favorite card they created throughout their time as a TGF Designer and for one more time, please join me in ooohing and ahhing over the work of:

Mercy is hard working, dedicated, and downright HILARIOUS.   She has spiced up our chats (LOL!) during release parties, and has wow'd us with her watercoloring skills!  Thank you MERCY for all of your wonderful contributions to TGF!

Lisa was a newbie to all things DT and as soon as we saw her submissions ,we knew she was a must have!  I am SO happy to see her having been asked to do more DT work because she is hard working, kind, and a wonderful whiz with coloring!  Thank you LISA!

One word...ENTHUSIASM!  Lynda has so much positive energy and is a whiz at not only the front of her cards, but the insides too!  I have LOVED our emails chatting back and forth.  I will miss her as a member of this DT but I KNOW we'll keep in contact as friends.  Thank you LYNDA for all your hard work!

Whether it's an amazing coordination of papers and embellishments or her wonderful watercoloring skills, Sandra has graced TGF in so many ways!  Sandra is so gracious and fun loving and her sunshiney personality will definitely be missed here!  Thank you SANDRA for all of your beautiful work!

Last but not least, GABBY has WOW'd us all month long as Guest Designer.  We had never done a guest spot the way we had planned for Gabby and she was a WONDERFUL addition to our team!  We hate to see her go and have TOTALLY enjoyed the gorgeous coloring skills and awesome layouts that she has graced us with this past month.  Thank you SO much Gabby!

Thanks so much for hanging with us today to bid these fine friends of the Farm farewell!  We hope to see them all around and know they'll be hanging with TGF to check out the new releases, contests, etc. and that our friends will never be TOO far away!

On that note, we welcome our new Farmers and will be back to introduce them formally after our RELEASE DAY!



kadie said...

Such beautiful and talented ladies!! Thanks for inspiring me SO much! Hugs, Girlies!

Kris said...

Wonderful picks ladies!! you've all inspired us in your own unique ways!!! Loved seeing you all rock the farm... Will miss you all on the team, but we know where to find you... Best wishes in your new adventures for 2010!!! Thanks for all the fun!

Mary J said...

Yummy cards - thank you to all of the DTs who have inspired me throughout 2009 - look forward to more in 2010!!

WickedPixie said...

Ladies, you were so fabulous!! In fact, I tried out for the team and when I didn't hear anything as the announcement got closer I got a little down and then I saw who was picked and I perked right up because I thought "Who could be better than this group of ladies?" You have all done an amazing job! :-)Traci

Angie said...

You ladies have all done an absolutely fabulous job on the DT. I will miss seeing your posts on here, but since I follow or have bookmarked most (all;) of your blogs, I'll still see you in blogland!

Jenn Borjeson said...

You have all done such a great job!!! I hope the New Year brings you much happiness and health! :)

Rachel said...

All of your work is just soooo inspiring and you will be missed! Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration :0)

Mary Giles (OhioMary) said...

Ladies you have been a fabulous addition to the TGF family and your work has been truly inspiring. I've enjoyed learning soo much from you all. Best wishes in the New Year.

Crafty Jenn said...

Thank you to all! It was been a treasure seeing your creations and getting to "know" you these few short months. You are all special and inspiring!

<3 Jenn

Sammi said...

Thanks for the wonderful inspiration girls! LOVE ya work and look forward to seeing more on your blogs!

Craftyanny said...

Thanks girls for all the inspiration you've given me through out your term with GF.
Happy New Year
Anne x